MLG CEO has announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be part of the MLG Columbus Event in November.

Here’s the video where he confirmed the news:

SOURCE: @eSportsNation

  • Jack S.

    Great; Kross basically said they ruined quickscoping. “Well, it’s going to be different, much slower, not trying to get killfeeds, just TRYING to get kills.”

    • dushaa

      There will ALWAYS be a way dude.

      • Bryan Salas

        Agreed, they were’nt able to get all the perks in the game. I bet one of those will definitely let you quickscope. I have seen people quickscope in the original Black Ops, If you cant quickscope in Ghosts, then youre just bad.

  • Omxr Txrek

    so is search and destroy out for good? I hope not! Its a very popular gamemode and I personally love it

    • dan

      No they just made a new game type snd is still in the game.

  • ​​

    as much as i hate it im sure quickscoping is still there and prolly even better cause the new render thingy

  • jack is a richard

    Quickscoping ruins the gameplay anyways. The trick to successful gameplay is balance. Killstreaks already work against that but were a damn good idea. Quickscoping on the other hand is an imbalance thatputs one form of weapon above the others. In cqb its miserable to see a shotgunner get quickscoped.

  • Matt H.

    Ghosts will be awful for MLG. They scrap hardpoint, ruin S&D, and make a pathetic attempt to copy BF3! Why not just play BO2 another year and put DLC maps into the rotation? Makes more sense than playing with these thoughtless new game modes and ridiculous maps..

    • billy m