UPDATE: ..Well..it seems like Activision has updated the preorder page and now has removed all mentions of Free Fall for Wii U..Guess Wii customers aren’t getting it after all.

If you plan on buying Ghosts for Wii U, you may be able to get the Free Fall bonus map in every launch copy of the game.

According to the official Call of Duty Ghosts’ preorder site, the Wii U version of Ghosts is also getting the preorder bonus offer of Free Fall map. If you go to the Ghosts’ site, clicking on Wii U brings up the box art with the Free Fall logo in front of it (image above).

Here’s the image of the preorder page:

SOURCE: Call of Duty site

  • Ghosts>BF4

    who plays on wii anyways
    even if wii is better than pc, pc gaming is bunk

  • Nitro Splicer

    Did Wii U even get Nuketown for BO2?
    It’s such bullshit that they can’t get any of the DLC.

    • NiftyGam3r

      Not enough people online for the wii u, so activision doesnt waste their $ making dlc for them

    • aaa187

      It would have been impossible to implement DLC for the Wii U because of the small players on there. That is the reason it never got them. Not even a money decision but a gamebraking decision. Don’t see why people keep whining about it.

      A percentage only ever buys map packs on Call of Duty. The community is so big on Xbox/PC/PS3, that map pack buyers would not fragment the matchmaking. If Wii U would ever get the map packs, it would have been impossible to pair up players to those that bought map packs because people playing the game is small.

      • Monk

        Thats no excuse why they couldn’t release the DLC for the users that own the Wii U, I own all the consoles and have a copy on each,, and to be honest i think the gameplay on the Wii U is better than Xbox and PS3, i also play it on PC and theres not that many people that play it on there anymore due to Xbox and PS3 players, a few more than the Wii U but but not by much, So if thats the case it due to lack of users playing on there then maybe PC shouldn’t of got the DLC packs as well, Personally and i speak on the majority Nintendo users as well, the gaming community need to start recognising that nintendo was there from the start and will be there till the end, so i think the big wigs of any game studios need to start including nintendo DLC and bonus packs.

  • Mitch

    I’m just waiting for the Hardened PS4 edition in my country.

    • tha_online_gamertz

      why would you buy that? If you’re doing it for the maps, it’s cheaper to buy the season pass and the game seperately. Or are you actually interested in a paracord strap..

  • Whiteboy7thst

    Ghosts will be the worst on Wii U cuz Treyarch is porting it. They suck at everything.

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      the bo2 wii u was the most superior version of all bo2 versions, of course if you olny count graphical wise (not support wise). Infinity ward sad the wii u port will be a port from the ps4/xbox one

      • Lol, I needed a good laugh for the day

        • Alexander Kleinwechter

          Yeah because everything i said was true, wii u is getting a slightly downscaled version of the xbox one and ps4, mark rubin said it in a tweet, and treyarch said that bo2 is the most superior version of bo2 on a conference when bo2 multiplayer was revealed they said that there!

      • aaa187

        The Wii U is not in par with the PS4/Xbox One.

        The Wii U version will be a port of the 360 and PS3 version.

        • Jet045

          That doesn’t mean anything. The PS4/Xbone may be more powerful, but that doesn’t mean the game will require that much power. And so far, the Wii U is getting the next gen version, according to 3arc, IW, and NoA.

        • Sarah Reed

          The wii u is considered a next gen console

          • aaa187

            I never said it wasn’t a next gen console, but in terms of power, it is nowhere near the PS4/Xbox1.

            It is closer to the PS3/360.

    • The Flash

      They cant exactly suck that bad if they can port the game when IW cant…

  • Jet045

    This is excellent news for myself and those I play with the on the WiiU. Glad to see Charlie Intel reporting on it as well! People make the WiiU version sound horrible, and its far from it.

  • thesupertomek

    Am I the only one who realised they forgot to put the logo on Wii U boxart?

  • d d

    Is there zombies ? since its Treyarch?

    • The Flash

      Ghosts is an IW title

  • wlight

    I hope the wiiu gets this map, and the doc this time around. Contrary to what people believe, there are as many 7 year olds on the wiiu than there are on any other console, and there are great players on the wiiu who are just as passionate about the game as anyone else. So I hope that we get treated equally 🙂

  • Monk

    would be nice if they released all the expansion packs for black ops 2,, because they didn’t release them i’m tempted not to buy any more COD games,, i think its wrong that they won’t release the DLC for wii u as the game runs great on that console

  • Pkmntrainer777

    I hope that there’s gonna be dlc for the wii u this time other then those maps cause I’m still really ticked about them not giving bo2 wii u dlc

  • Robert Lawson

    Has anyone ever thought of the possibility that Wii U doesn’t have the Freefall preorder because it’s NOT AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER ON THE SITE?

  • Tony Tyrone

    okay if there was a problem about there being little kids on the wii u. now think about what you all are saying okay just think for a moment if the wii u has less players thwn the xbox and p3 that would mean close to a half of those players are 6-10 okay then there are you r teen players so that would mean no more then a 5.0 ratio oh the 6-10 that their are more of then you got the adult players okay there is the same amount of adult players on the wii u which means the the remainder is all adults so what im trying to say is there are more little fucking kids on the 360 and ps3 then the wii u the only reason why that is.is because the kids want to play gta.

  • Hunter

    About time my friend still complain about black ops 2. Nice to see that infinity ward noticed un-like Treyarch. Infinity ward keep it coming on MW