MLG will be streaming gameplay from the final DLC pack of Black Ops 2 before it releases. You can watch gameplay on August 24th at 6pm ET.

Tune in to on Saturday, August 24 at 6pm ET to watch the exclusive, world-premiere of Call of Duty: Black Ops II “Apocalypse” DLC LIVE from the MLG Studios before the release on Tuesday, August 27.

On Saturday, August 24 from 6-10pm ET, eight MLG pro players will battle it out LIVE from the MLG studio in New York with commentary by Puckett and Revan. The show will feature interviews with David Vonderhaar from Treyarch, players, and a look at the four “Apocalypse” multiplayer maps and the new zombie experience, and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch and learn from the pros in advance of the release.


  • funster

    Fu bf3

    • David Sync

      Like Omar says just go to Bravo Intel if u hate COD

  • How about we watch some pro players play Origins too! Would love to see OpTic play some DLC 4 Zombies.

    • David Sync

      That is a amazing suggestion! XD Nade and BigTymer are huge noobs at zombies and have the best reactions

    • Batman

      No, I want to play it for myself, I don´t want spoilers before the release

  • perfectlemonade

    Let’s face. We only care about the Zombies portion of this session.

    • Sadly that’s true. I will enjoy the MP maps though, but i am more excited for zombies.

    • ccrows

      Gotta disagree.

      I enjoyed Courtyard from WAW, and I’m looking forward to playing “Frost”. I’m hoping that when you walk on the ice in Frost, that you will slip and slide a little bit… 🙂

      • The remake of Courtyard is disappointing. And i think It wont play as well as it did in WAW because of all the new gameplay mechanics and utter bullshit.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          I think they changed it, it’s not an exact copy. They said they changed a bunch of lines of sight and lanes and stuff to improve the gameplay aspect.

          • Yeah there’s a new part of that little tunnel they had on the map back by the bigger building

    • Batman

      I don´t care about this session at all! You must play the map for yourself and discover things for yourself

  • Troy W Suza

    Black ops 2 lost me when it didn’t add infected and put in that crap Turned mode, all agree? Yes plus blops 2 doesn’t have nearly enough options for private matches as MW3 had, Blops 2 same same bs

    • funster

      Turned is one of the worst game mode

    • Matthew

      Infected was Infinity Ward’s gamemode, and it is just a gamemode.

      • Mr. Thuggins

        So was Kill Confirmed and it made its way into BO2. I understand why they wouldn’t add it though, because they want to have a slightly different experience from an IW title.

        • funster

          Maybe bcuz of boosting they also didn’t add face off or add tac inserts on ffa I used to boost on infected

  • NiftyGam3r

    You guys are slacking charlieIntel lol. Treyarch posted a new inage and said they will show the cutscene intro for origins tomorrow 🙂

  • Batman

    I don´t want early gameplay from origins, otherwise I will not come here until I get my hands on the map.

    No spoilers for me

  • MeisseN

    Almostly forgot of this DLC

  • Josh

    What time in UK??

  • ip x Warrior

    Ghosts > Apocalypse DLC

  • leo

    Does anyone know what time origins will be on ?

  • vodo467

    what do i click to watch footage

  • vodo467

    cant wait

  • vodo467


  • Bob

    What time does it come out for uk