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Check out these screenshots of the Ghosts MP in-game lobby along with some hi-res screengrabs of the loading screens. OpTicNation uploaded this new gameplay which gives everybody their first look at the in-game lobby. Might we add that the in-game lobby is by far the nicest in any Call of Duty game…

SOURCE: OpTicNation

  • LegitCryptic

    Yay something i showed you made an article i feel speshul

  • fsdgasdg

    no option to mute everyone.. smh

    • Mitch

      Hopefully they’ll add it, having to go through 6/7 names to mute them is a pain.

      • NiftyGam3r

        F my life moment when some of the people you individually mute, leave and mew ones come in and you have to repeat the process

    • DanDustEmOff

      Not needed for a Lan party.

  • iSwedishVirus

    No more “mute all but party” option.
    And no more “vote for random/classified map” option.

    • tha_online_gamertz


    • MrJDGuns

      firstly this was not online it was system link so mute all but party is not needed and mw3 did not have random map.

      • iSwedishVirus

        doesn’t matter if it’s system link or not, it should be there! It was on BO2 anyway..
        and about the random map thing, both BO1 and BO2 had it but IW never put it in and i don’t udnerstand why they didn’t…

        • MrJDGuns

          it is just infinity ward way of dealing maps. They are allowed there differences.

    • Reg

      There were 4 maps in this build of the game available to play. Why would they need a random option?

      • iSwedishVirus

        Dude it’s not about the maps it’s just that the option should be there anyway… :/
        It’s been like that in BO1 and Bo2..

        • Devin Wolfe

          Notice both of those are Treyarch CODs.

    • Rai

      They’re bring the mute all back. Dunno about the random/classified map option……it may be buried in this post somewhere.

      The devs GOT U COVERED!


  • lMattW

    Did you get any footage of the create-a-class section?

    • Jon Cameron

      It was shown during the reveal.

  • Gumbie7

    Please IW give us a mute all option. I really hate having to mute each and every 12 year old that plays.

    • And patch the stupid new moab

      • tobi

        its not stupid

        • Tom

          it is too easy to get I think that is what they are saying

      • Devin Wolfe

        Whats wrong with the Oden Strike?

      • SeaSaltSora

        Well, the “MOAB” can only be obtained on Strikezone when you pick up the brief case, complete the field order, and get the carepackage. I’m sure no other map has it. So, I sort of don’t like it either, but for now if they don’t change it, don’t play on Strikezone and play on the other 13, 14 if you’re getting Free Fall, maps. 🙂

        • ben wills

          Lobbies prevent selective maps. Backing out all the time is annoying. Especially considering its small and clusterfucky so its bound to be a fan favorite so it’ll get selected often. And obviously people want all maps to be good and playable for max moneys worth.

      • MeisseN

        Don’t worry… Just 6 kills at most.. No big deal IMO

        They can make it slightly more difficult to obtain tho

      • Bryan Salas

        You’re the one that is stupid. The Odin strike is a nice addition, considering that no one really knows if there is an official MOAB. Its also not very easy to obtain an Odin Strike, it requires some skill, plus luck. As the guy before said, it requires you to pick up a brief case and do a specific challenge that sometimes is difficult to complete. If you don’t like it then don’t play Strike Zone then. Fags like you ruin innovative ideas.

    • xx420xx

      ur the 1 that chooses to play on xbox

      • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

        Playstation is worse for 12 yr olds… why? cause they dont pay for internet so more moms/dads are more willing to buy it for their kid since they’re not doing a yearly payment, plus it being cheaper for the console, mommy and daddy are more willing to buy the cheaper console, PS4

        • SeaSaltSora

          Don’t even start.

        • And the Best Console, PS4

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            No console wars please. I’ve had enough of them.

    • Devin Wolfe

      Or you know ignore them.

    • Rai

      They plan on bringing it back.

      You know, whenever I go and look at information/news relating to cod, I never go to the forums. I always come here/Nextvg, google news (That’s right, google news!) the youtubezzz, etc….But ah…there’s some good stuff on that there forum.

      There’s a dev in the forums who posted the new features and what-not of Ghosts. The page is damn long. Was about to say bump it and I skimmed through some of the post and some of the comments, and then I started following some of the replies from the users and then I noticed the dev talking to em talking about the features, talking about things that they are changing/do/fix (that’s how I found out they’re adding the mute all option in, it just wasn’t in the menu at the event) you know all that good stuff, all the hidden wonders.

      Check it out right chere:


      Imma get back to reading.

  • Wow,i thought they will change it…..

  • Bullshit still that countdown

    • Jon Cameron

      Sometimes 60 seconds is needed to change shit around on your loadouts. I don’t see why this countdown is a problem for some people.

  • Lord jesus its a fire

    Are they going to do dynamic load screens (dropping from choppers and stuff)? Or just not yet since they’re in beta still?

    • IfeBakarey

      Don’t think so. There haven’t been any in the recent videos I’ve seen.

    • NiftyGam3r

      Oh yeah i forgot about that. Man they are really trying to enhance the whole mp experience 🙂

  • charlie intel is a dick rider

    of course charlie intel said this is the best looking pre game lobby
    just to please whatever is making the next cod

    • Batman

      What? I never read so many bullshit together

  • Jack S.

    Was it ever confirmed that you enter the map by breaching, helicopter, etc.?

    • MrJDGuns

      You don’t do that it is a shame there are tons of videos on youtube from the start of a game it is same as usual

  • DeathBringer935l

    I really hope that this new squad mode and the multiplayer is offline compatible other wise I’m not sure about purchising this game let alone the special editions ._.

  • Batman

    “Might we add that the in-game lobby is by far the nicest in any Call of Duty game…”

    Shut up Victor, this is the same menu as any other CoDs.

  • HI

    Fuck me, there better be “vote for random” ….

  • Guest

    CI you’re really slacking on the Ghosts Weapon List. I mean, last updated 6/21/13. 2 months ago, really? There have been so many more weapons shown since then.

  • Rafael

    Awesome I was looking for some menu images or videos. Can you guys please update the weapons and equipment lists?

  • What really bothers me is that there’s no Captures or Defends on the in game leaderboard.

  • larviko

    gotta say guys this game looks very promising, good soundtrack and nice lobby are important, fuck that dubstep shit in bo2, i get a lot more of a cod4/mw2 feeling of this game looks great

    • xx420xx

      there was no dubstep in bo2 you dipshit

      • ben wills

        Yes there was you idiot.

      • ip x Warrior

        Have you every played Plaza ? you dipshit ? don’t call people dipshit when you are a dipshit. ok enough of dipshit for now……. dip… dipshit

  • XenoFlare

    No Dynamic Loading Screens?

    • Jon Cameron

      Not every pre-MP reveal rumor is true, you know.

  • Jess

    Well, people are going to be leaving lobbies a ridiculous amount with no random vote option. Better implement that, IW….

    • luke j

      no they won’t its a new game with 14 games you cant bored of “two” maps straight away

  • Batman



    • Well you sure look like a dumbass now.

  • fusiriohnH

    competitive pc gaming for god sakes

  • Colby

    Sniping is nice good job


    Guys this game is obviously in Beta mode. Hardly anything about this game atm is final. Remember MW3 at CODXP? They changed a lot from that! And that was the game in September! You reckon this game is a finished done-deal right now?! You’re wrong! They’re using this as like a beta-test at these events…


      And you guys always find a way to moan at games! BO2: “There’s no MOAB this year!” Ghosts: “Fuck MOAB’s!”.. omg…