This is taking Twitter by storm this morning and seems to be the talk of the CoD community. Witness this heated exchange at yesterday’s UMG event in Atlanta……

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UPDATE: After this controversy, Epsilon has released the team due to lack of professionalism. Here’s their statement on what happened:

We must lead by example for the next generation. We have the chance to live our passions and we must thank our fans & the public for this privilege as we would not be here today without them and their support.

Regardless of how a player may outplay another, there must be an understanding that he is studied and analysed by all, just as any other celebrity.

Upon the recruitment of Impact, we were conscious of the issues of their public image, and tried to set a base of acceptable behavior by speaking with the line-up. Regardless of their attitudes towards nV being amicable & trash talk having a place in every sport, the public’s response was justifiably negative towards the overall behavior of the squad.

It is thus with regret that today we must release the American Call of Duty line-up due to a lack of professional discipline during the Black Ops 2 tournament at UMG AtLANtA 2013.

Impact is composed of great, sociable players who are, once you look past the game, good people. However, we must maintain a standard of excellence and professionalism. The world of eSports will not only be advanced by inter-organizational relationships, but also the image that we present to our fans and the rest of the world.

I would like to personally thank Chris, Adam, Marcus and John for their brief stay with Epsilon. They know that we do not hold anything against them and that we enjoyed our short time together. We have obligations, standards that our players must abide to, and no amount of talent can allow those principles to be broken.

  • GromBloodboy

    Me on the couch. Alone.


      • GromBloodboy

        Okay, maybe not that bad. But frustrated at times.

  • Mrwugifugi

    Trash talking is ok but I think this went a little far…

    • Tony Rambo

      Trash-talking is ok only for respect-lacking kids


    imagine Messi or Ronaldo screaming about their bank accounts to fans.

  • Mohamed

    what the hell why trash talking ??

  • OptimusGuy

    Epsilon don’t even care about there fans like other teams.

  • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

    went to far the guy has issues that being killa surprise no one punched his fuckin face in! hype or not thats how a 12 year old would act online lol. might as well be on drugs acting that way idiot totally unproffesional

    • Scotty K

      Poor guy needs to calm down. He’s 19 looks 35 from stressing himself out like that.

  • TheTruDoc

    Honestly this needs to stop. They show no respect to their fans or really anyone. If they want to be called athletes then they need to show themselves as professionals, not some spoiled little brats. People aren’t going to take this as a sport til’ some of these guys are banned for being monkeys holding a controller.

    • GromBloodboy

      Athletes? Nothing will make professional CoD players athletes. Besides getting up and going for a run.

    • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

      sure does i agree thats ridiculous if you ask me! id laugh if they lost there sponsorship. not a way to behave or cool at all.

    • Henry Gibbons

      What fans?

    • Matt Kinky Wilkinson

      ATHLETES? Lol, sitting there in a sweaty black tshirt , a baseball cap with his dome size sticker still on and then screaming like hes constapated is far from athletic…Call of duty is only athletic for your voice box as it is usually the source of many people screaming and shouting

  • Mason / MrPS3skills

    now this is why the gaming/esports community isnt taken seriously by non gamers.

    • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

      non gamers?? lol what? dont you mean real gamers? proper gamers dont act this way only retarded childish kids do! with no concept of self respect or respect for others or any dignity

      • Mason / MrPS3skills

        Ask anyone that isnt a gamer what they think of Esports.They will likely tell you it just some kids playing video games.I’m not saying everyone acts like this but this is how the media portrays it.

        • guest

          I am a gamer and I still think that about people who play Esports. I think video games are great and can be a legitimate art form but the whole “MLG pro gamer” community is a complete joke to me honestly.

          • Mason / MrPS3skills

            not all teams are like this,infact i think only these players are like this because this sort of thing never happens

  • Okay, I’ll be the one to say it. These guys are douchebags. Period.

    • Super_Deluxe

      I seriously thought Killa was drunk or on some type of hardcore drug. He just went too far there…

      • Scotty K

        Most of the competitors are on adderrall

        • Andy

          Adderrall is a prescription based drug in America, I’ve heard only one of them has been on it due to medical reasons, it’s not exactly a performance enhancing drug, so don’t spread that around, it’s bollocks.

          • Nathan

            Not a performance enhancing drug, eh? Please explain how an upper that creates smooth passage between synapses resulting in faster uptake and output of the brain is not a performance enhancing drug. The drug only exists to enhance the performance of the person taking it. Off label it can be prescribed to slow people down who’s brains are wired to work faster, but this is rare. The aforementioned description is generic but also generally accepted. I’m not saying the whole team uses this drug as a performance enhancer, but the numbers do show that 1/4 abuse the drug.

          • Scotty K

            You think I don’t know what it is or what it does ? I was prescribed it when I was younger and eventually took myself off of it. As for gaming when used yes it can certainly help you stay focused and awake during long sessions/events. To say it wouldn’t help is ignorant.

        • Sexy Duck Cop

          I’ve been on Adderrall for years and have never, ever come within a thousand mikes of acting like that.

          You may as well say they were “doing caffeine” because they had a cup of coffee and instantly turned into the ridiculous spazzfest we saw here.

  • Joe

    Whoever is in the position to do so needs to take some sort of initiative and issue a form of discipline toward Epsilon and make the statement that this isn’t acceptable. If they want to act like children they should do so on their couch at home.

  • NiftyGam3r

    All of them need to shut up sit down and just play. Talking trash getting up like if they are really going to fight over bo2. This is evidence enough that sadly, Only kids play COD

    • I’m 14 and playing Cod you now where you talking about !

      • BudEagle26

        That doesnt matter. The content is for those of the ages 17 and older. Many players are 17 and older but its so hard not to notice all the squeaky children that play. The older more mature people dont care and just enjoy the game with many of them not using mics.

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      ironic considering the game is for 17+ rated M


    This type of shit happens in pro sports all the time. This was a little far but trash talk is a part of every sport. Not saying these kids aren’t douches but come on…


    Epsilon should be banned permanently from MLG. That wasn’t trash talk, that was beyond that.

    • Nobody likes Epsilon. And I find it hilarious

      • MrNobodyEpic

        But Epsilon should still take a punishment.

        • They should take punishment! I never said they shouldn’t. I hate Epsilon, and so does everyone else.

          • xNFINITY

            J0hn doesn’t deserve to be with such disrespectful players, he didn’t do anything

  • Nate

    who cares.. if they want to act like idiots let them

  • David Sync

    im pretty sure the other teams are like “trash talking…. how cute”

  • Boomboom

    If your going to be a professional in any kind of sport, you have to show respect or your not going to have any fan period!

  • I now Black Ops 2 is frustrating Bro

  • Gaming is his life

  • You now what is awful Nike is sponsoring them I told Nike only sponsored athletes

  • Ross Neilson

    All of them should be banned from competitive forever

  • Jay Dingess

    The just became known to non gamers. Everyone is talking about this and how bad they are for doing it. But, they are talking about them. There is an old saying in marketing, no publicity is bad publicity. Ignore if you want this to go away. Truthfully, they are entertaining.

    • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

      entertaining? if your a retard lol. only thing they make for themselves is contempt and hate. and makes you want to punch that idiots fucking head in. the other team did great not to beat the living daylights out of him. because they sure fuckin should have! lol

  • Well

    Eh what’s it matter, I’m sure the majority or “professional athletes” in the majority of popular sports, do the same thing back home, yeah it’s shit, the only difference is that they are doing it publicly

  • vextonnezz

    they should be disquilified. THey cross their boundries on trashtalking. No wonder impact has not a good fanbase. Even though optic didn’t do good so far always 3rdplace they still have way better fanbase cuz they don’t think they are best at everything swear at everone

  • Woot

    Hated this guy from the beginning. Such an asshat.

  • steve

    holy shit those guys are DICKS

  • steve

    ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what an eejit

  • Tjcjr88

    Epsilon should be pissed that these are the guys they chose to be their flagship into CoD. I admit I was a fan when they were with Fariko but quickly lost respect over the past couple of months. Nothing but a bunch of big mouth egotistical bastards! And Parasites rant about “YOU watch ME play games!” is definitely not the way to encourage more subs. You know, the ones who made alot of that “bank account” for them. Poor John did not know what he was getting himself into.

  • PsychOutGaming

    kick killa from the team!

  • PsychOutGaming

    Scuf should end sponsorship

  • Sound proof barriers would be a good investment. In my opinion.

  • Anfuny29

    Killa smoke his own salary

  • The Devil

    Killa the choo choo train? Really?

  • Henry Gibbons

    I can’t stand anyone on that team except for John. He shouldn’t be on that team. Mirx is more disrespectful then killa. He tried talking trash to hastro for no reason. Hastro should have said check his bank account because Mirx doesn’t have a fraction of it.

  • Scotty K

    Here is my take on it.

    If you want to take jabs inbetween kills and what not then fine go nuts. Just keep it about the GAME and things that happen in the GAME. That shit doesn’t bother me. But when Parasite went at the fans, MirX called Hastro a old man and told us all to ” LOOK AT MY BANK ACCOUNT ” lost whatever respect I had for those two.

  • Chris

    Talk about no respect !

  • TheInactiveWall

    I love the way RiotGames handles this. If only the slightest un-sportsman like thing would be shown that person would be punished.. Here they can show COMPLETE disrespect and arrogance towards their opponents, officials and the crowd… THey were basicly acting like bullies and assholes, not like “pro” players.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Actually, it’s very different compared to LoL. With LoL, Riot actually sponsors each team that they consider “pro”. With CoD, Activision doesn’t sponsor anyone.

      • TheInactiveWall

        Wrong…. Riot does not directly sponsor the players. They need to seek sponsors themselve, which is why a lot of them are called SK gaming, Curse and Fanatic. They all carry the names of their sponsors because they have sponsors. People that do not have sponsors basicly do not get any money besides from livestreams and winning championships.
        Well thank god these duchebags have been kicked from the team… But I am confused so to why the dude says “we would like to congratulate them on getting 3rd place”. Does that mean they still get to play, but without a “team”.?

  • I’m_Not_Flash

    Someone’s been watching to much online gamer 😛

  • aiden haggar

    you know the reputation system coming to xbox one? that was invented in light of this video. nobody wants to play games with them.. whats the point.

  • MeisseN

    I watched part of Epsilon vs EnVy video… Lol I can hear this guy (Epsilon killa) in the background

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Are these guys fariko impact who won the COD champioship? That money went straight into their heads…

  • Zack

    People need to realize that if this is considered a professional sport then there will be trash talk. Only difference is you can here what they’re saying rather than just seeing it in other sports. If anyone watches epsilons streams they would know these guys are chill and a great bunch of guys. But when they play at events they are in the zone and using the yeah talk as a way o make each individual player feel like they need to prove something which removes the team aspect for the rest of the game. And as far as the fans go they shouldn’t be getting involved even if they like nV more. They’re not involved whatsoever and it is not their spot to comment. I’m not saying epsilon wasn’t out of place because they did go too far, but I mean come on, this happens all the time in other sports and those teams never apologize or take back what they said.

    • nate

      It does happen in other sports and when it goes too far they are fined or suspended. They deserve their punishment and this should be a reality check for them to be more professional. This e-sport won’t grow if they are setting good examples since the fan base is mostly young people

  • Epsilon did the right move dropping the team, but their image is ruined and nobody will want to play for them unless they’re desperate or they’re confident they can change the image of the team. I hope something good comes out of this.

    • BudEagle26

      If I played for Epsilon, I could change their image to one of the most respectful teams, but we probably wouldn,t be that good lol. Hell, we might be good if we work well as a team because that is where I work best.

  • TurdyBird14

    These are the kind of people that make the Call of Duty community look absolutely horrifying. MLG should ban Killa and the others for LIFE. That was inexcusable. Activision made the game to have fun, and to me, nobody looked like they were having fun. Playing in Call of Duty tournaments is a privilege, not a right. And I think they just lost that privilege.

  • Edwin Cortez

    Most of the comments here are from fanboys of other famous COD teams thats the reason for all the Hate, i dont find nothing wrong with what they did, their goal was to get into their opponents minds and they did it and beat them. another thing that BS of example for the kids, its like saying that a pro poker player has to give a good example for kids, no they dont the game obviously is rated for 17 up; there shouldn’t be any kids playing COD. for me wrong would be them fighting, getting arrested etc that kind of things. but shouting crap is normal in competitions, ask football players if they talk nice things to each other and the most of COD players here in the comments youve never said something to piss off another dude online.lets hope they get in the competition soon they had a good tournament.

    • LostConnexion

      I understand what you’re saying but its more like setting a bad example for Espots and the competitive Call of Duty community. It affects the community because when people see this they’ll label the competitive scene as trash talkers and arrogant assholes. Not to mention that it also turns away viewers.

    • Sirdonconnery

      You are correct, but I feel they should keep in mind there are ways to get into someones “mind” without embarrassing the sport. Even playing foot ball there was trash talking but at the end it was about respect. Trust me I am a normal gamer no fan boy association here.One more thing this is not a sport nor are they athletes.

      Definition of Athlete: A person possessing the natural or acquired traits, such as strength, agility, and endurance, that are necessary for physical exercise or sports, especially those performed in competitive contexts.

      • Edwin Cortez

        i never refer them as athletes or an sport im just comparing competitions because indeed they are competitions, for me they arent athletes nor it is a sport. but people ask for bans and all that, if they broke a tournament rule it should, but if they dont maybe a warning or create a code of conduct.

    • Cecily Mibilleau

      Shut up, Killa.


      The bottom line is most people are skeptical of online gaming in the first place. Seeing that would turn many off for good. It’s not about the kids persay, but about attracting more spectators and more $$$ for the future. Just like in any other pro league, these guys are responsible for how the rest of the world perceives them.

  • bsktballmsu1

    charlie intel tweeted that epsilon disbanded due to controversy

  • Jason C Harvill

    This is the kind of fool that makes gamer’s look bad..also the reason for the mute button.

    • JBeauregard

      They’re no different than a bunch of little kids raging on Xbox. They’re pathetic, really.

  • Duke of hazard

    Ok so the title talks about team epsilon but those guys are impact. Someone enlighten me because I’m confused as hell.

    • JayZero

      epsilon picked up a new team made up of the impact guys

  • Ahhhh. Look at ma’ bank account now…. that my team and sponsors have dropped me.

  • JBeauregard

    I find myself wanting to punch all of them in the face.

  • LostConnexion

    I feel kinda bad for John because he didn’t really do anything but sit there. I don’t care about the other members of the team and hope that they don’t get another sponsor.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Pfft, Americans!

  • Mitch

    Good thing John stayed out of it.

  • Platypus King

    He screamed himself hoarse during the match, said things that even in the realm of shit talking are going way to far and to top it all off they started in on the spectators.

    So glad these guys have been released, would love to see MLG give them a fine if they want to come back and play again.

  • SirDonconnery

    In other words LOL

  • JR

    Wow, I guess the Pro’s have thin skin! Play online once in a while here is what ya get, racism towards every race, little kids talking worse than this video, everyone’s mom & dad’s are gay & suck d*ck right after you do also.
    And when did this become golf with all this so-called decorum? These guys are NOT athletes nor role models so if they want this in an arena with the fans all going crazy they should expect a team or two to do this. Did they WIN?
    What was the other team doing or saying? Where is the video of them? Do we know if there was any confrontation between the two teams before the match?
    So they got released because of trash talking with no cussing or worse?
    Wow, Did they win?
    I say trash talking during the game should be allowed if the team doesn’t cross the line, yell all you want, talk smack all you want, stand-up and wave your hands like ya just don’t care!
    Did they win?
    And if the other team can’t play thru all the trash talking and yelling they don’t deserve to win!
    Oh, and finally they all have headsets on so what does it matter?
    Did they win?


      If you talk trash against the spectators (who pay your entire organization), that obviously is not sustainable in the long run..

  • Cam

    Lol they wonder why no one likes them an no organization wants to back them

  • coilover2005

    LMAO…I remember my 1st beer.

  • killa is a noob

    Complexity would eat both of these teams for dinner then spit them back out.

  • itsjustagame

    Wow way to represent the CoD community fellas…. pricks…..

  • TmarTn

    Team Epsilon should be banned from MLG

    • They already have no fans. I think that’s good enough. Just lots of Booing everytime they get on stage would be nice.

  • The real killa

    Wow, I would beat these bitchasses in RL into a bloddly stump of teeth and organs into the ground for thinking they are hard for playing a video game.

  • Kyle PDX

    Look At my bank account, Look At my bank account, Look At my bank account. Well u better Dumb ass cuz u just talked yourself right out of a job. Have fun figuring out how to flip burgers at MCy Ds.

  • Scotty Le

    I have to say this is the reason why people nowadays think so badly about Call of Duty in general. People misbehavior because of just a thing and then broadcast that all over the globe. These people call themselves a MLG Pro when they are completely lack of professionalism.
    I was proud of being a MLG Supporter back then for Counter Strike when SK Gaming and Navi’ was still on the ground, but i can’t do the same thing with CoD because of all the bad reputation that these guys put on a game that i love so much .

  • Foyez

    This is what happens when you take a bunch of tostesterone filled Americans, pump them full of Prozac and Adderroll and hand them a call of duty game whilst filming in front of a crowd. Gaming needs to start drug testing I reckon, they behaved like clowns

  • Abhishek Jain

    blame it on COD for this happening..all think they are the best.ya may be but why can’t ppl actt normal when it comes to healthy competition

  • John

    Explain how NASCAR is a sport then. Anyone can drive and they are considers athletes?

  • Franko

    Why that little white girl is screaming like that?

  • Ricky B

    Ban them, fine them, do something. If I was in that audience all hell would have broken lose, little punks, if they don’t respect where their money comes from they don’t deserve to earn it. I really wanna see those infants so I can slap the shit out of them. 4real.


    Killa now broke.

  • Devin Rose

    This is an all time low. I was roting for Epsilon, but that was just wrong

  • hastr04life

    The fat nerd is fuckin cocky for how fugly he is

  • Mark

    Only these players act like this and it’s only at LANs from what I’ve heard from people like MerK and Rambo is that Killa a real good dude outside of the game, and notice poor J0hn is sitting there not trash talking while his teammates are getting up and fucking around

  • Meh


  • Danny

    This kinda stuff is why I quit CoD. Little pieces of shit like this make me want to quit gaming completely

  • deded

    nothing about gaming is a sport. you move your THUMBS and INDEX FINGER….thats it. my god i hate my generation