During Call of Duty: Ghosts Gamescom LiveStream, Infinity Ward confirmed that the fan-favorite game mode, Infected, from Modern Warfare 3 will be making a return in Ghosts MP.


  • Oscar Martinez

    Oh good, now they have jugg suits. Whats next, patching the only safe zones? Oh, wait….

    • exeterman2

      I think that that might just be a pic from the mp trailer, of the knife-jugg killstreak don’t know for sure though.

      • Oscar Martinez

        I’m willing to bet that its some sort of “Kill the first guy with the jugg suit, then have it taken away.” Or, “the first infected will retain the jugg suit.” I just want to be able to last longer than the BS with the throwing knife on MW3

        • The Flash

          the throwing knife was added to give the infected a chance…
          when you infected you moan when you dont have a throwing knife

    • Chris Mason

      “If you are looking for reasons to hate anything, you won’t have to look far.”

    • ONE BAR

      They had jugg suits in MW3…

    • Mark

      lolo its a picture from the trailer shut your bitching up

  • exeterman2

    Good! It was the best game mode in MW3!

    • ip x Warrior

      No Sabotage was way better !! nah im just kidding 😛

      • thegodfatherbb KCCO

        Infected was the best gamemode in mw3 other than snd

  • Mitch

    I hope they change it. In MW3 it was 12 people camping in the same spot, a few boosting and 1 running around headless with his knife going 0-20.

    • Everyone hiding in burgertown on Arkaden wad so hilarious but you’re right. It needs a little changing

      • BudEagle26

        I didn’t see tactical insertions as equipment so i wonder how that is supposed to work.

        • I know! no Tac inserts, is it a dream come true?

          • DanDustEmOff

            No because portable radar is back.

          • What does portable radar have to do with tac inserts

          • DanDustEmOff

            They are twice as cheap as tac insert is all.

          • That’s why I’m always forced to run Assassin and Ghost. I have to hide from all this radar spamming and equipment that supports campers.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Yeah half the time I hear swear the people moaning about assassin are the people spaming portable radar, thermal optics, marksman and all the other cheap tactics.

          • Quickscoping is cheap, though that has nothing to do with using “Off the grid”

          • BudEagle26

            Yeah it might be good for multiplayer but infected is a bit strange with out tac inserts, right?

          • Maybe they’ll make tac inserts only available for infected

          • BudEagle26

            That might make sense.

          • I hope it does!

    • ip x Warrior

      How about Infected with a cranked timer ? would that be nice or not ?

      • Archer

        Now you’re thinking. You should totally message IW about that on their Twitter.

  • JustForFun119

    I thought everyone knew this mode returning in the multiplayer reveal trailer that showed many gamemodes. There are also ‘Safeguard’ and ‘Hunted’…

  • ip x Warrior

    Nothing new.. We saw this in the MP reveal trailer

    • MeisseN

      nice profile picture lol

      • ip x Warrior

        haha thank you !

  • john

    yeah it might just be the maniac juggernaut killstreak

  • The Flash

    this and face-off are the only MW3 features i like, so when ghosts drops to £20, i may buy it for this

  • boye

    I just want headquarters back



  • Chris

    I hope they fix boosting!

  • WhiteBoy7thst

    Be ready for infected videos

  • Should have 6 v 6 Dog mode, where you play as Riley’s, lol

  • xx420xx

    we already knew this
    what was the point

  • So ghosts is another DLC?

    • ip x Warrior

      Yes it’s coming out on the 32 of may !!

  • ccrows

    IMO Stats from infected shouldn’t count.

    Too much boosting, people blocking doorways, and whiny bitches quitting when they become a zombie.

    ^ Remove the stats from counting in that particular mode, and IMO all that BS goes away…

    • The Flash

      2 sides, i see, you can rank up with doing very little, but kills count as an infected and isnt fair, but i like how i can rank up with guns i wouldnt normally use

  • Chance Anderson

    I hope they have AON

  • Big Pow

    Bring Drop Zone Back!!!!

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Wonder what they’ve changed from the MW3 mode. It was fun, But way too easy to get MOABs.

    • The Flash

      i dont think it is online anymore, you need a fair amount of kills, you die in glitch spots, we have throwing knifes now

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        I don’t understand the comment. What isn’t online?

        • The Flash

          its not easy to get moabs online, but on private match, yeah

          • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

            It’s ridiculously easy online haha. I’ve got 20+ but maybe for some people it isn’t as easy.

          • asdasd

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          • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

            Would you stop spamming everything I post? Maybe if you didn’t act like an asshole you wouldn’t get blocked.

  • nate

    hated this game mode in mw3

  • nate

    I hate how its just the bulldog gun used. they should add other sub machine guns in. or at least just any other gun cuz its gay with just tht one gun