**Work in Progress, last updated 8/19/13**

Please keep in mind this is in no way a final list of the guns in the game, only a list of guns we were able to find in the reveal footage. Also, some guns had a different name when seen on the floor (pick up icon). You can also view the list on our new WEAPON LIST PAGE.

If you have clearer images or more guns then please EMAIL: [email protected]



















LSTAT copy



Mk 14 Mod 0





SVU Dragunov

USR copy



Maul copy


Assault Shield










  • Bigi345

    The Chain SAW is an LMG? wow. LSAT is back nice. I want the galil in this game, how about you guys? which gun would you like to return in this game?

    • NiftyGam3r

      No guns in return, these new ones are stealing my heart. I’m sure some new ones will be made with older weapon performance in mind. Like some youtubers were saying that the sc2010 is very similar to the ACR 6.8 with the low recoil

    • Mitch

      I don’t want guns from MW3, every MW3 gun I see will kill a tiny bit of me

      • Mr. Thuggins

        What? You don’t want to see everybody running around with the same four guns like Strikers, ACRs, MP7s and Type-95s? (Sarcasm)

      • =D

        I want to see the AUG come back

        • kailib

          dude i was thinking the same thing that gun is boss they also need a .500 S&W magnum

        • Coruptionz

          that would be badass

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I want an actual chain saw, not just the name of a gun be chain saw.

    • Guest

      The Chain SAW looks badass I included a video of it being fired and another video of it that I think you might like and a pic. Personally I think it would be awesome if they got the SCAR PDW or the SCAR SSR those are some gun that would be cool too see in the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2H2peoX174


    • Guest

      The Chain SAW looks badass I included a video of it being fired and another video of it that I think you might like. Personally I think it would be awesome if they got the SCAR PDW or the SCAR SSR those are some gun that would be cool too see in the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2H2peoX174


    • Ballin Like A Sphere

      The Chain SAW looks badass I included a video of it being fired and another video of it that I think you might like. Personally I think it would be awesome if they got the SCAR PDW or the SCAR SSR those are some guns that would be cool too see in the game. The ChainSAW being fired- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2H2peoX174 And another video of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zId4cC2_ls

  • Birchy

    Glad to see the M9 Pistol back! Loving the look of the L115 sniper. Really happy with the introduction of Marksman Rifles. And I’m happy to see the MTAR and the FAD back! Really great stuff here :3

    • JKB98

      It’s similar to the M9, but it is not the m9.

      • Mark L DeSabato

        Its pretty much identical. Main differences are tactical add ons. Nothing about the gun itself really change

        • Ballin Like A Sphere

          Its the Beretta M9A1. The M9A1 is the updated version of the military M9 Beretta.

  • alex

    i just made a video earlier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F7Qpk4d9LA with some weapons that you may have missed

  • Adam Nord

    Did anyone else notice on the MSBS that it says about 3 round burst, and then fast rate of fire in full auto!? meaning that you can switch between the two!!

    • NiftyGam3r

      Select fire is back!

      • James K

        They split Select Fire into separate categories. Auto/Single or Auto/burst.

        • Cuntos

          Shut up cunt

          • James K

            Did I tickle the wrong foot?

  • NiftyGam3r

    Dang! These guns look good. Cant wait to get my hands on the sc2010, m27, MSBS, Vector, MTs255, and the ARX160!

    • DerpCake

      Same here!

    • Coruptionz

      wow call of duty finally realized the m27 is a LMG/IAR (infantry automatic rifle)

  • alex

    i think the MAUL is a shotgun, also saw “MICROTAR” maybe just a modded mtar-x. also VKS sniper was showed in a killcam

    • JKB98

      I’m pretty sure the ‘Microtar’ is an SMG variant. Similar to the Ak74u, or MP5k, for instance.

      Edit: My mind must have been switched off when I wrote this comment. Mistakes were made.

      • Bigi345

        From which gun? the TAR-21?

      • MeisseN

        Just saying, with or w/o the “k”, MP5(k) is a SMG.

        MicroTAR = MTAR (also MTAR-21), a shorter variant of the TAR-21. It’s sometimes classified as an AR and sometimes as a carbine, but I’m not sure if it can be classified as a SMG.

        • Zorkyna

          It cant be classified as an SMG, but the model “X” is in fact an SMG! The Tavor X95! Note: not TAR X95, because of course the AR in TAR stands for Assault Rifle 😉 look it up 😉

      • Zorkyna

        Yeah, cause TAR stands for Tavor Assault Rifle, so any SMG variant should not be named so, only Tavor.

        Ingame: MTAR-X
        Reallife: Tavor X95

    • fionn mcfadden

      The MAUL is a Launcher

      • alex
        • fionn mcfadden

          We’re not talking about fucking Wikipedia. It’s a pointstreak in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and it’s a launcher.

      • Coruptionz

        it’s a shotgun MAUL ( Multi-shot accessory underbarrel launcher) – is an ultra lightweight semi-automatic shotgun

    • brad

      mtar-x95 is a smg varient of the tar21 platform, the mtar is a carbine, tr 21 is a ar and the mtar-x95 is a smg………. ect ect….

      • Zorkyna

        No, no, no. If you gonna write about that gun, note what the letters stands for: Micro Tavor ASSAULT RIFLE… It is in fact technically not called Micro either. Only Tavor X95 🙂

      • Coruptionz

        it’s a CARBINE which means SHORTENED RIFLE carbines are classified as assault rifles/ Submachine guns NOT PDW’S BUT SUBMACHINE GUNS there is a different

    • Zorkyna

      MICROTAR? Never heard of anything like that. But anyway: the MTAR-X (Micro Tavor Assault Rifle type X) does NOT exist. The SMG model in game is the Tavor X95, as it is not a assault rifle, the picked name in game is technically incorrect as it is not an AR. 🙂

      • Coruptionz

        the Tavor x95 is a carbine

  • Eric

    The IA-2 is a marksman rifle not a sniper rifle.

    • Lorhelm

      I don’t understand that personally. What is the difference? If you know the dif please explain it to me LOL i’m lost when it comes to those 2 categories

      • Anon

        The Marksman Rifles are semi automatic and can be used with standard iron sights. They are similar to battle rifles (which have a bigger calibre than assault rifles) the MK.14 for example.

        • Sam

          For example ..Does in black ops 1, a FN FAL could be a marksman rifle ?

    • Bryan

      and G28 is a marksman rifle too

      • CloudFlash

        I’m also pretty much 99% sure (from seeing gameplay with it) that the Dragunov SVU will be considered a marksman rifle in Ghosts, too. So yeah, move those three up a category.

        • DJ Khaled

          It has a scope, dipshit.

          • Derp

            So do all marksman rifles “dipshit”.

          • CloudFlash

            There’s gameplay of it with iron sights, with the title “Marksman Rifle” in huge bold letters over it, as part of the Ghosts MP Reveal stream.

            Do some research, “dipshit”. And try being a little less rude.

          • CloudFlash
    • COD game developers tend to incorrectly classify weapons.

      -The M4A1 (erroneously named “M4 Carbine” – a burst-fire variant, in COD 4) being in the “Assault Rifle” category despite being a carbine.
      -The FN FAL and SCAR-H in many games being placed in the same category above despite being battle rifles.
      -The MP7, P90, and PDW-57 all being classified as SMGs despite being PDWs. The Five-seveN is debatable.
      -The AK74u (a misnamed AKS-74u) being classified as an assault rifle in COD 4 and MW3, and an SMG in Black Ops 1 and 2 despite being a carbine.

      These developers don’t do much research and I assume only look for the fanciest-looking guns they find online.

      • thebulky1cometh

        Your explanations aren’t entirely accurate. I know for a fact a five-seven is a real pistol chambered in an unusual pistol round…


        • I never said it wasn’t real. It’s a pistol that fires a PDW round – the same rounds used for the P90 and MP7.

          • chefeuno

            the five seven fires a 5.7mm round and the mp7 a 4.6mm as far as i know 😉

      • iKushtyy

        It’s just to make it easier. Otherwise you’d have:

        1-2 Shotguns
        3-4 SMG’s
        2-3 PDW’s
        3-5 Carbines
        3-5 Assault Rifles
        2-4 Battle Rifles
        2-4 LMG’s
        2-4 Sniper Rifles

        2-3 9mm Handguns
        1 Five-Seven
        1-2 High Caliber Handguns

      • Derrick Wingler

        none of those are actually incorrect. To my knowledge an assault rifle is defined as any semi-auto or full auto rifle designed for use by the military, so any rifle intended for military use, including carbines, are assault rifles. also PDW doesnt define a specific class of weapon, but is a term that loosely refers to any compact, low recoil firearm capable of piercing body armor. Also, to my knowledge a sub machine gun is any fully automatic firearm intended to be carried by a person rather than be mounted on a wall/vehicle/ground. Because terms like “assault rifle” and “light machine gun” were created, SMG is no longer a term used to refer to those, but its still not incorrect to call any full auto weapon intended to carried around an SMG

      • Rajko Mutic

        The m4 colt carbine is an assault rifle, all carbines are assault rifles, the name carbine means its a shorter version of a larger rifle (in this case an m16) and that it therefore fires the same ammunitin but at a lower muzzle velocity. There is no category named battle rifles, there are assault rifles, military rifles, civilian rifles and sniper rifles, the two in the game are assault/military rifles and sniper rifles. There is no such thing as a PDW round, personal defense weapons aka pdw are submachineguns that fire assault rifle ammo thus giving them better accuracy, better velocity and better penetration. The 5.7 x 28 round used in the fn five seven is debatable it goes through 2 kevlar vests but if you miss you are screwed because that gun makes a loud bang and the muzzle flash makes it look like a flamethrower, in other words you would be spotted by everyone right away. The aks74 can go both ways on assault or SMG, past 150 meters you wont hit crap and despite it being short it has a folding stock which makes it even smaller hence the SMG classification, i would not call it a carbine because the “U” suffix means”Ukorochennyj” in Russian = “Shortened” in English, so you would basically be calling it an aks74 short carbine, which is pretty confusing considering carbine means short.

    • Paul

      ya its under marksman rifle….. so whats ur complaint?

    • brayden

      thats what it says.

    • Zorkyna

      Yeah, and the Dragunov SVU is a Marksman Rifle, so this is a bit messed up… 🙁

  • RichieTheBadass

    Bizon looks like the PP90 from MW3 !! 😀

    • It’s the same weapon

      • Cheese_X7

        no its not the PP-19 BISON is a different weapon compared to the
        PP-90M1 if you do not believe me look both up and inform yourself as to why

        • Fading Lee

          The BISON is very similar to the PP-90M1 in that it is also a “sub-machine gun” based around a helical magazine that (usually) fires 9mm rounds the BISON however is a Kalashnikov design so I’m interested to see how they make it play…(in the original posters defence IW will probably make it play the same(I hope not, but still)

        • Yeah I know, they’re both Russian made I believe.

          • Rajko Mutic

            It dosent matter that they are both russian made, the pp90m1 is a different gun, it can use box magazines and the bison cant. The bison is made out of an aks74u and the pp90m1 is not.

          • I know, I was just saying that they are very similar.

      • Zorkyna

        The Bizon PP-19 is the older version of the PP-90M1. Just as simple as that. 😉

        • COD fan

          yea its really simple the PP-19 is just the older version. So they will probably play exactly the same in the land of COD

    • Thick_Like_A_Pickle

      I was thinking the same thing. Loved that weapon in MW3.

  • Anthony

    Forgot about honey badger

    • Lorhelm

      It’s put in there now. I think they realized it XD they may have seen your comment

  • Balls Mahoney

    Are these real guns or fictional made up ones like BO2? If they are made up guns like BO2 they did a much better job then BO2 well done IW

    • Batman

      Only the Peacekeeper, PDW, Type 25 were invented.

      Some others are in test in real life

      • Alex sucks D

        Are the guns in IW ghosts real or fictional guns like bo2

        • Real

          • Alex sucks D

            Thank you

        • abc

          the guns in bops2 were real too

      • Mark L DeSabato

        Actually all three of those guys exist in real life, Just never got the funding to make it out of Prototype faze.

        • Josh

          Actually the peacekeeper and kap 40 were invented by Tryarch and the rest are real or based on guns in development.

          • CloudFlash

            The KAP 40 is a real weapon, too. Look up the KRISS Kard. The Peacekeeper is the only invention. Everything else is updated or revised to a near-future standard.

        • Hooplah

          The Peacekeeper is completely fictional, as is the PDW-57. A PDW is a weapon type similar to SMG’s. However, there is a weapon known as the AR Five Seven or the AR57 based off the AR-15 platform (M4, M16) that has the same feeding system as the PDW-57, but looks different. It also has a PDW variant known as the PDW Five Seven or, of course,the PDW-57 if that is what you are referring to within reality.

          • CloudFlash

            The PDW-57 is a futurized version of the P90, which also fires the proprietary .5-7 cartridge and has the same feeding system.

          • Brian

            actually this is wrong as well. I believe it’s based off this weapon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magpul_PDR

          • CloudFlash

            The Magpul PDR fires rifle rounds (5.56 NATO), far too large for the weapon. And the feeding system isn’t even remotely similar. Sorry, but I can’t agree, though I suppose without any Treyarch confirmation, neither of us are technically “wrong”.

  • Lorhelm

    They have changed the M27 into an LMG? this is such a cruel world.

    • Bigi345

      The M27 is an IAR, it’s made for continuous fire. Technically it’s an LMG, in BO2 they made it into an AR

      • MeisseN

        IAR = Infantry Automatic Rifle but I think the M27 IAR (USMC’s name for HK416) being an AR or a LMG is affected by it’s barrel length and capacity. In BO2 the M27 has a 30 round mag so it’s classified as AR. In Ghosts it has dual drum mag and bipod so it becomes LMG.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Any AR can be converted into an LMG bigger mag and a heavy barrel and it’s a LMG.

        • tha_online_gamertz

          IAR stands for Infantry automatic rifle, not assault.

          • MeisseN

            Thanks for pointing out! Fixed now

      • Lorhelm

        OHH lol thanks man 🙂

  • MeisseN

    Shouldn’t IMBEL, SVU and G28 be classified as Marksman Rifles? Not sure about SVU as Wikipedia states it as Sniper rifle but IMBEL IA2 is gotta be a marksman rifle… It’s even used as an assault rifle (to replace the FAL).
    Also, http://www.heckler-koch.com/en/military/products/precision-rifles/g28/g28/overview.html H&K’s official site states G28 as a DMR

    • Celestia Ununpentium Ludenberg

      The IA2 is a marksman, Charlie Intel got it wrong.

  • NyKing

    My favorite gun will be m14 just like in mw3 with the mk 14

  • Batman



    • DanDustEmOff

      There is no proof in that video.
      1 the gameplay is from a LAN party so it is required to have a host.
      2 It’s in Alpha so changes can be made at any time.
      3 Mark Rubin has stated that they are not confirming or denying anything about dedicated servers yet.
      4 they are running the game on a PC, not a next gen system.
      If the host leaves in a LAN then another console is needed to take over.

    • guest

      So u get that info from ptg or not
      cuz u ptg member seen to know everithing abou cal of duty

  • Josiah Johnson

    Yes, I’ve ways wanted the Sig P226!!

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    I can’t wait to use the FAMAS I mean MSBS..

  • Danny-boi01

    I hope they don’t put target finder in the game

    • Jonny

      I hope they do cunt

      • really.

        Is that really necessary?

    • Thick_Like_A_Pickle

      Agree. Target finder is heavily abused in BO2. I am guilty of using it occasionally on long sniper maps when I don’t feel like sniping. But otherwise I agree it’s just too much of an advantage for unskilled players.

  • iKushtyy

    CoD Wiki has alot of info on Ghosts weapons..

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      COD Wiki isn’t always right. It’s like wikipedia.

      • iKushtyy

        I’ve had a look on there, and they’ve got all these, plus extras, and known perks too.. Just saying..

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          I know, but I’m saying anybody can edit it, so you shouldn’t trust it all the time. It may be right this time, but it won’t always be right. For example, when Tranzit was out, they had all of the perma perks wrong. They got the effects wrong, how to get them wrong, and how to lose them wrong. It said you lose permajug by taking fall damage, and they said you lose quick revive by touching lava. It’s obviously fixed now, but people can still change it.

  • Biatch

    No UMP45 there gonna be more weapon in the final version

  • ip x Warrior

    Too many launchers in my opinion, I would of stick with this setup: SMAW,STINGER,RPG (remove all type of thumper or javelin)

    • tha_online_gamertz

      Even though they are not really loved, I think they also have to put variety in the launchers. Also I don’t get why a launcher can’t get a red dot or some kind of faster reload as an attachment

      • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

        slight of hand

  • J Sama

    ARX160 will be the new ACR. I’m calling

  • McGoat

    Where is MG3?

  • zezoish

    i think the mk32 and the maul well be my best launchers in the game

  • Cheese_X7

    I began getting excited for this game when I saw that the ARX-160, CZ-805(I know they called it SA-805) and the vector were going to be in the game after the first two trailers and now seeing all the gameplay I really think this may be the best CoD ever. also can we all agree that the ARX-160 is the most BADASS looking weapon on the list.

    • Devin Wolfe

      L115 and USR for me.

    • Ballin Like A Sphere

      Yeah I’m looking forward to using the R5 RGP,SA-805 (CZ 805 BREN) ,SC-2010,AAC Honey Badger,MK 14 EBR. Which is the Mod 0 EBR.

  • Jon Cameron

    The Dragunov is back for it’s 6th Call of Duty game. I quit.

  • Theyodj445

    MK32 launcher is basically the war machine

    • thesupertomek

      No, it fires semtex ammo

  • MathewM7

    I hope they have the M-16 A4. But, not like from Mw2 because it was as strong as an airsoft gun. Make it a good weapon like it is in real life.


    Does the Honey Badger come with a pistol by default ?

    • No it comes with a silencer by default, not removable

  • Melon

    Now to find out which gun is the weakest so I can use it.

  • VTM4

    i think i saw a few others if you pause the trailer a lot for example i saw two versions of the vector and of the tar

  • Cell

    Honeybadger looks great with silencer!

  • Cell

    Vector, AK-12 !! Thanksssssss!!

  • Stefan L

    That ARK 160 looks fucking badass.

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    what abour the FAL shown at the end of the mp reveal trailer

    • Ballin Like A Sphere

      That’s the Disenos Casanave SC-2010 AKA SC-2010 its the Peruvian proposed upgrade for the FN FAL.

  • Lucky

    Wondering what camos to be expected in this game XD

  • I don’t like how they refer to the semi-automatic rifles as “Single shot”. Makes me think that you can fire it once and then have to reload it. What’s wrong with “Semi-auto”?

  • Patrick

    The MP433 seemes op in the trailer 2 or 3 shot at the belly and chest.
    It also had a decent recoil half of a deagl’s.

  • Patrick

    Or it was the p22

  • CloudFlash

    Also spotted is the VBR prototype personal defense weapon.


  • bert

    Half of these look identical to mw3…

  • CloudFlash

    I think the odd-looking lower right hand weapon might be the MAUL in a pistol configuration. That’d mean IW put in 2 variants for different purposes.


    See the resemblance?

    • Julebank

      No, its a underbarrel harpon gun 😉

      I saw it in the attachments to a assault rifle under the slot called “underbarrel”, along with the grip and granade launcher.

  • CloudFlash

    Here’s my final labeling:


    Hope this helps CharlieIntel and anyone who’s interested. I don’t know what the middle-right-hand shotgun is, you’re welcome to let me know and I’ll update the image. I feel like I’ve seen it before, but…

    I’ve also heard rumors of the Russian VSK or VKS rifle, which are two seperate weapons. My bet is on the VKS “Vykhlop”, as it’s a sniper rifle. I haven’t seen anything to confirm this, though. It doesn’t appear on this image.

    Feel free to reply and add information! Cheers, excited for Ghosts.

  • Ali-A

    the Panzerfaust is laser guided.

  • Rewind

    i love how you pull down the hammer on the 44 magnum

  • Ankur

    My opinions:
    1. I feel like the ARs are gonna dominate this game, like they did all IW games (IMO). The ARX 160 looks like the ACR and might be as OP as it. However, I’m hoping IW did a better job balancing the ARs in this game than they did in MW3.
    2. I’m actually really excited for the Marksman Rifles. The MK14 was my gun in MW3 and I love the FAL in BO2. Hopefully these things are balanced (no select fire). My only worry is with the maps. Each CoD seems to be getting smaller with its maps, so these Marksman Rifles may not be very useful. Hopefully I’m wrong about this.
    3. With snipers, I hope IW balances them same way they did in MW3. In BO2, it was waaaay too easy to snipe, with there being no flinch when shot and very little sway. However, I hope it’s not nerfed crazily, since sniping is still pretty fun. (Same thing with the shotties).

    If you had the patience of reading through this whole thing, thanks. Just my opinions, feel free to agree or disagree.

  • Marko

    The ARX-160 and AK-12 will be the best Assault Rifles in Ghosts… i just know it.

  • Pavel

    just add the fking ak74u , why can’t they do that

  • Cp20

    So no known machine pistols?

  • Gun Master

    The Remington R5 has to be the ACR of this game, cause it looks like it and there both made by Remington ( in case you guys didn’t know )

  • darcwolf73

    The M27 is an Assault Rifle not a lite machine gun… It is really just a HK 416 or the civilian version HK MR 556 ….

    • Coruptionz

      the M27 is a LMG only the m416 is a assault rifle and the m417 is a sniper

  • Walter Iego

    Nice list.

  • Chris Mason

    I don’t wish to speak for anyone else, but I spell the word “love” like this… F-A-D. 🙂

  • Rosko

    ARX looks like a peacekeeper type….

  • Aidan

    only 3 sniper rifles? I’m done o.0

  • Austin

    No rpg?!!

  • wlight

    The man’s looks like it is going to be bs to get killed by….so I think I’m going to love it 😀

  • Thick_Like_A_Pickle

    FAD is back. Cool.

  • Thick_Like_A_Pickle

    Integrated silencers on two weapons? This is also cool. Allows for fewer attachments… more free slots… etc.

  • Illusion_pr

    Please bring back the Rangers from MW2 or at least a similar model that can be akimbo.

  • milller kid

    cool ass wepons

  • slurp

    Expected there to be an Aug A3 or Aug variant. Guess not.

  • slurp

    But the Vector’s back, so i’m happy.

  • Sean crowley

    There is going to be some type of select fire in this game dont belive me? Look at the descreption of the mbsb ……

  • Nikolai

    Snipers are a little off L115, Gm6-Lynx, VKS and the USR are the snipers in Ghosts

  • Kelvin Anjo

    few weapons ;(

  • Octavious Jones

    Can anyone tell my why they have yet to feature the Beowulf 50 Cal?

  • lucas

    its just me or the MBSB looks like a burst fire version of the Famas from Black Ops

  • Brandon

    SVU Dragunov is a marksman rile, not a sniper rifle.

  • Fred

    Fred likes pizza

  • luke

    I am more of a burst gunner, I love the gun like the m8a1 which is actually the xm8… But upset there’s only one burst gun

  • luke

    Bring back the stoner!

  • RUSH

    I can’t wait to get my hands on all of theses and when I do ohhhh ho ho hall better hide mawhaha

  • Mulletman

    I think that call of duty ghost is going to be the best out of all the call of duty games….. I hope that they put more guns in this call of duty just for the hell of it

  • Bruno170843

    how do i access the remote sniper rifle in COD ghosts?

  • cant wait to try the chain saw that looks so kick ass lol

  • Johny

    wtf i hate it when they put alot unexisting weapons damn i guess its battlefield 4 from me …

  • Preston Hanson

    the maul is now called the bulldog

  • ammu nation gta5

    its so awsome seeing the the guns but i know them all i have them