If you’re an Eminem fan or just really liked the soundtrack to yesterday’s Ghosts MP trailer then you’re in luck. The complete unedited track is now available to listen to on YouTube (without all the gun fire and explosions). Enjoy.

Stream the full official version of Eminem’s “Survival”, music from the forthcoming game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Eminem’s song “Survival” from the upcoming Call of Duty game and his next album. Stay tuned for information on his new single coming soon. Eminem.com

SOURCE: Eminem.com

  • CodFanGhosts

    Eminem – Survival (Feat. Liz Rodrigues)


  • TheProBeest

    When Eminem reps Call of Duty, that’s when you know to go and get it. So stoked for Ghosts, and Eminem’s new album

  • Guest

    I prefer Tupac, Notorious Big, DMX, Dr.Dre or EAZY-E. They are LEGENDS.

    • ip x Warrior

      I prefer Eminem.

    • ONE BAR

      How could you even put DMX and EAZY-E on that list…

  • Good soundtrack

  • Eminem Skin in MP? I wish…