Call of Duty: Ghosts for PC will have full controller support, according to the Steam description page.

With this feature, you’ll be able to play Ghosts using your console controller on the PC.

Infinity Ward has pushed for greater PC support with Ghosts, and today the even said that the PC will have the best graphics out of all the platforms.

It’s worth noting that MW1, MW2, and MW3 did NOT have controller support on PC, but BO1 and BO2 did.

SOURCE: Steam via @TrollinThunder

  • Jon Cameron

    Congratulations, something all of us PC players care about.

    • Auptyk

      Sure we do man… think of how much good it will do for your KDR. lol

      • Jon Cameron

        My KD is fine as is (3.62)

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Fine? That’s fucking incredible. I’m a console gamer, I have aim assists, and my KD is like .92 XD

          • Jon Cameron

            Eh, mine could be better. It should be at 4 but sometimes always finds a way to mess me up.

    • Primey_

      Not really. KB + Mouse is superior to controller.

      • Jon Cameron

        You lack the ability to sense sarcasm.

        • Primey_

          That was terrible sarcasm.

          • Jon Cameron

            I didn’t know I had to be creative to express my apathy.

    • Yaqoot Keyani

      I’ve been playing Ghosts with a controller since it came out, and I just love shitting on you loud-mouthed keyboard/mouse players. One of the perks of being a competitive CoD player – I can use a controller better than most of you can use a mouse.

  • Birchy

    Actually might be good news. Considering getting a gaming PC instead of the PS4 (depends if the ps4 allows you to record from hdmi) So having come from almost 6 years of playing Call o’ Duty on the ps3 with a controller this could come in handy 🙂

  • Ricky

    Does this mean that there will be “Auto Aim Assist” IF you choose to use a controller?

    • Jon Cameron

      More than likely not. If you’ve had the decision to turn off AA on console for awhile now, I doubt they’ll put it in.

    • Auptyk

      Nope. People have used it on BO1/BO2 and you are on your own.

    • aaa187

      I really do hope so. Of course, KB and mouse are superior, but my HDTV is right next to my computer. It would be great if I could lay down in bed while using a controller on PC. Black Ops 2 had the support, but you are defenseless without Aim Assist which it didn’t have. I doubt it though, I may just go ahead and practice the game without aim assist see if I can get better.

      • Ricky

        The reason that I’m asking this specifically is because the title “WILL HAVE FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT” caught my eye and I was just wondering…

        • aaa187

          Black Ops 2 has the same “Full Controller Support” on STEAM, but it doesn’t have Aim Assist. I’m assuming it will turn out the same for Ghosts.

      • KB, and mouse were not invented for gaming, nor are they comfortable.

        • aaa187


          • dukezap1

            I am a fucking idiot

    • Ghost

      A lot of people that posted gameplay said that there was NOT Aim Assist YET for PC since they were playing a PC beta of the game. I have not heard if they would add Aim Assist.

    • Riley

      i guess. but there will be a lot of hackers that will try to add Auto Aim Assist to the regular mouse and keyboard.. experienced that shit in BO1

      • ben wills

        For the Black Ops series there was not. So probably not to an aim assist at all. Also would create an imbalance.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Why would someone with M&KB need aim assist? M&KB doesn’t need it.

  • Cyber-Ninja

    KB + Mouse FTW!!! ;O)

    • Joe

      not on a 60″ TV in your living room =)

    • Bob jones

      It’s still nice to have the option. I normally play with keyboard and mouse when I’m on my PC, but if I’m feeling lazy its just nice to go back to how I played when I was a child with a hand held controller.

  • aaa187

    Now if they could only confirm server browser support for Ghosts on PC.

  • TheCheeseWeel

    i dont care about all this PC crap like the graphics and controller, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT DETICATED SERVERS! they were the best part of MW3 and the need to bring them back

  • i like cod

    Wait.. can I use my PS3 controller to play BO2 on PC? How?

  • Awsome so now i can play better with my Logitech Controller 😀

  • Primey_


    Yay? I don’t think we pc gamers care if there is full controller support in a FPS. Why would you nerf yourself when mouse and keyboard are the better choice?

    • Purple Aki

      Wrong assnob… People have the right to choose what input method they like wether it is to their advantage or not. What are you the kb/m nazi police?

    • Yaqoot Keyani

      Some players have been playing with a controller for years and have a brilliant shot with it – why switch? I do better on PC with a controller than I do on console most of the time, that just shows that a controller is just as good if you know how to use it.

  • Furiousnic

    full controller support my ass, just tried using my ps3 afterglow controller, fail….

  • Kevin Wolfe

    WRONG I just bought this game on steam and neither PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers work for it

  • squiggy151

    HELP!. M mouse and controller will not work at the same time on ghost can anyone help?

  • ppearce43

    Newbie question: What kind of controller will I need for COD: Ghosts for PC? I don’t have any consoles, just the PC.

    • ppearce43


  • Phil McConnochie

    wtf!! this fukn game doesnt have even xinput support ffs let alone trying to use my logitech controller

  • boontje

    where can i find that option??

  • hawkeye1486

    what kind of controller works? cause i’ve tried some but the game keeps saying that it doesn’t recognize it. Do I need a Xbox controller or something?