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Gamespot has just uploading a video of the Call of Duty Ghosts segment at the Microsoft Press Conference earlier today. In it, you’ll catch a quick glimpse of the new “Blitz” mode in Call of Duty Ghosts and the new map “Chasm”.

  • Dedicated server on Xbox One announcement – 1:28 minute mark
  • New Blitz Mode and Map 2:45 minute mark

  • Gabriel

    Double Awesome

  • Bigi345

    Did anyone actually talked about shooting people from a helicopter? i’m interested in that.

    • iSwedishVirus

      I belive it was Infinity Ward or one of the YouTubers who where at the event, that said that that is a killstreak and is in the Support package 🙂

      • Eric

        yea your right..

        Helo Scout – Provide sniper support for your team aboard a controllable helicopter.

    • Eric

      its a killstreak, name of it escapes me atm

    • exeterman2

      It’s the scout chopper (I think) and its a support streak, you sit on the side of that chopper with a sniper.

  • Scottie03

    No screaming after announcement of Dedicated Servers? Fans must be a sleep!

    • Xbox One Only… No shit no screamed

      • T.E.D.

        mark rubin said in an interview that the PC version will be more powerful than any console version including next gen

        • MeisseN


        • fleabag323

          He said the graphics will be better, not that the version will be more powerful. A game can’t be powerful.

          • Jon Cameron

            No, but the hardware used to run a game that visually looks/works better than its console counterpart will be more powerful. Top of the line gaming PCs are a whole lot more powerful than next gen consoles, but I highly doubt this game will require much to run at max settings.

          • fleabag323

            I know that PCs will have a higher bound for power, but TED was changing best graphics -> most power -> it must have dedicated servers, which doesn’t make sense.

    • Kevd

      I know right … I was waiting for it, but the applause never came

    • Thoughtful Discourse

      The one thing that Gamescom does much better than E3 is that fans aren’t allowed in for the 1st 2 days. Its press only which allows them to see games with minimal wait times, go and speak with developers and get their stories and interviews. So this was a press only event. If it was open to fans you probably would have heard cheering.

    • Edwin Cortez

      Funny seeing PS fanboys crying because PS dont find them some love like MS is doing for Xbox users…screaming they are in Germany Remember is odd to see germans screaming, go to a Fussball Arena for that in Germany 😉

    • ccrows

      Because there was a HUGE AMOUNT of pissed off 360 owners that got efffed over right there when that announcement was made.

      Personally I have every interest of going next gen, but I won’t go next gen until year 2. I’ve had 2 360’s RROD, and 2 OG PS1 die from overheating. The 360 should have Dedicated servers as well. Other than greed, there’s no reason why this isn’t available on the 360.

      I still plan on getting Ghosts, but I’m leaning more and more towards the PS4 next year due to all of MS controlling BS lately. You can guarantee that the PS4 will be using Deds on the COD next year…

    • ip x Warrior

      We don’t scream. We Fap ourselves 😛

    • Jacky Liang

      I was seriously expecting that to happen as well.

  • SufferingMoon5

    Amazing, I actually really like this gamemode.

  • rmp1596

    here comes the campers!

  • Archer

    Is this what’s replacing CTF?

    • MeisseN

      Don’t think CTF will be replaced but this is cool

      • mstar020 <- My PSN

        Yah CTF is gone.

        • They havent shown all the game modes. all the ones you saw in that strip werent all of them

    • mstar020 <- My PSN


  • fionn mcfadden

    psst… turn around…

  • iPhone5S

    I hope CTF stay on this game!

    • DanDustEmOff

      From the game mode list I saw it appears to have been dropped.

  • fionn mcfadden

    Oh ho! This is my fucking type of gamemode!

  • Random Dude

    Think i am leaving this site after i saw the BF4 gamescom stream. It. Was. Awesome. See you later, CharlieINTEL maybe the next cod is something for me 🙂

    • Just go to BravoIntel. It’s run by the same guys but for other games like BF4

    • Mark


    • Esu

      God dammit, Heisenberg

  • Ross Neilson

    Will dedicated servers be on PC

  • Stick Man

    Blitz: Montage makers rejoice.


    I’m hoping the dedicated servers are later announced for PS4 and PC as well!

  • fleabag323

    I anticipate some Riot Shield funtimes in Blitz. 🙂

  • Gatlin Weyer

    This extremely makes me mad, that Europe get’s exclusive content for Xbox One on Ghosts… My favorite game, and the new system I’m buying.

  • klover

    BREAKING: PS4 launches November 15th in North America!

  • Zac

    I love the back of this guy’s head.

  • mlfink83

    Not sure if it will be as competitive as CTF, as you just have to get to the point, not bring it all the way back and have to pushing yourself for cutoffs as much..

    • mlfink83

      position yourself for cutoffs**

  • ccrows

    So it’s basically CTF without carrying the flag back. Meh, I don’t see myself playing this that much… (kinda like Team Defender in MW3)

  • Jacky Liang

    Infinity Ward – good job.

  • Cole

    so the game doesnt come with the bundle, you only get a download? thats dumb, i want the damn game