If you blinked during the multiplayer reveal then you might have missed it. Players will be able to customize their character to look like the famous and original Ghost from Modern Warfare 2.

The “head” portion of character customization is basically the face of the character, which means you’ll be able to equip Simon “Ghosts” with any helmet in the headgear section. There’s even a similar uniform in the game:


UPDATE: Spotted Simon “Ghost” Riley in-game footage from reveal


SOURCE: @ImDiabetus

  • Ross Neilson

    I need this in my life now !!!!!!

  • Future Impact Gaming


  • I want Ghosts now =(

  • NiftyGam3r


    • xx420xx

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      • StraightEdgeAtheist

        Gotta love the internet.

      • NiftyGam3r

        420? I’m sure you will die first hippie

    • Guest


      • NiftyGam3r

        Bundle of sticks

  • Mitch

    Is this in the normal game or is it the Season Pass exclusive?

  • James K

    First, it’s the dog, now you can play as him. Next up, players will find that he’s a secret boss in the campaign.

  • chester

    Diabetes in da house

  • Ghost :D

    Do you think the upper and lower body parts of the customization will also be called Simon ghost Riley in the customization menu like the head? If you look at the pic from ghosts multiplayer he is wearing the same as he in the pics from mw2

  • Keenan21x


  • Woohoo. I’m a source.

  • Jet045

    I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be using this outfit 😛

  • fionn mcfadden

    it also says ‘Ghosts Mask’ underneath it 🙂

    • BudEagle26

      I believe that is the exclusive mask you get from the team leader pack with season pass and special editions because they come with the season pass.

  • Johnny Neat

    How sad is it when this is the only thing that has had me, an original CoD player & owner of all entires, smiling about this game? I’m all for single player, but multiplayer is meh.

    If only IW would have worked on the fundamental legacy problems with CoD. Regardless, CoD:Ghosts is just not next gen enough. Sorry.

    • the1PR0D1GY

      What would qualify as “next gen enough” then? This game has a massive amount of completely new and upgraded stuff in it. Plus an entirely revamped engine… Pardon me if I’m wrong, but wasent the last engine upgrade mw2

      • Johnny Neat

        I understand the down voting, every game has its Kool-aid guzzling subjective apologists constantly defending. It’s fine kiddies.

        Anyhow, to answer the question of engine. The last big engine update happened for CoD:MW (CoD4). Some would even argue CoD3. Everything after has been tweaks and adjusts to game not engine per say. Regardless, I’m over the same car different paint by numbers approach. CoD is no longer my cup of tea. I like its single player, but Multiplayer has fallen off in the sad approach to accessibility, aka easy.

        CoD is simply a beginners, gateway if you will, entry to FPS multiplayer. Then gamers graduate to Battlefield.

        • Renono

          As someone who has likely been gaming for longer and beaten games that would have someone like you crying, I am going to go ahead and tell you BF3 and BF4 are nothing near graduate games. If you played BF 1942, 2, and 2143 back in the day, you would know that. Also, people come to this site because they are fans of CoD. This is literally a site FOR nothing but CoD. Why are you here? How can you call someone who enjoys this game and has fun playing it kid, when you are hating on a website, again, literally all about CoD about CoD in general. And again, from someone who bought CoD 1 day one, Ghosts is a huge step up. And please, do tell me how “big” the engine change from BF3 to 4 is? BF4 looks almost identical to BF3 but with that god awful blue tint finally removed. That skyscraper? Scripted. Take out a set amount of pillars, it falls. The destruction looks awful compared to BC2 as well. Multiplayer has become easy? As compared to what? CoD 4? Think you need to go back and play CoD 4, your nostaglia glasses are making it seem a bit better then it was.

          • Johnny Neat

            You have good points regarding BF. As for the dissing I’m giving CoD, I’m giving it because as someone who loved the series it’s just been a downward spiral IMO. Ghosts may end up on the level of MW & MW2, I still hope. I’m not on here as a BF converter, but a underwhelmed CoD player.

        • Ed

          most people won’t, just because it’s a noticably slower paced game. that (whether people want to admit it or not) is the main reason they play it… the arcade like, fast paced, twitch shooter experience. for the most part it isn’t really about any kind of skill, but more about reaction time.

          • Johnny Neat

            I like that both (BF & CoD) exist, gives a change of pace, but I sadly now prefer the BF experience over CoD’s.

        • DanDustEmOff

          “CoD is simply a beginners, gateway if you will, entry to FPS multiplayer. Then gamers graduate to Battlefield.”

          Dude you’re entitled to your opinion but I disagree with that statement. If you’re a console gamer no FPS can compete with CoD. CS hasn’t had a “major” upgrade in…. well ever. CS is one of the most competitive fps games out and it doesn’t even have an ADS mechanic.

          CoD’ s community has such a wide range of players from the very bad to the very best. CoD is more of an fps than BF due to the ability to use vehicle’s. The pace of the game is enough to test even the very good players.

          I like BF on the PC but CoD has earned its place as the no1 console fps and at the moment BF doesn’t even come close. I’m more of the reverse of the trend I played BF games way before I played CoD and each game has its good and bad points.

    • Ed

      no launch titles are truly “next-gen” enough, to be honest… but that certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t better than current gen.

  • Alex sucks D

    Is it his full costume or just his head?

  • Balls Mahoney

    is it just his head or his full uniform??

  • Plz answer

    Can we actually we create him or is it just his head we can use????

    • ronald-kalovi

      please answer me…. i have pre-oredred the game …. i got the free fall map and i downloaded the
      simon riley but i can not find him…..please help

  • Curious

    Can someone who is known to IW like vic from charlieintel or someone else actually ask IW if its jus his head or his full outfit we can use :p
    I know the mods of this site read
    These so please ask IW 😀

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    My favorite COD character. Should be awesome.

  • Nathan

    You need to get season pass.

  • A Texas Aggie

    Who cares

    • Bigi345

      I do

  • Full or head?

    Anyone know if its the full Simon “Ghost” Riley outfit or just the head?

  • Batman


    • Bigi345

      I don’t see a problem

    • Off topic

      or girls…

      • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

        or a girl version of ghost? 0_o

  • YouHardscope

    “We have over 20,000 ways to customize your soldier.” Day 1 of playing COD Ghosts-Everyone is with the Ghost outfit. EVERYONE!

  • BHCMax

    old hat, we had ghost riley on our cod4 mw2v5 mod two years ago, now have newer player models xd

  • MrNobodyEpic

    Having over 20,000 customization options everyone will pick Simon or Team Leader. Or Ghost Mask.

  • Ed

    i’m suprised they aren’t making this a microtransaction.

  • Ace feintheart

    i don’t think i can see ghost die again even worse im the one who has to kill him!

  • My cod ghosts box art 😛

  • GXBProductionHD

    guys i have the mp character head ghost simon but i cant find it in heads!

  • Crookywales

    How do u get the mask is it a dlc or soming ??????

  • Crookywales

    Cause I wan it

  • armando

    how can I get it??