Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg spoke with Joystiq at the MP Event last week, and he discussed as to why Activision is bringing Call of Duty: Ghosts to the Wii U.

Activision is currently one of the major supporters of the Wii U, bringing over 6 new titles this fall to the Nintendo platform.

“The driving force behind us bringing Ghosts to the Wii U is the same as every other platform, it’s just we want to do everything we can to make the first-party successful. Obviously if they’re successful, that’s good for our business, that’s been our strategy in the past, we’ve been a very kind of platform agnostic company. We generally try to be wherever our gamers want to play. So we thought if our content can help the Wii U and Nintendo gain some momentum, then we wanted to do that.”

SOURCE: MyNintendoNews via JoyStiq

  • I’m not a Wii U guy, but I’m happy for the people that are.

    • Daniel Perez



    Activision CEO explains why they are bringing Call of Duty: Ghosts to the Wii U

    ‘to sell a extra 3 copies of the game’

  • badoop

    Then why not make a vita version with slightly downscaled graphics or something so we can enjoy it on the go? I mean the DS got those shitty versions of the modern warfare games and WaW/BO, and the Vita is much more capable, so why not?

    • LOL

      umm .. vita version has been announced retard…

      • funster

        Not confirmed

      • Lol

        If you read the post, you will find out that the game is fake

  • funster

    BOOO BF3

    • Super_Deluxe

      Then why are you on a COD site?…

      • funster

        I hate bf ppl call me gay cuz I’m codpro1234

        • Super_Deluxe

          Oh lol I thought u were trolling. Nvm my comment then.

          • funster

            I love cod never have hated it I hate bf tho

  • RdJokr

    Sure… Then comes the “no DLC” issue…

    • David Sync

      I think if they’re getting Free Fall then they might get a chance at the upcoming DLCs

  • Jet045

    Activision, you already had my money, but hopefully this will get more people to buy on Wii U.

    On another note, I wonder how the PS4 Ghosts online count will compare to the Wii U’s. Wii U has a larger install base atm, but a small FPS audience. PS4 will be the opposite when Ghosts comes out. As for the X1, I’d bet that it would exceed both put together.

  • Ascending Legend

    Activision has a chance of making more money, why haven’t they jumped at it?

  • John Handcock

    So…. Back before when I played CoD on the Wii (Yes THAT one) it had little support and no DLC. BO2 on Wii U had the same problem, it seems nothing will really change.