At the Microsoft briefing at gamescom, Infinity Ward unveiled a new mode called ‘Blitz’ for Ghosts.

Blitz is a new mode coming to Ghosts MP, and here’s Polygon’s description of the new mode from the event:

In Blitz mode, players will be attacking and defending zones on each end of a map. When an player makes it to the highlighted zone on the opposing teams side, they score a point and are instantly teleported back to their end of the map.

This mode will be playable at Gamescom, and we can expect more during the live stream at 9am PT on Wednesday. You can watch that at

SOURCE: Xbox News Wire and Polygon

  • Birch

    Woody’sGamertag did a video describing this and it sounds really, really fun! Like CTF except you don’t have to worry about getting the flag back. It sounds like a much more… Balls to the wall just run full pelt and try for the Capture Point sorta mode 😛

  • Xero

    twitch url is spelled as twtich instead of twitch 🙂 might want to fix that.

  • exeterman2

    Can’t wait to play this on PS4, looks like it could be quite strategic.

    • Well, now that we dont have Dedicated Servers, I can wait…

      • exeterman2

        Meh, lag will be less noticeable than current gen anyway, it will barely be noticeable if done correctly. OPTIMISM!

        • Yeah, if you go to the most recent post i talk about how i just FIOS about 3-4 hours ago. Called them up and they installed it.

        • Batman

          a billionare franchise and company and with the latest tecnology´s available, can´t run dedicated servers on a next gen game? Im out

  • ElseAndrew

    Virus alert in the twitch link… You might want to fix that.


    kinda reminds me of griffball with less ball handling… which is okay with me because i prefer handling vaginas.

  • Bigi345

    Interesting, speed and slight stealth would be the perfect class setup for this game

  • TheMotipX

    Nice link

  • MeisseN

    Here’s to hoping that this would mean more maps that’s not arena-like with at least 3 ways to get to a certain place…………..

  • Fading Lee

    Lol red rover

  • that guy

    blitz sound like a campy game type 🙁

  • tman

    They will have dedicated servers on xbox