Back in 2010, Activision filed for a trademark of ‘Call of Duty: Space Warfare’ for use as a retail product. However, today it appears that Activision has fully abandoned that trademark, and there’s no chance in the near future of any Call of Duty game with that name.

Reports came through when Activision trademarked that name that there would be a futuristic Call of Duty game coming sometime in the future, however that’s not the case anymore. As listed on the US Patent site, Activision abandoned the trademark last week.

UPDATE: Activision has also abandoned their trademark for ‘Call of Duty Secret Warfare’ as well.

SOURCE: GameSpot

  • LegitCryptic

    but i want to kill space robots

  • Young Hernz

    No just No, If treyarch makes a futuristic CoD with advance Target Finder for MP, I’m not buying

  • I want to dolphin dive in space and see the orbital vi-sat kind of thing and call in a meteor strike….( <— that would never happen) Just saying, it would be pretty cool in my opinion. Don't like it? don't comment.

    • Joshwoocool

      not possible but awesome.If there be modding for bo2 pc then mabey

    • ben wills

      Well you can play the Zombies map Moon and dolphin dive in Space. You can also blow up the Earth.

    • WiggleWithIt

      treyarch its the same as a swarm ok not to hard to make

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      i don’t like it and i commented. u mad?

  • lMattW

    I wonder if they reserved Space and Secret Warfare because they didn’t want other games to use those and dilute the Modern Warfare name. This might be an indicator that ATVI isn’t interested in investing more into the Modern Warfare brand anytime soon.

  • Zeta

    wasn’t there a call of duty: future warfare?

    • James K

      So far, only BO2 did the futuristic approach.

      • Batman

        BO2 is not that futuristic

        • James K

          You don’t see space marines popping around but it’s still futuristic.

  • Chase

    Good, i want to play call of duty not star wars

  • aaa187

    I’m sure sometime in the future they will go into a more Police/Cop/SWAT approach. That is one theme they haven’t visited and it has potential. In fact, many shooters haven’t got this path. Rainbow Six was great at it. I’m sure COD could handle it.

  • Space COD sounds cool, but it the long run, it would be stupid. In my opinion..

  • RainbowSix4life

    @aaa187 so true Rainbowsix ftw love that game , I own both vegas 1&2. Still play it , plp play it. When the new rainbow six next gen game launches,I’m pretty sure a lot of plp both from bf and cod will switch over, I play all three, and others, like crysis. Thing is a lot of like 11-13 year olds play cod and bf more since there not that hard, well bf requires more skill
    But all I know when rainbow six launches ima play that and no other game.

  • RainbowSix4life

    Really do believe there be a “Call of duty police warefare In the future, which will be similar to bf, that fan,ads trailer was awesome. But the true tactical shooters are rainbow six and SWAT series, don’t know bout others but takedown red Sabre is coming out this year, il get it.

  • Sounds like WW2 :3

  • Birchy

    tbh even if they do do a super futuristic one… Space Warfare is a pretty crappy name >.<

  • Batman

    Secret warfare = Black ops from IW

  • Ray’

    Battlefront 3 🙂

  • Batman


    • ONE BAR

      That was played on LAN…


    moral of story: looks like COD will not change too much then.

    • CoDforever