IGN has posted a nice video showing the past decade of how Call of Duty has changed and evolved over the last few years.

The first Call of Duty game launched in 2003 as a PC exclusive title developed by Infinity Ward.


  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox


    P.S. I love Black Ops 1. Best COD IMO. Something about this game just feels greater than any other COD.

    • BobtheCactus

      Nobody cares. I bet, deep down, not even you care. Did you get a sense of accomplishment? No, I doubt it. I bet you didn’t even read the article before commenting.

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        LOL why you saying nobody cares, you do realise by saying “nobody cares” that automatically means you care enough to mention it. Furthermore, you’ve effectively called yourself a nobody which I agree with you on.

        Lastly I did actually read the article before saying first as I clearly stated my favourite COD which is relevant to the article in a sense sooo do you need directions to the nearest bridge orrr??

        • Big Pow

          What wrong with that guy bob? Low lives these days!

      • NiftyGam3r


      • Nitro Splicer

        Wow. Look at you go, keyboard warrior.

        • BobtheCactus

          Um, ok? I guess I’m a keyboard warrior because I’ve seen that first and even “117th” so much that seeing it this time made me annoyed.

    • BobtheCactus

      Ha, derp. All I saw was first, didn’t see the rest of your comment. Anyway, I don’t care about who’s first, I care that people are dumb enough to think that it matters who comments first. BTW, Black Ops 1 is the only CoD I’ve not liked. I hate it. But, that’s my opinion.

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        And can you justify why you haven’t liked BO1 over a COD like… I dunno MW2.5 for example?

        • BobtheCactus

          I hated it because, idk, the feel was really strange, everything looked like a poorly made animated tv show. And I love sniping. Not just quickscoping, sniping in general, and the way you could see your target in the scope but not shoot accurately yet was pretty aggravating. The only thing I had any fun with was zombies.

          • fionn mcfadden

            Yeah, Black Ops 1’s Multiplayer was the biggest fail i ever seen. Pure shit, all round terrible game. The only thing that was good, was the Campaign, and Zombies. But MP was just awful.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            Bull shit, you gave no valid reasons which means your just a hater.I ain’t got time for people like you who don’t know how to formulate an argument.

            “But MP was just Awful” I’m asking WHY was it awful you dopey fuck.

          • gotohellAtari

            everyone has their own opinion… MW3’s or MW 2.5’s as you call its multiplayer had PROBLEMS but the gameplay was GOOD. Black Ops 1 multiplayer had not that much problems but the gameplay was so shitty i coudnt even look at it properly. The Zombies is 11/10. the MP was just too lag and slow and the shooting felt like shit…

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            Yes, the gameplay was superb with deathstreaks. Gotta love Matrypoo and and all that other bs. LMAO

          • ben wills


          • BO1_<3

            wow!! look at this guy get soo mad, so your saying other cods had better multiplayer.. like MW2.5… it was’t awful… illiterate retard

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            So you were bad sniper on BO1 and that’s why you hate it. Great reason.

          • BobtheCactus

            Did I say that? I’m pretty sure I said I didn’t like the feel. It wasn’t enjoyable. I was fine at the game, nowhere near as good as I was in mw2, but when I played it, even when I get like 50 kills flawless, it wasn’t fun. You didn’t give a reason about why you liked black ops 1, and I didn’t gripe about it because I do not care. Your opinion is your opinion.

        • fionn mcfadden

          please don’t call it MW2.5. That joke is painfully unfunny, extremely old, and barely makes any sense. I get what it means, but it’s just completely stupid. What retarded cunt came up with a gay little joke like that? That’s just as bad as calling Black Ops 2, Blops 2. THAT IS THE GAYEST NICKNAME FOR SOMETHING I’VE EVER HEARD. Why ‘Blops’?! It’s actually easier to just say ‘Black Ops’. But anyway, back to the point. You, like many little gay faggots in this annoying world, shut just piss off. There is nothing to gain or lose from being the first to comment on a post. So why don’t you just take the hint that everyone else is clearly showing, kill yourself… PLEASE

          • ​​

            do you also hate the word panties? how about moist? im rustling your jimmies little girl.

      • Rai

        Stop taking people who put “1st” so seriously. I’m pretty sure they don’t care that they’re first, they just do it.

    • Jarhead

      Lag as hell for me. I don’t know about others but It really made me hate Treyarch.

    • PsychOutGaming

      I agree

    • marko

      omg yes!!!!!!! 🙂 finally someone who think BO1 is also the best cod!!!! u

  • Ilikefatboobies

    I’m still a CoD2 lover, one of the best CoD’s ever made.

    • Jarhead



    COD4 got me in to online gaming. What a epic game. I wish they would fix online on the xbox.

    • lMattW

      CoD4 got me into CoD, but I didn’t get my own xbox and start playing online until MW2. In a technical sense I think the newer games are better, but CoD4 and MW2 will always be special for me because of the memories, despite the problems they had.

      • PHAT PETE

        i agree i had more fun games better banter online, before the days of party chat. the in game banter isnt the same no more plus back then there wasn’t hardly no kids to.

      • ben wills

        I wouldn’t say the newer ones are better. MW3 and BO2 are legit awfully designed and made games. CoD4 isn’t the best of the series but it’s still a great game and I understand all nostalgia and extra love for it.

    • Burnsy

      cod 3 got me into call of duty but it wasnt until blops one where i upgraded my first silver account to gold. before me and my father were sharing an account simply because i didnt really need a gold account since only one player could play at a time.

  • ip x Warrior

    I wish the make a remake of CoD 2 with the new system and engine

  • Jarhead

    MW2 was pretty damn addicting that made me play 6-9 hours a day. The noobtubes wasn’t a problem because everyone knew where it would land. Also quickscopes wasn’t a problem either since there was SMG and ASR the counter act it. Since it wasn’t built with a theater mode, there was no lag except if the host is lagging but it was resolved quickly by host migration.

    I missed MW1 because I bought my PS3 during mid 2009. I heard alot of great reviews about it. I stopped playing after BO1 came out since it wasn’t made by IW. I was lagging as hell and when I get to 40+ level in zombies everything is just slow-mo.

  • I hope the next cod will take place in ww2,cod2 is still awsome

    • BobtheCactus

      There is really nowhere else they could go in ww2. They need to create something new to keep the campaign from being so straight and narrow.

      • They can write their own story….modern warfare isnt based on a true story either

  • Adam

    Does anyone have a link to this video on their YouTube Channel? This video player is broken for me.

  • MeisseN


    BTW I’m still stunned by how different CoD Ghosts MP and SP look like. When the gameplay of the 2 SP missions were out I was like “Ah.. Just another CoD. You can’t even speak….” but when the MP was revealed several days ago…. Wow it’s like another game.

    • BobtheCactus

      I know. This game looks epic and I can’t wait for it. People say they never change anything, then infinity ward goes and even changed the traditional three channel map layout.

      • MeisseN

        People say CoD never changes and when IW finally made huge changes they started bitching about copying other games. It’s like once CoD is wrong everything they do now is wrong.
        Anyways haters gonna hate. All Ghosts needs to do is being awesome and shut these dumbasses up.

    • MrNobodyEpic

      Yeah maybe it’s because it’s Singleplayer and Singleplayer basically stays the same.

  • COD 3 FTW! lol just kidding.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    I just remember back in the day I would be excited to get home and play COD. Now, that excitement is gone and I only have fun when I win. I could go negative 10 and still have a great time back in the day. Hoping Ghosts brings me back to that.

  • YouHardscope

    This makes wanna play the first three CODs but, only if COD2 was available for PS3!

  • Me

    So sad that we cant play a normal waw match because in every single match you get in to there are fucking hackers flying and shit , i mean , its kind of fun getting in to hacked lobby but every fucking match?! …

  • omar_soft

    i just want to know what song this is -_-