There is NO NUKE (that we know of yet) in Call of Duty Ghosts. But don’t take our word for it, heres what Infinity Ward’s Tina has to say…

…it’s an event only on strike zone that you earn by being the first person to complete a field order.

…you can only earn it once in strike zone

…and field orders are randomized; not always easy to pull off.

…field order completions give you random killstreak care packages and refill your ammo. If a map has a DME that utilizes a…

…killstreak as on strikezone, you can only earn it once.

…only on strikezone.


Watch tejbz call in the first ever “Odin Strike” in game:

Other perspective and commentary by TmarTN:


  • Pro

    There goes everything. Going for MOABs with Specialist was so much fun. Not going to be really fun anymore. I was hoping to get my first ever double nuke/MOAB in Ghosts.

    • Batman

      Calm down dude, this is not the end of the story yet. Im sure they have a secret streak.

      Specialist would be almost useless if there wasnt a moab nuke

      • youstupidkid

        you are ignorant, like all those perks are useless huh? good job on you….

    • David Sync

      this is not the MOAB this is a mini Nuke

  • Shane

    Why they keep calling it an Odin strike it clearly says KEM strike when they grab the carepackage

  • Alex

    Sounds like a easy bullshit nuke. Wtf IW ur putting way to much gimmicks in this game. Ur also putting a invisiblity killstreak in support
    (Don’t believe me! go on chaosilencers channel). Well looks like I’m waiting for a treyarch game.

    • zomboyboy

      the odin strike only gets 6 kills, when the 11 killstreak ac130 from mw2 got about 13, how is the odin strike op?

      • Alex

        It will ruin so many killstreaks. how would u like it if you were on a 10-25 killstreak and you were killed on a bullshit nuke that takes no skill to get.

        • Alex

          By a nuke sorry mistyped

          • it will most likely happen in the beginning of the game, so a 10-25 kill streak is very rare. It’s only on one map too. so if you don’t want to play Strikezone, you don’t have to.

        • Agreed

        • Fuji

          Good luck getting a 10-25 kills in cranked, So far we have only seen the Odin-Strike in cranked. If you dont want to get killed by it dont play cranked. And again the game is in InDev stage

      • Batman

        If I am doing a match without dying. Someone on the other team can simply kill me by calling a nuke that he earned for shooting someone in the back

        • smayo


        • Fuji

          So far we have only seen the Odin-Strike in Cranked. If you dont want to get killed by it dont play Cranked. The game is in InDev stage

        • zomboyboy


        • zomboyboy

          these field orders are the EASIEST things to get EVER, you wont be on that much of a streak when someone gets one.

    • Alex sucks D

      Piss off and wait for a Treyarch game them

    • Batman

      Im waiting for 3arc too

    • Marshall

      Chaossilencer doesn’t know shit. He has mostly speculation videos and can’t even get his facts straight in BO2 videos. HE wasn’t even AT the event!!

    • tobi

      thats sooo stupid you realize only certain maps have it meaning if you don’t want to get nuked you can just skip the map right?

    • Rai

      I agree that it’s too easy, I think that they should make the order for the strike harder, or some type of team order.
      But it’s only in this game mode right, or strike zone, and I doubt that people will go on super high streaks in this game mode. They’ll be too busy exploding.

    • Kevin

      If you wait for Treyarch you’re going to have a bad time.
      1. Will Probably use the same IW 3.0 engine they used for WAW BO1 and BO2
      2. Migrating hosts after migrating hosts after migrating hosts, rarely see it on IW Games.
      3 Unecessary or not good map remakes, plus excessive DLC.

      • Primey_

        Such a silly comment.

  • It’s a Call of Duty fan website. Remember that.

    • MeisseN


    • xx420xx

      epic memes

    • DanDustEmOff

      Lol, They took our jobs.

  • MeisseN

    Can I say that the transition from a normal map to the aftermath version is awesome?

    • You can. And I’ll agree with you

    • Agreed man

      • MeisseN

        And people still blame IW for “putting no effort”. Almostly everything is new in Ghosts multiplayer. For this aftermath scene they might even need to create the map twice. The only thing that remains unchanged is the engine but the graphics are certainly much better than MW3. Sometimes people just can’t be reasonable.

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          I agree. Hopefully they fix the netcode and have balanced but fun weapons. This game is looking great and with all of the great stuff IW is putting in it, hopefully it isn’t ruined by some bullshit.

        • jgg

          the graphics are a bit next gen and thats enough for me.the graphics are not so next gen because iw put very lot of effort in the(fully realistic) next gen audio engine.

  • No skills needed for that the make a big mistake you have to earn your moab with specialist not so

  • Brian

    I just want to know if a gun stays gold when you prestige. That was annoying in mw3 having to get it gold each prestige

    • DanDustEmOff

      Thats the whole ideal of prestige, you start from scratch for bragging rights.

  • Batman

    Still being too easy

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    Ugh I better mute the video with TmarTN..

    • Nitro Splicer

      I’M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!1!1!!!!!
      Seriously, it’s like nails on chalkboard. And he rips off his info from sites like charlieINTEL.

  • Derrick Wingler

    *kill an enemy while jumping*
    *Biggest killstreak in game is given to you*
    even if its only on a specific map, that seems pretty unfair

  • Someone logical

    You kids are overreacting. First off, if youre really waiting for 3arc, have fun waiting for another year. Second, this “invisible streak” doesnt sound like what it is. that streak is what everyones calling the invisible streak and if you can focus and read it.. ” Gives GPS technology to detect and display enemies”. It sounds weird but it doesnt sound like you go invisible. And you all need to remember that the game isnt even finished yet. So dont judge a game that you havent even played yet.

  • DanDustEmOff

    Someone is going around disliking every comment. I have liked every down voted comment. Hows that for balance?

  • MegaMan3k

    So I die immediately and without any chance of saving myself because somebody else completes a “challenge” that’s as “challenging” as “get a knife kill” or “kill an enemy while prone…”

    I don’t see how any player worth his salt would NOT have a massive problem with that.

  • ccrows

    Toasty!… 😉

  • Jon Cameron

    It’s ridiculous how easy this is to obtain. “Kill 2 enemies while crouching”. Okay… so I kill two people while crouching and I have a chance at nuking everyone? Why is it that easy? I don’t care if a single player can only get it once or if only one person can get it once then no one else can.

    It doesn’t ruin my interest in picking this up, not one bit, but I think it’s silly that’s how it’s set up.

  • Kyle Henley

    guys go watch the multiplayer trailer again and you will see the moab symbol when that guy calls it in, the oden strike is only in the game mode cranked because thats the only gamemode with field orders. so chilllllllllll

  • Nix Games

    K.E.M STRIKE Gameplay Multiplayer