Infinity Ward has go in-depth on their new Character Customization feature thats coming in Call of Duty: Ghosts at their MP event today.

Rubin said players will have more than 20,000 possible combinations in personalizing their soldier’s look, including their body type, head and gear. Players will also be able to play as a female for the first time ever!

“For Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer, nothing was scared,” Rubin said, noting that everything from map modes, to animations and “who you are as a player” have been significantly changed for the game.

“This is the the biggest overhaul of multiplayer we’ve done since the original Modern Warfare,” Rubin said.  “In Ghosts you create not just a class, but a soldier.”

Activision has posted on official description about what this is all about:

The customization in Call of Duty: Ghosts continues as players can not only Create-a-Soldier, but also create an entire squad of up to 10 unique soldiers which can be customized down to their appearance, perks, loadouts, and style of play. In addition, each custom squad member earns XP toward Prestige and can also be modified to specialize in various combat classes and across multiple game modes, allowing more flexibility and depth for gamers than ever before.

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