Infinity Ward has revealed their new system for customization called Create a Solider. With this system you have the ability to customize your character, your loadout, your perks, and so much more. For your loadouts, you get 8 points to chose for perks only. Kill streaks and attachments don’t count towards the points. Primary weapons, secondary weapons, lethal, and tactical have their own point limits.

There’s also ‘Squad Points’ coming in Ghosts MP, which determines what you can unlock when. You chose what attachments, guns, perks, etc. you want to unlock. If you have enough Squad Points you can unlock whichever ones you want at anytime.

There will be 7 new game modes:

  • Cranked – similar to TDM with a faster face – when you get a kill you get fast movement  but with a countdown timer. You’ll explode if you don’t finish before the clock.
  • Infected
  • Search and Rescue – take on SnD – when you’re killed you can get revived if you die.
  • Grind
  • Blitz

New weapon class called Marksmen Rifles – sniper/AR mixed class. Brand new dual scope system. New sound. New feeling.

They’ve also brought over 30 new weapons to the game. Check out the images below for more info.

[nggallery id=554]

  • semir


    • Siftblade of Rivia

      • mixamax

        I love you man! 😛

  • George Denton


  • smayo

    Looks to fast to me gameplay wise, iow get ready to die again after you’re behind cover, not very keen on the look of it either

    • Derrick Wingler

      this seems to really be the divide between infinity ward fans and treyarch fans. To me black ops 2 is too slow pace and doesnt look good either. i prefer the high intensity and visuals that infinity ward gives us

      • TheMostManlyMan

        What is wrong with you?! MW3 and BO2 were both WAY too fast paced with “large” maps the size of the small maps for past games.

        • Gustavo

          Agree. MW2 had the perfect character speed in my view. In MW3 they speed up a little, but still good. But in BO2 everyone looks like Usain Bolt, it’s annoying even without the speed perks.

          • Young Hernz

            I kinda agree I really don’t like how Treyarch didn’t add perk that effects on gyn but instead adding attachment, I find a waste, but good thing Infinity Ward bring back some fan favorite speed perk and mixed up with pick 10 system in their own way

          • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

            MW2 was perfect other then OMA Tubing but had the best maps by far. It had the perfect balance of small medium and large maps except fuel that map sucked ass lol. But the map design was top notch.

      • smayo

        Besides from bo1 I prefer the iw games too, but this looked way to fast and hectic, I really hoped they nerved the movement speed a couple notches

    • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

      I can’t wait to play cranked i love that that made a mode that promotes run and gun and not camping.

  • This looks really good! I love it!

    • The graphics are not horrible only the weapon Dlc

      • semir

        Remember bo2 map reveal trailer crappy graphics its the same thing for this game its not actual gameplay

        • Devin Wolfe

          This is still late alpha or early beta gameplay.

        • NiftyGam3r

          Yeah same thing with the sounds, i noticed some sounds are from guns in mw3. Cant wait to see some gameplay from the finished version!

      • Yeah the graphics are pretty good. The weapons Iook good as well but I do hope they do release weapon DLC.

        • NiftyGam3r

          Lol 30+ guns and you still want more? We’ve become spoiled

          • WishChaos

            Bro, BF3 has weapon dlc. Why not try to surpass it and have variety man.

          • NiftyGam3r

            Because BF is it’s own game. Honestly i’m good with 30+ new guns. Some people dont like spending anymore $ than what they spend on the game for dlc’s etc

          • TurdyBird14

            Actually it says over 30 new guns, so they’re could be a bunch of returning guns.

          • NiftyGam3r

            Yeah 7 of them are returns, the rest are new

          • It would be nice if there was a wide variety of guns.

          • Guest

            ‘It would be nice if there was a wide variety of guns’ are you blind lol?

        • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

          They should be able to release weapon DLC because they have a shit ton of ram that will allow them to do it this time around at least on Next Gen anyways

        • Young Hernz

          I wish IW add some fan favorite weapon like AK-47, ACR, other popular and balance weapon from past Modern Warfare games

          an also I really how they improved the perk system cause I really don’t like pick 10 system from BO2 cause of the wildcard

          • I liked some of the guns from previous Modern Warfare games as well.

            I am not liking the perk system and how there is so many perks because it got confusing really.

          • Young Hernz

            well it’s better of to find out till the game come out this November

      • Omar you crack me up. You are so persistent on things you want. Has anyone else noticed he always comments about weapon DLC and the engine?

  • New Game Modes: Grind, Blitz.

    • MrNobodyEpic

      Hunted and Safe Guard
      Search and Rescue

      • boye

        its called haunted

        • Guest

          Oh. Well…. Oh….

        • MrNobodyEpic

          Actually it’s Hunted and also Safe Guard

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    For the marksman rifle class, I think I saw the mk14, and the FAL

  • Alec Tackett

    I want it but it seems WAY to fast but will get it nonetheless and will also get BF4 also for Xbox One

    • Jennifer is a BOY

      I first though that but much of what they showed was the new game types, hopefully its just those game types that are fast paced.

      • TurdyBird14

        Drift0r is at the event and he said the player runs slower than MW3, and Cranked makes you Usain Bolt when you get a kill (I’d hate to see Specialist in that game mode!).

    • ThtJstHapnd

      Cod is my fast paced shooter and BF4 will be my tactical slow paced shooter. I have friends that are dedicated to one or the other so I will always have someone to play with. Add me on Xbox if you need a person that plays the objective.

      Also remember they are playing a gamemode that specifically says “you speed up” with each kill. So not all game modes will look as fast as what we saw today. Some of the pros said you run slower in this game than others but free flow over obstacles which makes it look faster. Like your getting “cranked”. I don’t know if you ever saw the movie, Crank. He is injected and must keep his adrenaline high to stay alive. This is a variant.


    Current Game Modes known to date from their Official Multiplayer Trailer. Mark 1:04 of the video:

    Team Deathmatch
    Search and Destory
    Kill Confirmed
    Search and Rescue
    Safe Guard

    • Batman


      • Ben Dover sucks, lol

        definitely want ctf too! cranked looked like shit!

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Bend over, bitch. XD

      • ThtJstHapnd

        There will be a version of CTF.

    • James K

      No Headquarters? That’s my favorite game mode!

  • Batman

    I want a search and destroy variation called: “Hide and seek” = There is NO time limit, and no bombs.

  • Batman

    Where is my TAR-21????

    • ILoveInfected

      It’s the MTAR-X

  • Braad

    The mtarx is a smg… LOL Overpowered fun here I come 🙂

  • Derrick Wingler

    so its essentially the pick 10 system but every catagory has its own points? i think i preferred the original pick 10 system where you could sacrifice perks or weapons you didnt want in order to have more points to spend, but at least it will still be better than the traditional system

    • ThtJstHapnd

      You can sacrifice. In the stream they said you could opt out of your secondary to get more perks.

  • Mohammad

    I didn’t like how they kind of copied battle field like the features

    • Batman


    • Devin Wolfe

      Does if they copied or not?

  • ridderradar

    No ump45 or ak74u? I thought we saw the ump45 in a behind the scenes movie while sliding and gunning a couple of months ago?! The new smgs better be good!

  • NiftyGam3r

    So far soo good. I like what i’m seeing. The guns have so much detail and look good! And i love the iron sights that some of them have. I’m so happy they decided to go with the prestige way that bo2 had in which it wont reset your stats. Hopefully it means the same for guns. I hated in mw3 how i would get gold on a gun, but lose it because of prestige-over

  • Manny18Ply

    The M27 IAR will be my favorite LMG in the game 😀

    • It’s an assault rifle…

      • Manny18Ply

        the m27 in bo2 is an assault riffle but if you look in the new weapons pic column 3 row 4 thats the m27 iar with the beta mag which is a dual drum mag dignifying its an lmg in this game unlike bo2

        • I kind of look like a dumbass now.


    F*CK you Treyarch, this is how you improve a MP game. NOT by taking out perks and nerfing them. Oh slight of hand, i’ve missed you so much. Call me.

    • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

      yeah that was the biggest mistake IMO i had to use fast mags on every class lol.

    • Young Hernz

      I feel you dude, Treyarch makes one mistake by adding perks to effect on player instead of Guns and turn into attachments to make the game “balance”, but Infinity Ward knows how to do things right by mixing BO2’s Pick 10 system but in there own way so we could have have 2-4 attachments on primary weapon and have more perk by replacing secondary weapon which is a cool idea from IW

  • Codisterrible4life


  • TurdyBird14

    If you look to the left of the Perks picture, you can see a gun called Chain SAW!

  • Cyber-Ninja

    So it looks like we can have 4 Attachments on our primary? The choice of a Secondary or not? And then either 8 or 9 perks???

    Super soldiers here we come!!! :O)

  • Archer

    I’ve done my best to name out all the perks:
    1) Quickdraw, Sleight of Hand, Lightweight, Marathon, Stalker
    2) Toughness, “Reload while sprinting?”, Swap faster, Steady Aim, ???
    3) ???, Blind Eye, Cold Blooded, Dead Silence, “Immune to thermal/No Name”
    4) Recon, Scavenger, Sitrep, Awareness, CUAV Jammer
    5) “No Fall Damage”, Juggernaut, ???, Immune to Tacticals, Immune to Lethals
    6) Extra Tacticals, Extra Lethals, Extra Ammo, 3 Attachments, Danger Close
    7) ???, Hardline, ???, Overkill, ???

  • Bigi345

    About the weapons:
    1. Why NO GALIL????
    2. Yay The MTAR
    3. There’s a Chain SAW?? (The perk pic in the upper left corner)

  • MrDoucheBag

    is the fad coming back?

  • ILoveInfected

    Fuck yes Infected!

  • Dat Lag

    Oh great, return of support, it’s going to be useless to use assault killstreak again in this game, thanks Infinity ward for making the game noob friendly yet again…