The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here. Tomorrow, the world will get it’s first glimpse of Call of Duty Ghosts Mulitplayer along with some other huge announcements. We’ll be front in center for the reveal in Los Angeles and will be getting tons of play time in so we can provide you the most accurate intel in the weeks ahead. Tomorrow morning we’ll have another article up with the livestream so you can chat with other CI members and expect several more articles to go up right after the event starts…

Some stories we have planned for you guys:

  • Ghosts Multiplayer Trailer
  • Official Hi-Res Screenshots
  • A replay of the MP reveal livestream
  • New Modes and Features announced (coop?)
  • Lists of every weapon, attachment, perk, killstreak, etc.
  • and more classified info…

We’ll be posting our exclusive gameplay footage after the event so stay tuned for that.

Also, we have some interview time setup to meet with some devs!

That’s about it, let us know in the comments below on what else you would like us to cover and also what you want us to ask the devs! Stay frosty…

  • I’m cone watch the livestream I hope the game is funn

  • sss


  • ElseAndrew

    Make sure to find out if it has Death Streaks.

  • Josiah Nellums

    Hopefully it’s as good as they say it is

  • foxtrot_xxx

    im so excited….shit im a bad lier

  • ​​

    you wont get any of this info


    only 1 thing i care about in any call of duty… HARDCORE GAME MODES… but i know there will be nothing asked, nor info given on this issue..

  • NiftyGam3r

    Hopefully, they show as much mp as was shown for bo2. Moving fishes and a cute story with a dog is fine, but i want to see the goodies

  • Fozzie Bear

    Have fun you lucky bastards!

  • CODbestgameever

    Nice. Can’t wait.

  • Luke

    Please have specialist, support and assault kill streaks as it accommodates to everyone.

  • Hunter 2-1

    If CoD Ghosts is working on the new engine why are most of the guns we have seen yet in other CoD’s ?

    • Super_Deluxe

      New engine does not necessarily mean new guns. Battlefield has a different engine and also have similar guns to COD. The engine does effect the type of guns they choose to add to the game.

    • The weapons they have in the game have nothing to do with the game engine.

  • Hunter 2-1

    In the Campaign do we get to create our own class like black ops 2 ?

  • Josiah Johnson

    Make a list with screen shots of all the player customization- I’ve been wanting this since mw2!

  • Future Impact Gaming

    Is there a time delay to throw grenades like in Black Ops 2 for some gamemodes?

  • marcellus

    i think if they had team kill streaks it would prevent camping wether they have that or not i’m looking forward to see what they come up with.

  • Simon290776

    Will it have colour blind assist like the others?

  • Rafael

    Have fun you guys. The team has come a long way. I remember the Robert bowling post like it was yesterday.

  • Jason

    I’m most excited for all of the killstreaks that I’ll never get XD

  • Ascending Legend

    I like how its the 14th and its WAY past 10:30 and no video

    • Chad Gallante

      Mabye because the live stream starts at 1:25pm EST…

  • Ascending Legend

    Find. Out I there are dinosaurs in ghosts

  • Smith N Wesson

    Some Death Streaks such as, JUICED could be useful against spawn trapping.

  • AlternativView

    Good Luck!

  • dolan pls

    They better not stuff this CoD up.

  • Jesse

    is there going to be a link to where you can watch it on the site?

  • Tbuds

    Can someone put a link to wherever the livestream will be? Greatly appreciated.