UPDATE: Twitter user @CerealSubwaySam tweeted us an image showing ‘Mother Energy Drinks’ from Australia with Ghosts ‘Rescue Op’ branding on them: (Update: Mother’s official website lists the full details regarding their promotion.)

Check out these Call of Duty Ghosts branded Monster Energy drinks spotted in the wild! Call of Duty is no stranger to marketing tie ins. If you remember for MW3, there were special bottles of Mountain Dew that featured MW3 marketing along with a code for double xp points. No word yet on if these Monster Energy drinks feature any special in-game codes.

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UPDATE 2: Added another image of the Monster energy drinks via Energy-Drinks.CZ to the gallery above.

SOURCE: imgur photos Via @DW347


    hope we see these in the uk, we missed out last time.

  • Henry


  • Maverick

    I am a sucker for this kind of marketing. I had so many Monsters for MW2 and Mountain Dew for MW3 it was obscene.

  • David Sync

    Well it’s a good thing I quit these drinks for g fuel or else I would buy a lot

    • Sam

      Until they do 2x xp codes on these…..lol

      • David Sync

        Hopefully not…. Don’t get me wrong monster is good,but man it’s a heart attack in a can

        • Sam

          With a little crack in it XD

  • If I have to buy Monster Energy drinks to get Double XP for CODGhosts, then I will have the most out of everbody. I drink that stuff like water. Life expectancy-Age 30

  • StupidDOGY

    i wonder how many drank to dead just because of the double xp

  • David Sync

    The update confirms more drinks David can’t have! Lucky me .-.

  • KILL666

    FUCK 666

  • Uzair Chief

    If you click on that link it says:

    ”For a shot to WIN a Secret Call of Duty Ghosts Rescue Op for you and 3 mates, grab a participating pack in store, then follow the steps to enter including confirmation of your product barcode and answering one question (in 50 words or less).”

    [s] (I thought) So these cans feature special in-game content if you win AND rescue ops should be a part from squad ops and playable with 4 players?.[/s]

    EDIT: (oh never mind what I said. The prize involves outdoor physical experience, which requires a reasonable level of fitness to participate.)

  • This is only in the UK an the USA he ?

  • James K

    You’re going need rescue after drinking a couple of Mother Energy Drinks.

  • Muurahaiskarhu

    “Rescue Op” So could that mean that there is rescue operations instead of special operations?

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Damn. Too bad it wasn’t Red Bull. I think it tastes a lot better.

  • Martin Westman

    where do i get these

  • Wolfgang Schmidt aka WOOKy

    @ MAVERiK >>> are u collector of ENERGY DRiNKS..??? when u interested in CHANGE (caution – i`m NOT Monster / Rockstar Spezialist, These brands don`t interest me specially) pls contact >>>



    Greetz from AUSTRiA – WOOKy / [email protected]