Activision, Infinity Ward, and Beachhead Studio has officially revealed how Call of Duty: ELITE will work with Call of Duty: Ghosts MP this fall.

New benefits:

  • Take profile from current gen to next gen.
  • Brand new Call of Duty app- brings back popular features of ELITE – and introduces new tracking features. Change loadout.
  • Second Screen support – enhance – pre match – edit squad before match; pick load for next spawn; share your stats via Twitter
  • CLANS: Join clans, create, and manage all in-game or app.
    • Communication via messages
    • Rally Up
    • Touch based emblem editor for your Clan
    • Clan XP for any MP match with Clan
    • Clan vs. Clan playlist!
    • Can have Xbox 360 or Xbox One players
    • CLAN WARS – direct to Ghosts MP.

The new Mobile App has:

  • The Call of Duty App includes some of the best and most popular features from Call of Duty® Elite, such as tracking your career stats, as well as the ability to check out a friend’s or rival’s stats.
  • Communicate via the Rally Up and Clan Chat features, to keep in touch with your friends and Clan members
  • Second Screen functionality is there to enhance your experience, and not get in the way.Pre match, you can edit your squad. In match, you have one-touch access to swap your loadout for your next spawn.

The app will release this fall alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts.

  • GromBloodboy

    All platforms? As an ex-Wii player, I wonder if this means WiiU too. Or if they simply ignore that in the term all.

  • Seif Bahgat

    Please Somebody tell me What about PC Player am a pc player and i got black ops 2 and Season pass and Ghosts and i will get Season Pass why cant i have an elite account so i can download the app on mobile and have fun why call of duty doesnot care about PC Player not like Battlefield the most important thing for them is PC Players

    • Spam on there twitter

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      this is where you need to think with your brain…PC is not favored because you don’t have to buy the console, therefore you are spending less money, therefore they hate you because they want your money, therefore they give you less benefits. COD is just dirty/greedy, however Battlefield is a more respectable game.

      • Battlefield isn’t a Company dumbass, EA/DICE make BF. and EA is voted worst company of the year, 3 years straight. While Acivition (makes CoD) has donated 10 Million dollars to war verterans.

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          i was meaning that i respect battlefield more as a game, i’m sorry that you got all mislead about what i said. calm down.

      • Unjustified

        Cod make no money from buying the console that you play the game on… so it doesnt matter if you’re pc or console really… Just Saying…

  • Really interested in what that “all platforms” means as well. Will the security effort be put forth to provide it to the PC platform this time or will we just get the shaft again?


    all i can say is, i almost fainted when they said with this, that you can FINALLY do IN GAME LOADOUT CUSTOMIZATION.

  • David Hirsh

    what does the rally up do