Infinity Ward is bringing back the MW3 feature of Strike Packages for the killstreak system in Call of Duty: Ghosts MP.

Mark Rubin went up on stage and talked all about the packages, including the fact that you earn points for taking down enemy streaks, destroying objectives, capturing objectives, and kills.

For the Assault package, they’ve made more killstreaks on the ground – not all in the air anymore. UAV is now called Sat Com and is placed in the map.

For the Support package, they’ve made the streaks more support based – not driven by assault.

For Specialist, it’s the same as MW3, Unlock perks as you get more kills.


  • As long as the Support Streaks don’t have things like the Stealth bomber in them, I’m happy.

    • Mitch

      IMO also things like EMPs were a problem.

      • Definitely

      • Batman

        And Vests

      • Reece Fowler

        EMPs were never a problem. The EMP provides a fairly quick and easy way to take down higher assault killstreaks, keeping the game balanced. I get annoyed when it happens to me, but it’s not overpowered in any way.
        Vests were never a problem either. The only problem is the stealth bomber, which at the very least should have been at a higher killstreak slot.

  • Jacol

    I don’t like this idea anyway

  • Batman

    I hate the idea of having support again.

    I love specialist.

    And I love the assault not having air streaks anymore. I hate air streaks, they are all OP as fuck

    • Derrick Wingler

      considering that they could easily be taken down easily by absolutely any player who happened to bring a rocket launcher i would they were FAR from op. i’m happy they are focusing on ground based streaks because air streaks would barely last a few seconds before someone shot them down 9 times outta 10. the only thing i’m concerned about is uav’s being ground based. people spam them constantly since they are so easy to get, not being able to easily destroy them will become an issue. i hope they increase the amount of points needed to unlock them in order to match how much harder they are to destroy by being land based

    • Trivia

      Wait so an attack heli was op pfft they was weak as hell and only got like 3-4 kills

      • Batman

        They were OP, they could take any player down with 1 second from above. It forces players to camp inside buildings.

        Its annoying as fuck too

  • Fozzie Bear

    I like the idea of support streaks. It’s a good way for a crappy player, who’s lucky if he can get a care package, to actually assist the team.

    • Derrick Wingler

      thing is, support streaks arent just for crappy players. The average player gets what, 10-12 kills in a game? some of the support streaks were 20+ kills. while i’m glad they arent making support streaks as focused on being lethal, i do hope they include some good ones for higher kill amounts, such as bringing back the juggernaut support streak

      • if the avergae player gets 10-12 kills a game then i must be a pro. (40-50 kills a game)

        • ​​

          yeahhhh nuketown headquarters doesnt count and i get easily a hundred kills on there.

          • *sigh* Cod elite – “Im Diabetus”

          • SurelyYouJoke

            you’re a scrub, fav primary is a lmg with 10% accuracy? lemme guess, domination on nuketown, spraying and praying, spawn camping your heart out? no respect.

          • No. I reset my stats wanting to try weapons I never used before. Before I sold my xbox, I was going to start using the Scar and Swat, but it never happened.

          • Also, if you would look, my favorite primary isn’t a lmg. It’s just the best KD Ihave with a certain weapon. The MP7 is my most used.

      • Trivia

        Well for one a average player gets about 20-30 kills a game and the support in mw3 were 20 plus kills they was 18 max which was emp,support juggernaut,Escort airdrop

        • Derrick Wingler

          been a while since i’ve played mw3, i though some went above 20. i’m not sure what game modes you’re playing though lol. i usually top the score board with a little more than 20 kills. 30 if i’m playing free for all

      • lolwut

        18 was the maximum, and it isn’t about kills.

        Objectives count, so if you get 10 kills but you actually go round capping Dom points you can easily obtain an EMP or Escort Airdrop, which is what it is designed for.

      • Fozzie Bear

        Very true, very true.

    • Reece Fowler

      I agree. And it isn’t just for the “bad” players either.

      You also have different playstyles, for example. If I am in the front and rushing to capture a flag, I am going to die a lot regardless of skill. It doesn’t make me a bad player. It’s just a different playstyle that doesn’t favour getting high killstreaks. But those type of players should still be rewarded somehow, as they are helping to win the game.
      If I play conservative and defend flags, I can get killstreaks and that’s what I do on some maps.

      You also have different gamemodes. On HQ pro, for example, it is virtually impossible to get kills in a row unless you are outside the HQ and annoy your teammates kin the process. No support package = widespread killwhoring in objective game modes.

      The people who complain about support streaks “rewarding s****y players for s****y gameplay” are probably just annoyed that the godly pro players can no longer walk over average players with impunity. With the possible debatable exception of the stealth bomber in MW3, support package keeps the game balanced.

  • Tyler

    If the specialist allows you to unlike all perks after x amount of kills like in mw3 that will be very deadly. Especially with a perk that can boost your gun damage as you get more kills

  • p.i.m.p.player47

    Cool hope support package is actually useful this time around and doesn’t come with streaks like the advanced uav

    • Trivia

      That is what you would call supporting your team if you put one of them up

    • Batman

      What? Support doesnt deserve anything good

      • lolwut

        Clearly a run’n’gunner who has no desire to play the objective.

  • Shong

    Support – No EMP, no Stealth Bomber, no Advanced UAV
    and we’ve got a deal.

    I’m really surprised they didn’t implement Score Streaks in this game.

    • Im sorda glad they didnt.

    • Derrick Wingler

      it says that you get points for completeing objectives and destroying enemy kill streaks as well as getting kills. they may not be calling them score streaks, but thats essentially what they are

      • Batman

        No, these are pointstreaks like in MW3

        • kirby_

          Yes, but you still get them from completing objectives as the guy said in the reveal.

    • Beter little kids get them scorestreaks not so fast

    • Batman

      The EMP is back I think

    • Reece Fowler

      The stealth bomber is a bit overpowered but there is nothing wrong with the EMP.
      In MW3, The EMP is a way to take down higher assault killstreaks fairly quickly – It keeps the game balanced.

  • bsktballmsu1

    35 perks for specialist is going to be so op

    • Not really

    • If they ad an new stopping power You are very dead and have see sleight of hand and stalker and more returning I’m dead

    • Batman

      I want stopping power

      • TheCervixPounder69

        go fuck yourself…stopping power was the reason why no other second perk was used from mw-mw2. as soon as they took it out balancing the perks became much easier, there was more diversity, and people were much happier.

    • MeisseN

      They can remove the “get all perks” settings. Oh, it’s sure they will remove or tweak this.


      i think it be capped, you can only use so many perks at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 16 kills ect. like the way the kill streaks are.

    • jonathon

      you wont be able to earn them all in game that’d be crazy you’ll have to select a few that you’d want to earn in game

      • Jacob

        Specialist Bonus Bro. “Just like in MW3”

    • James K

      Becoming a God is an understatement.

    • Jacob

      TRUE ^-^ But I’m going to enjoy it when I get it

  • bsktballmsu1

    I was really hoping for no support, now we are going to see a bunch of support lobbies

    • Batman

      Same here

  • I want to see the new Moab

    • its called the Kem Strike. TrollingThunder told me on twitter

      • Batman

        What it does exactly? How 2 get it?

      • David Sync

        It’s actually the MOAB same effect same symbol

        • Its like a moab, but it’s not. This missle comes from space.

        • MeisseN

          Symbols and multiple gun sounds are placeholders

  • Batman


  • zezoish

    specialist all the way

  • zezoish

    is it just me or there is 8 colors for perks

  • NiftyGam3r

    So many perks… But is actually a good thing, they are divinding perks that have multiple effects and making them perks of their own. Really gives fruition to new and unique loadouts and many combinations. I’m also gald they kept the pick 10 system idea and tweakt it to their own.

  • Codisterrible4life


    • Why are you here if all you’re going to do is hate?

      • Codisterrible4life

        CUZ you guys dont give a shit about the improvements all you care is for the name on the disk to say “call of duty ” even if mw2 got released again with new guns and maps you all would have bought that shit

  • Ben

    This game looks terrible. They haven’t done ANY innovation at all. If these are “Next Generation Graphics” I am disapointed. It looks like a stripped down verson of BC1.

    • Ussually I value everyone’s opinion, but yours is so incorrect and horrible that I think It would be rude if I didn’t say something. You should go back and rewatch the livestream you obviously didn’t watch it

  • NiftyGam3r

    I’m so happy they got rid of the foggy look that IW games have had. I just hope they get rid of how much blood appears in the screen when you’re hurt. Is barely visible in mw3 when you’re bloodshot red

  • Jacob

    Please no EMP grenades. They were Annoying AF

  • Alex

    Sorry to say this but there is an invisibility killstreak in the support catagory. Don’t believe me. Watch Chaosilencers video. 🙁

  • Stiltzkin’s Bandana

    Glad they brought back Specialist. I think more people running around with Specialist is better than a crowded airspace with choppers/airstrikes/drones.

    I mean even if people running Specialist are holy crap-good, COD is still a pretty random game, they WILL be killed. Also this caters to gun-on-gun gameplay.

  • mixamax

    the sniper-copter is in the support strike package -_-

  • AlternativView

    They said that support won’t feature assault elements. Lets hope that it means no stealth bomber:)
    But for now I’m glad with all the changes they made.

    • JayZero

      tina palacios confirmed no stealth bomber in the support package

  • sam

    The first thing I noticed is that the EMP is still on support. I’m not looking forward to getting some bad ass killstreaks, and have a guy that is 18-30 EMP it.

  • Nate

    I hated the packages for mw3, sad to see them return

  • A.C. Redwine

    When I was watching some of the MP videos, I heard the announcer say “Enemy has Ghost Armor”. I think it’s referring to a Support killstreak (3rd row, 2nd column). I also saw it in the MP reveal trailer @ around 2:08. Keep your eye out for white outline that runs right before the player lands on the grass.

  • Reece Fowler

    Glad to see support streaks return. There’s nothing wrong with them and I get a bit sick of people moaning about them because a SAM turret knocked down their reaper.
    In MW3 you could get 5 kills in a row and get a predator missile (which would sometimes take you straight to an attack helicopter), or just get 5 kills and get ballistic vests, CUAV or airdrop trap. Or 7 kills in a row and get a helicopter, or just get 8 kills and get a SAM turret.
    People need to stop complaining about support streaks. All they do is reward average players for average gameplay with average rewards.

  • FPS Ghost

    What will the specialist be like this time. I’m MW3 it was 2 kills a perk and 8 kills for Rambo setup unless you used Hard line. If it is the same in this game after 8 kills there will be a bunch of steroid enhanced Rambo’s running around the map with advantage in every way. Hope this is balanced in some way maybe a limit to only 10 perks at max.