Polygon has posted a new interview with Mark Rubin where they discussed the new mode Blitz for Ghosts MP.

This new mode is claimed as a “fast version of CTF’, but it’s only one objective: the portal.

Players score points by running to the enemy’s side of the map and dashing through a portal. The second they enter the portal they receive a point for their team and are instantly teleported back to their side of the map. Once a player runs through the portal there’s a slight delay before the next person from the same team can score on the portal.

SOURCE: Polygon

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    *Slide* *Poof*

    Can’t wait for some fun unrealistic game modes.

    • fionn mcfadden

      is that sarcasm?..

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        No, sorry. I’m genuinely happy COD is not trying to be realistic like BF3/BF4 and are actually making teleportation games etc. It’s what an arcade shooter be all about. Gimmicky fun game modes with a dash of realism.

  • Neo

    It seems liks this will be a good game mode 🙂

  • Krusty Burglar

    This sounds really fun.

  • Hallett

    I’m not so sure about this gamemode.
    There’s going to be a shitload of camping around the portal. I imagine that the camp fest will be similar to Team Defender, Sabotage, or Money in the Fucking Denk. Add that along with claymores, betties, sentries guns, etc just to score more XP.
    Also, it doesn’t make it better that it’s Pointstreaks, not Scorestreaks meaning that playing the objective won’t be a huge priority.

    • Mitch

      This map clearly needs to not allow everything. No smokes, no sentries plz.

    • Cell

      The best will survive!

    • BudEagle26

      No shit sherlock! Of course people will be camping to defend their portal. Thats apart of the game mode. You aren’t just going to run to there portal and score to see what team can score faster. You have to score and not let the enemy score. Use what ever you need to. Sentries and IEDs to protect your portal. 9-bangs, smoke grenades, and shooting campers to score. Don’t be a f***ing idiot. Also, moving around your area looking down several sight lines is not camping. Camping is sitting in one corner waiting for people to walk through a door. Guarding choke points isn’t camping either. If you are the last one left with the whole team coming after you, you would be an idiot not to camp unless you think you can take them all on or you simply dont care which I usually dont care or try to take them on. It is more fun but I will probably lose.

  • Where is Faceoff? That was my favourite mode in MW3, only thing that kept me coming back to this very day.

  • Rising Clan

    I just confirmed that the leaderboards will be based on overall Score, not SPM like on Black Ops 2.


  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    This is awesome. Hopefully it plays well.

  • Young Hernz

    this new mode looks cool and better than CTF

    but Ghosts is not gonna be fun while kids and noobs using Danger Close and Deadeye perks

    • BudEagle26

      lol if a noob uses deadeye, he would be an idiot cuz it wouldn’t work. I think they learned from MW2 that explosives in this game need to be toned down like MW3 but not that much. Danger close is also a counter to flak jacket because everyone finds flak jacket annoying. They are going to balance it out.

  • Neo

    I really hope that this game mode will be featured on MLG because it will require a lot of team play and strategy to get through enemies and ultimately get into the portal to score points. I really hope that spawns for this game mode on each map will be good as well because I don’t want to get spawn trapped by a full party like on Slums near the cop car.

  • COOL! Really want to play it!!

  • Bib boy16479

    Call of duty is way better then battlefield !!:D

    • Random Dude


  • funster

    Call of duty will always be better than battle field

  • ​​

    ill be in tdm if you need me

    • ONE BAR

      They need to cut TDM from the list. The worst game mode ever for COD pubs.

    • fionn mcfadden

      there’s 3 people in COD.

      – Noobs, who only play TDM and nothing else, and use the lowest killstreaks in the game (Ones they can’t even get).

      – Average players, who aren’t that good, but at least get more kills than deaths and play different gamemodes.

      – And then there are the Vets, who barely get deaths, go for high killstreaks, own ass in almost every game they play, and know everything about the guns and the maps.

      You my friend, are just another one of the many gay noobs who only play TDM, and only use shit like UAV or Care Package which you rarely manage to achieve.

      • Nathan Chappell

        You’re a fucking tool, because you forgot the fourth type.

        -People who either play the objective, or play purely for fun, disregarding their KD entirely, and laughing as idiots such as yourself base skill on kill to death ratios and killstreaks.

        I don’t know if you’d fit in there though, you’re probably a “vet” (haha) or maybe the creation of a fifth type (those players who are just tools) is warranted

        • fionn mcfadden

          So what does that make you then? I can say the exact thing to you right now if i wanted, but it would be a waste of time. You said the exact same thing to me as what i said, except you said it differently. You’re not exactly the superior one here either.

          • Nathan Chappell

            I’m saying a completely different thing to you, you moronic dope. What I’m saying is that there are different ways to play this game, but that they should all be respected. Why would someone who exclusively plays TDM be a noob. They may just not care about the objective enough, so they choose not to disadvantage people like myself, who want to win, not get high killstreaks. You’re a moron who plays in objective game modes obviously, and goes for high killstreaks obviously, so chances are you’re handicapping everyone on your team with your selfish, self-righteous attitude towards the game. And if you say your favourite class of gun is the sub machine gun, I won’t be able to stop laughing, you ignorant try hard. I thought this was extremely bemusing because I never use high kill streaks, they don’t help the team all that much, and they’re just so fucking boring to use, but I can guarantee from the way you speak to other people and the way you play that I’m a far better player and person than you.

  • Diego Diniz

    Thats Why we LOVE this Game! COD = FUN