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It looks like we’re in store for another Hardened and Prestige edition for the next Call of Duty according to Monster Energy drinks. Ekko Media handles marketing promotions for Monster and it appears one of the prizes for the Monster Energy Sweepstakes is “Call of Duty Ghosts Hardened, Prestige and Standard edition”.

Not much of a huge surprise however it should be noted that the last Infinity Ward game, MW3, never had a Prestige Edition…


SOURCE: Ekko Meda (Monster Energy) Via @undertow0013

  • quabble

    ill get the hardened it always has a nice cover

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    i want prestige edi 😀

  • i like cod

    I’ve always bought normal edition. Why the heck do you buy prestige/hardened editions when the game comes out every year? If you have lots of money, sure, but I’m not gonna pay $140 for hardened and $200 for prestige. It’s Call of Duty, hey!

    • Mike

      When has hardened ever been over 100$?

    • 140 $ for Hardened edition? You must be getting ripped of by your local game store

      • MeisseN

        He’s not saying USD…

        • Even then, the Hardened Edition wouldn’t be 140

          • Jesse

            its always like 80,- but my local game store in the netherlands it was 65,-

  • I’ve never gotten a prestige edition. Because in the Hardened, you get the same thing as veteran except a special Piece of equipment (RC-XD, DrgonFly, NV Goggles). Maybe they’ll have somesomething worthwhile for me. I mean, I already have the official CODGhosts mask. Thanks to CharlieIntel. What else could I need

    • Guest

      (A quick ad on)

      • For some reason it says that a Guest uploaded these pics? FYI, it was me.

        • Jesse

          only the picture one says Guest

        • Ha! That mask looks familiar 😉

  • David Sync

    It’s better just to buy the normal game with season pass,if not you’ll have to pay 70-180 bucks depending how much the hardened/prestige edition plus season pass if you like the game and they won’t do remake maps!

    • I highly recommend the Hardened Edition to anyone who is a more than causal fan of Call of Duty. The cost is usually 80 $ and it’s worth it. In my own opinion. Theres always special features with the hardened edition and sometimes they’re good, neat, helpful or dumb. The only thing different about the veteran edition compared to the Hardened is there always a big prize. Like a RC-XD or Night vision Goggles, etc… So in conclusion, the Hardened Edition is the way to go. But if you don’t want it, that’s fine. I understand.

      • Jesse

        I had the hardened edition for black ops 2 free, first it was 65,- cheap! and then there was a problem with the service and i couldn’t get him so i had to wait a week longer and they said it was free! 😀
        btw: the hardened one from bo2 was pretty good!

        • From Mw3 was good

        • DanDustEmOff

          Blops 2 Hardened was a rip with mw3 elite and the dlc were included.

          I got nuketown zombies and 2025, 2025 I would have got free as a pre order bonus and ntz was rubbish.

      • In mw3 hardened you had elite so cone get all maps you have not to buy the mappacks .

  • MeisseN

    It matters not… I’m on PC lolz

  • smayo

    Bought both the hardened edition for mw3 and bo2, while the hardened edition for mw3 felt like a good deal deu to the season pass that was included, the hardened edition for bo2 was for me a total waste of money, I could just have bought the normal edition because the extras where not worth the extra 20 euro at all, not to mention I had to pay another 50 euro to get all the dlc, if I going to buy ghosts at all (depends on what they show Wednesday) it’s going to be the regular edition.

    • guest

      Remember that MW3 was a IW game just like Ghosts

      • Kabarka

        remember that mw3 mp was primarly made by sledgehammer

    • Mw3 hardened edition you had get the elite season pass for the mappacks with the game maybe with this the same like Mw3

  • Can you buy this in Netherlands ?

    • Mitch

      Well I live in the Netherlands and got the MW3 and BO2 special editions, so yes.

  • Jack S.

    Quite honestly, MW3’s hardened pack was the only one I even considered buying. Black Ops 2’s hardened pack did not appeal to me as I do not like zombies. Now I’m just not even getting Ghosts PERIOD.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Pretty cool. But I would rather have Double XP for sure, than a CHANCE of getting something awesome.