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Here’s 3 new official screenshots of Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer. Two of them show the new Chasm map, the other shows the Strikezone map.

  • Shorts

    Lmao What a weird looking RDS.

    • blarg

      I know right? The hell is that thing?

    • Wezz

      Anything better than the shitty CoD4/MW3/BO2 red dot sights…

      • Jon Cameron


    • SEBBY

      I think its like and MMS.. they have almost 10 different sight

  • Canis_dingo

    Chasm looks like it’s gonna be SO much fun to play on. CAN’T WAIT!


    i love mostly everything about this game so far.. but that red dot looks retardedly stretched out.. and those “elite force” arm bands look stupid. They remind me of the bad box art / logo’s you find on those bootleg gijoes you find in 99 cent stores.. and the camo they all wear looks pretty crappy too..


      I’m definitely still a fan of this game, but those little things bug me..

    • Canis_dingo

      I’m gonna have to agree with you there, man. :/

  • Chasm is going to be a beast map.

  • cod ghosts ftw

    maybe not the best place to post this but why not, Ive spotted the names for the 4 sniper rifles in cod ghosts. It maybe hard to read if so you can see it for yourself in the stream from today where mark rubin is telling about the customization

    • This also shows that the SVU Dragunov shouldn’t be in the sniper class and should be in the marksman rifles class

    • Jose Martin Gonzalez

      arent there supposed to be six?

      • Zpr4y

        There are semi auto snipers in the marksman rifle classes

    • omar_soft

      I saw the menu when watching the stream and wanted to screenshot it like you did but i didnt pause fast enough XD. looks like they are: L115, VK3, LYNX, and USR. And under tactical trophy systems are back! woo!

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      The names are so similar to the MW3 snipers lol.

    • Jonathan Gray

      “Faster handling” AND “Deadly from the waist-up”? I know I like to quickscope, but damn that’s really unfair to other players. This’ll be patched in a week.

  • cod ghosts ftw

    Edit: One is called L115 the one we know so far. Another one is called USR also an bolt action. Another one is called lynx maybe an AS50 like sniper? And the last one is called if i read correctly VK3.

  • cod ghosts ftw

    in the same video about 20 seconds later we can see the description of marathon it says unlimited sprint. I guess this wil be changed but who knows

    • Jacky Liang

      Can you confirm this with a picture? If that’s true, that’s awesome.

      • cod ghosts ftw

        yes i can do that.

        Sorry for the bad quality of the pic.

        If you can’t see it just go to here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxlNGwvzQ0s
        Thats the video were i got it from go to 1:26.

        • Jacky Liang

          Thanks so much. I credited you on /r/codghosts from Reddit.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Please… Please!! I’m hoping that the difference between current gen ghosts and next gen is just graphical and not that much difference

  • Does anyone know what Frame that sight is called on the Honey Badger? I am really interested in knowing.

  • asdf

    i see big meaty hands are back

  • StupidDOGY

    Strange looking reflex sight….

  • Diego Diniz

    Photoshoped or Gameplay Screenshots???