In a new post on the Xbox Wire, Microsoft has stated the an exclusive Call of Duty: Ghosts bundle is coming to various markets around Europe.

The Xbox team announced it is further teaming up with Activision and Infinity Ward to create an exclusive “Call of Duty: Ghosts” bundle across various European markets when the game is released in November.  The bundle will include special bonus content, exclusive to Xbox One.

The bundle will include some sort of bonus content and be available for the Xbox One only. They haven’t announced the specifics on what that is yet. We’ll keep you posted.

SOURCE: News Wire (image via JoyStiq)

  • Fuck Microsoft.

  • iSwedishVirus

    Yet again, i really REALLY hope that the bundle is still available when the Xbox One launches in Scandinavia + Russia and Belgium in 2014:)

  • Mitch

    How many money is Activision getting from Microsoft? DLC Deal, Dedicated Servers and exclusive content. Smart move by Activision: selling more and more parts of your game to Microsoft while CoD is already losing sales and they are already losing respect every day. This is just digging your own grave.
    And when BF has passed CoD, they’ll probably will try the same with BF.

    • JKB98

      Sorry, but Call of Duty is not losing sales. Not even close.
      The amount that there losing, is a very small ratio to that of what they are gaining. Not trying to start an argument, or be a fanboy, I am just stating a fact.

      • Mitch

        According to
        MW3: 30.03million
        BO2: 24.39million
        That’s quite a loss.

        • Guest

          Eh. Sorry that my information was off. I was sure that Bops 2’s pre-orders had surpassed MW3’s by quite a bit.

        • Birchy

          That can’t be true really. Activisions press releases say that year after year the sales for Call of Duty are always on the rise.

          • Mitch

            I rather have a neutral source. Also, a lot of times those companies give their shipped units. Also, just look at Ghosts’ pre-orders. Way under BO2 and BF is higher than ever.

          • BudEagle26

            Battlefield hasn’t made enough games for people to get sick of it yet. I like both franchises and think that both BF4 and Ghosts will be great games.

        • david

          And you say 24 million is a loss with Dlc ?

          • Mitch

            Almost 6million in sales is quite the loss.

          • david

            They have lost nothing

        • TepidBlack

          Hahaha, vgchartz, thanks for the laugh mate.

          • lMattW

            There is nothing else outside of VGChartz besides ATVI’s press releases which actually point to the same conclusions that VGChartz does.

        • iSwedishVirus

          First of all:
          *MW3 grossed $400 in it’s first 24hours.
          *BO2 grossed $500 in it’s first 24hours.

          *MW3 grossed $1 billion dollar in 16 days.
          *BO2 grossed $1 billion in 15days.

          And even Activision has confirmed that BO2 sales have not only outsold Q2 sales for MW3 last year, but that means that technically BO2 has outsold MW3. Obviously not in total sales because MW3 has been out for a year longer.

          EDIT: I should also not that one of the reasons why Ghosts pre-orders are below BO2’s is because of the new consoles. But even then the pre-orders are very high! And if you where to combine Xbox One, PS4, PC, X360, PS3 and WiiU pre-orders they would almost add up to the number that BO2 had at this point in time last year.

          • lMattW

            MW3 grossed $400m in the US and UK alone in its first day, BO2 was $500m worldwide. US and UK sales made up approx 65% of sales for MW2, BO, MW3 and BO2 for the first 5 days. That puts MW3 worldwide sales on day one around $600m.

            Also, BO2 had a season pass for exclusively BO2 content, MW3 had a separate service so the $$ couldn’t be counted as MW3 money, it was Elite money.

            All companies obfuscate a bit to present their best face to the public. VGChartz may not be exactly right in their numbers, but they are definitely close.

        • lMattW

          They made less in sales of the game, but I’m pretty sure they’re making more in DLC sales. Probably not enough more to make up for the drop, but probably not too far off either.

    • Nnerox

      Why are u here if u hate the game so much gtfo if u dont like it kid.

    • Celxez

      Battlefield will never in the history of the world pass Call of Duty in sales or players, there will be other games that passes them both

  • Birchy

    Really considering getting the XBOX One. The only game I was really buying the next gen consoles for was Call of Duty… And I’ve always been on the Playstation up until now. But if Call of Duty’s going to be best played on the XBOX, I might as well get that!

  • Xero

    Still more excited for GTAV… just saying. Goty again!. haha.
    But seriously, its probably just wallpapers or like a ghost skin inside the console case. probably not going to be ‘that’ important.

  • Guest

    ”Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One Bundle, Dedicated Servers Announced”

    At Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference, Infinity Ward confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts
    will have dedicated servers on the Xbox One, leveraging the console’s
    new cloud platform. The announcement represents a significant departure
    from the franchise’s long history of player hosted multiplayer matches.

  • CoffeeCreed

    Microsoft anounced a bundle like this for Forza 5, It will be sold for the same £429.99, trying to get more sales.

  • CoffeeCreed

    Yep, this bundle if you get launch version of the Xbox One, Ghosts or any game depending on the bundle is free

  • Schoolboy99

    Can anybody please tell me when will Xbox One come to Malaysia as in South East Asia?

  • cod MASTER

    what about the us will the bundle that is out right now get this