Activision has finally uploaded a replay video of yesterday’s reveal in 1080p for fans that had school or had to work!

Join us for the world premiere of the next generation of Call of Duty® multiplayer. The team at Infinity Ward will be giving the Call of Duty community the first details on what everyone can expect this fall when Call of Duty®: Ghosts launches worldwide. The global reveal will go in-depth on all things multiplayer, and will include several world premiere announcements for the millions of fans that play Call of Duty every year.


    i just bought the xbox one Call of Duty Ghosts- Hardened Edition for £75 using the code ‘TDX-HD6P’ on the tesco site


      you can get the ps4 edition for the same price to.

      • Witch console you getting One or Ps4

        • PHAT PETE

          xbox one and when something like the last of us 2 / heavy rain 2 or uncharted 4 comes out i will pick up a ps4.

        • Batman

          Witch? lol

        • Jesse

          hey ik ben ook van nederland *hey im also from holland*
          They aren’t selling the xbox one this year in holland! you have to wait till 2014

    • I from Netherlands but not can pre order it my postcode is not like they have

      • PHAT PETE

        sorry to hear that, its a shame. do you know anyone in the uk?

        i just picked up the gta v collector’s edition for £90 its £30 cheaper on there than

    • CerealSubwaySam


      I’ve just done the same. Cheers.

  • Bigi345

    They should have given me this 12 hours ago. I was forced to watch at 360p

  • MeisseN

    What’s wrong with the bitrate of the video? I can watch in 720p but when there’re rapid movements on the screen it gets really crappy.


      i thought that was my java player.

      • MeisseN

        Nope it’s not. I watched in 1080p and it was the same. I even downloaded it, but still no

  • tha_online_gamertz

    youtube fucked up the quality, it actually looked way better live.