Spain’s Gamestop page has just revealed that Call of Duty Ghosts will be coming to the Playstation Vita.

The release date indicates “To Be Determined” but theres a safe bet it will also launch on Nov. 5th along with the other console versions. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it ends up being better than “Declassified”, something tells us that should be pretty easy to accomplish.

Gamescom is just a couple of days away and Sony has already announced there will be a few PS Vita related announcements so expect more info real soon. Sony also used Gamescom last year to announce Call of Duty Declassified during their press conference.

Box art from

UPDATE: Activision’s OneOfSwords says its just a case of an “over excited retailer” and they have not announced or confirmed Ghosts for Vita.


SOURCE: TheSixthAxis

  • Brad

    Saw this 30 mins ago and am now desperately hoping it to be true. Would love ghosts on the PSVita , even if it is not as good as the console version. It has to be better than Declassified

    • TurdyBird14

      I’ve got Declassified, and like they said. That shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

    • adrian

      wats ur name on ps vita i would like to be ur friend

      • Vita gammer

        My name is gangster_ballar

  • Mitch

    If this is true, it could boost the PS Vita’s sales, or make the rumored PS Vita + PS4 more attractive.

    • WHan

      That’s what people said about Black Ops: Declassified.
      It’s obviously going to be a spin-off game and made by different devs.

  • Oz

    I will buy the vita and play it from my PS4 ;DDD

  • Daniel Sims

    That would be awesome. Haven’t touched my Vita in over a month and with PS4 functionality and now CoD Ghosts I think I may actually use it.

  • Oscar

    I think this is great for the PlayStation, you can think if you want to go to bed, You can take your vita and play it in bed, exactly like you were doing on your PS4. But the Vita is a little pricey ( £209 ish ) BUT, if they release it with the bundle as rumors are going around they will, just save a little extra cash, and buy it with the PS4. I think it will be worth it, when you’re at work, or at school or, college, uni, or away, you can just take your vita, and play like you are with your PS4, just on a smaller screen.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Wait what..? What is the point of this? I thought you would be able to pair up the vita with ps4 and play ps4 games on the vita.

    • aaa187

      Not everyone is getting a PS4, plus you can’ take the PS4 game with you when you leave the house on your Vita.

    • Oscar

      You can, but not everyone has a PS4, like AAA said. But if you buy the PS4, you can just use it on the Vita if you link it up to the PS4, is how I imagine it would work.

    • Mitch

      You can, but it’s remote play. You can’t put the disc in your ps4, go to the other end of town and continue playing it on your Vita.

  • lMattW

    What was wrong with BO2 Declassified?

  • Kilbane

    i will get it on both ps4 & ps vita , the game looks sick

  • jooker-jr

    Should I wait for the rumored vita + ps4 or buy the ps4 without vita then buy the vita later ??

    • Mitch

      Wait 2 days. If the bundle is real, it will probably be announced in less than 48 hours.

      • jooker-jr

        Ok. thanks for reply me question

  • TurdyBird14

    I’m pretty sure this is legit. Why would GameStop put something up for pre-order and then say, “Sorry, We’re lying to get money.” Doubt it.

  • funster

    Cods better we get it on vita they dont

  • funster

    Boooo bf3 n 4

  • funster

    Any 1 play all stars battle royal?

  • StupidDOGY

    looks like Activision really wants their money back for developing a new engine

    • patrickolson

      They didn’t develop a new engine. They stripped and improved parts of the current engine.

  • cole

    please oh lord please let this be true!!!!! if they could just make a solid call of duty game for the vita like yea that would be amazing

  • fatdog21

    If itz true ill buy it just to suport the vita

  • Me

    Please please please please please please be true would love that. Even better if multiplayer works over ps vita and ps4 towards your level.

  • Jake

    Fake! As you can see if you zoom in whoever created the image clearly is a bad at photo editing. Plus all PlayStation Vita Game Box’s have the blue for the header about half an inch further down on the side. Not such a great spot by him but a great spot by me. TY xoxox

  • d

    if activision did it that will be a big post for the ps vita ihope they will.

  • Bubble burst inc

    Hi from the future, it didn’t happen.