UPDATE: Mark Rubin has confirmed in an interview with Now_Gamer that PC version will have dedicated servers.

What about PS4/PS3? Mark Rubin isn’t talking about those yet.

He said, “dedicated servers are on PC and it is on Xbox One, but I can’t talk about any other platforms.”

“Well we’re having to not talk about all of it right now,” was Mark Rubin’s initial comment, almost evading it entirely.

“We did mention dedicated servers on Xbox One,” he continued, “one thing I can say is we’re also doing dedicated servers on PC. So PC will be all dedicated servers, all of it.”

According to one of the Cods.De writers, Tina Palacios apparently confirmed to him at Gamescom that Ghosts MP will also have dedicated servers for PC.

We reached out to Activision PR and are still waiting for official confirmation so stay tuned..


SOURCE: @Majus8

  • drg

    And 360? WHAT ABOUT 360?!

    • NiftyGam3r

      X1 is getting dedicated servers because of icloud. I doubt 360 or ps3 will get them

      • Cameron Graham

        …because of iCloud!?

        • NiftyGam3r

          Well thats what they said that thanks to icloud it was possible

          • Cameron Graham

            ‘The Cloud’ and “iCloud” are two very different things. – The cloud, in general is a representation of a remote server that not only stores data, but can compute it as well.. Generally when a service is cloud based, it represents a feature beyond the capability of the device. I.E. a 16GB iPhone can hold 100GB of songs because it is connected to ‘The Cloud’. In this case the cloud represents a much larger Hard Drive for the device. “iCloud” however is a particular service offered from Apple. The iPhone uses iCloud to store pictures, movies, emails etc.. But ‘THE CLOUD’ is the generic term for a service of this type. Microsoft is using something called Azure. Essentially this is their brand of cloud service.. Similar to iCloud, it is simply a name given to the services the company can offer remotely.

            I can 100% guarantee that ‘they’, assuming this is intended to mean Microsoft.. did not say that iCloud made it possible.

    • EVOLFadedDreamz .

      360 won’t get them, X1 is gonna get them cuz of the cloud.. X1 and 360 won’t even be able to play together.

  • Mutli Console Player

    PC gamers aren’t getting shit on this time! Thanks Infinity Ward

  • NiftyGam3r

    Better late than never! Come on ps4 i still believe

    • tha_online_gamertz

      I think it’s possible, but the PS4’s cloud services will start around febuary 2014. So maybe we could get it later.

      • NiftyGam3r

        As long as we get it i dont mind waiting 🙂

      • Atrocity

        They wouldn’t need cloud services to host a dedicated server. They don’t use cloud for hosting the Killzone dedicateds or the Uncharted ones.

        • tha_online_gamertz

          yeah, but cod would need way more servers because it’s played more than those games.

  • Yon

    Can someone explain what a dedicated server is?

    • Uzair Chief

      A dedicated server is a server that runs at all times, has no down time, does not need anyone to host a game, no time-out and almost eliminates lag.

      Dedicated Servers are servers from the actual company that made or published the game that will take care of the connection of your games. (In this case, Microsoft will host these servers).

      • Jon Cameron

        A dedicated server can have downtime. I don’t know where you got that they don’t have any downtime. They are also not only from the developers as some developers allow server providers lend out their servers for rent or to buy.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Basically its a computer that hosts the game, rather than a console doing the job. This means that your console will not have any resources dedicated to serving other players, so your frame rate will not suffer when the game becomes hectic. How good your experience will be, will depend on your connection to that server. If you have a bad connection to that server (high ping and low bandwidth) then you will still experience lag.

      I suggest that you find your nearest data centre here.


      and use this site to ping the area that the server it is in.


      It won’t give you an exact result as you can not ping the Azure data centre directly but it will give you a close figure. You want a ping of less than 100ms, that means that a packet of data from your computer takes a tenth of a second to go to the server and back. When you start to get higher pings then your lag experience will become worse the higher it gets. I hope this helps.

  • Blaine

    Umm… Yeah MW3 had dedi’s too, but they were worthless because they weren’t RANKED. That’s the key. I’m on PC, and unless they confirm the servers are RANKED, I still won’t pre-order

    • DanDustEmOff

      I would assume that they will be using the Azure cloud for the PC version and therefore they will be ranked, I may be wrong though.

    • Micheal Martin

      Want Ranked dedis, goto http://www.fourdeltaone.net . You use you existing install to play on thier shit, and they have the stuff to run RANKED dedis, just not on steam.

  • My best guess is it will be exactly like it is in Black Ops 2. Windows Azure is a newer technology that offers scalability for dedicated cloud services and there are a number of games (including Titanfall) starting to utilize this for the backend technology to improve upon the classic rented dedicated server technology. This is the technology behind Microsoft’s “dedicated servers” they discussed for the XBOX and since we are talking about Ghosts on the PC (Windows) this is mostly likely how it will be utilized for the PC. Can’t say 100% but I’m pretty sure this is what Black Ops 2 is running on for the PC now.

    I think it will be a cold day in Hell before IW gives us real dedicated servers & a server browser like we had in the years past. This is definitely better than the MW3 crap but nothing to really get excited about because this same announcement happened with BO2 and we know what we got.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Black Ops 2 runs on their own servers not the Azure cloud. The Azure cloud will provide real dedicated servers. A server browser will not be needed as it will automatically connect you to the data centre with the lowest ping.

      PC games need a server browser because servers are scattered all over the place and only have 1 game mode. My nearest Azure data centre is in Dublin I can ping Dublin in less than 50ms and the data centre has between 1800-2500 dedicated servers.

      This news is definitely worth getting excited about. There will be no server admins and no rules other than those dictated by the game type. Nobody will be getting kicked or banned because they are too good.

      • yithu

        nobody will be kicking hackers either

      • Autoblade

        But we will Kick them if they are hacking or not following the rules of OUR server if we get them!!! We as a clan have never kicked anyone for being too good but we have kicked them for Hacking and cheating or not following our rules. I hate Whiners for this!! BO2 had the BS because we don’t want to be kicked for being asses!! Your on my server and following the rules of our server you are OUT!! Grow up!

  • Adam

    Do you know if there is 4 player offline split screen multiplayer in Ghosts? I know that it has been in every CoD game so far and the only reason I am asking is cause Ghosts is the first next gen CoD and IW is removing features like theater so they could remove other things.

    • Josh Reichman

      I’m sure it’s still there (consoles, that is, not PC, which never had it). They wouldn’t get rid of it because of the people who don’t:
      A. have a fast enough internet
      B. have gold/PS+ membership
      Personally, I would love it coming to PC too with Steam pushing for more PC gaming in the living room.

    • DanDustEmOff

      It’s almost a given.

  • Where is the PS4 dedicated servers?

  • zezoish

    looks like m$ lost the only good thing in their console

    • AmandaPanda01

      Wow, you Sony fanboys are retarded.

      • Atrocity

        I’m also slightly confused as to what he is trying to say and I’m what you would call a Sony fanboy.

      • exeterman2

        When he doesn’t mention Sony and is commenting on an artical about PC gaming and dedi servers…

      • zezoish

        i am a pc gamer i will only buy ps4 for the exclusives besides everybody knows that pc is better than next gen consoles

  • Mitch

    With the new update, I bet Activsion/Infinity Ward are talking with Sony.

    • DanDustEmOff

      I would agree, Sony would be insane not to bring something to the table.

  • drg

    360? WHAT ABOUT 360?!

    • Mitch

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft (and Sony) ask them to not do current-gen to try to boost next-gen sales.

    • Keshav Bhat

      We haven’t heard an answer for 360 yet.

  • MrJDGuns

    Seeing as they are not talking about ps4 at the moment. I guess they are trying to get it working.

  • Mike

    I bet they can’t say anything about PS4 because it’s probably a timed announcement. Wait 30 days and then we’ll see if IW says anything about PS4 servers.

  • Cyber-Ninja

    WOOP WOOP – HAPPY DAYS!!!! Now all we need is for IW to confirm that there’s gonna be a server browser ala CoD4/BO1 Stylee and we’re all set for the BEST CoD EVER!!!! :O)

    • DanDustEmOff

      If they are using the Azure data centre’s a server browser isn’t needed. You will connect to your centre with the lowest ping select your game type and thats it.

  • Jon Cameron

    The question for the past two years should have been, “is there a server browser?” The question shouldn’t be if there are dedicated servers. Saying yes to dedis could mean two things and we only want it to mean one of those two things.

    Whether or not there are dedicated servers shouldn’t be the main question, but if there is a server browser. That is what people care more about knowing, because if there is a server browser, then clearly there are dedis.

    • DanDustEmOff

      If they are using the Azure data centre’s a server browser isn’t needed. You will connect to the centre with the lowest ping select your game type and thats it. No browser required

      • Oblivion

        Yeah that’s what we call hella terrible. What happens if you don’t want to be in that specific server? That’s right, it keeps putting you right back in it every single time.

        Server browsers give you a choice. I can’t tell you how many times I left a server because of a hacker and just kept being put right back in it over and over again.

  • TheCheeseWeel

    i want MW3 style deticated servers for PC than the BO2 style. User hosted servers are so much funner than Activision hosted lobby style matchmaking

  • Keenan21x

    Come on Dedicated Servers for the PS4. Holding on to faith!

  • StupidDOGY

    Cmon , dont worry guys , there’s no way that IW gonna let us down this time if they know whats good for them

  • Grimm

    Utter rubbish, same story they span last time to get sales.

  • PC Gamer

    It is gonna be exactly the same as MW3, and give us a server browser and modding tools!!!