Activision has sent us this pretty cool image which has several Call of Duty statistics. Some pretty impressive numbers..

Click on the image below to see the full size image of the infographic


  • Jackobeeno

    Sad what we do with our lives..

    • Thomas Jaffray

      What would you do instead?

      • Go outside? Pffff, Yeah right! 😉

        • ThatxGamer

          whats outside????

          • DeathBringer935l

            I’ve tried it the graphics are incredible but the gameplay sucks

          • ThatxGamer

            is there any hackers????? or maybe new dlc??

          • I just realized you said something similar to me earlier. Great minds think a like

          • DeathBringer935l

            Indeed they do diabetus…indeed they do.

          • Epicsand

            Ha, ha. Good one.

          • DeathBringer935l

            Thanks and that’s a legit name!

          • I went outside once…The graphics didn’t impress me. So I went back in.

          • TAKANYAN

            LOL I once went outside and looked at the sky and said, “Those clouds look like the clouds in Call of Duty”.

          • Guest

            Ha, ha. Good one.

      • ONE BAR

        Jerk off.

      • Isaac Clarke

        Play in traffic

    • But, it was worth it… I think

    • xx420xx

      kill yourself

    • MrNobodyEpic

      But b-but.. Community!

  • Fozzie Bear

    Are they trying to make everyone feel bad one day before the reveal…?

    • No they say how much people play and bullets fired and more

    • Uzair Chief

      Why would you feel bad?

  • Jared

    I can’t zoomin on mobile

    • MeisseN

      Can’t zoom in on PC as well. I think this picture is only this big.. hopin for a HD one

      • chanchanman69

        press & hold ctrl and scroll up… a little bit easier to read 😉

    • You have to do with touchscreen things

  • veex

    lol in 4 years all world will play cod

  • Jarhead

    100 million is not that many. It’s like 1/4 of what I released last time.

  • En1gm4

    How much bigger would that numbers be if they counted the pirated copys….

    • Shong

      Excluding cracked servers?

  • David Sync


  • So Cod is popular how much people play Battlefield

    • MeisseN

      10% of the number of COD players

  • Bobby Kotick ceo Activision

  • Rai

    I know Call of Duty is popular, but I never really thought about it like this.

  • Thats EPIC!!

  • Bigi345

    Somehow this does not surprise me

  • Jason

    To be honest its crazy how in total we have all played 2.85 million years playing. It would probably be 1 million years if they didn’t count waiting for people to spawn from there tactical insersions! XD

  • igoric

    wow thats a lot of shit