Treyarch has announced that a Black Ops 2 Double XP weekend will be for all platforms on August 23rd at 10:00am PT and end Monday Aug. 26th at 10:00am PT.

Get ready to level up!

  • Young Hernz

    I’m not going to play Nuketown 24/7 this time during Double XP weekend

  • NiftyGam3r

    Are people still taking advantage of this 2xp? By now mostly everyone should be master prestige

    • i like cod

      Are you serious? I see tens of prestige masters when I play, but tons of people who haven’t reached prestige master. I can still get on a lobby with me being the only Prestige Master. Not everyone plays much. I reached Prestige Master on mid-February, and I got the game as a xmas present.

      • Guest

        I actually reset twice from Prestige Mater, Currently I’m 1st prestige and I think I’m done prestiging

    • James K

      IW did 2XP weekend practically every month on MW3 and I still see players without a golden skull icon.

      • NiftyGam3r

        Well to be fair, mw3 prestige sucks because you lose ALL your stuff and any gold camo you achieve. So that doesnt surprise me

    • I am. Prestige 8, level 49. Never erased stats.

    • GhostWolfe CK8s

      I had been Master prestige before the first DLC had launched but I reset my stats constantly because well, the game gets boring after a while, so all I can think of is that they do it for the people Who just got the game or the people who reset their stats. What do you think?

      • NiftyGam3r

        Yeah thats has to be it. People that reset and those who buy it recently. I have a friend that bought bo2 last month.

    • Zarky

      I only play the game when double xp is on, which has happened like 5 times! prestige 8 I think

    • Nigger

      Well people actually have a life instead of playing cod all day and night

      • NiftyGam3r

        Well is been 10 months since it released. I have a friend who only plays on weekends and hes prestige 9

    • exeterman2

      We don’t all play it 24/7 mate.

      • NiftyGam3r

        The game came out 10 months ago, more than enough time to be up there or close. Like i said before one of my friends ONLY plays on weekends (since release) because of school and hes prestige 9

        • exeterman2

          Not everyone only plays cod, and your friend clearly has nothing else to do at the weekends then.

          • NiftyGam3r

            Stop acting like you dont play the heck out of cod. Otherwise why would you come to a ALL cod forum and check out news about it and take the time to comment. Dont be a hypocrite

          • exeterman2

            I play it a fair bit and enjoy, thus I want to keep up with the latest info, I’m only prestige 4, have had the game since launch and have 3days 7hrs of MP playtime.

  • SoulTaker

    I wish Arms Race would return.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Or just raise TDM to 125 points per kill so that u don’t get your high killstreaks by the end of the game.

      • SoulTaker

        I feel you man… I gotta give IW the win on bringing in new game modes Treyarch had something with Arms Race don’t know why they deleted it.

  • Nighthawk1911’s

    I didn’t get the game til March an haven’t reached Master yet. I’ll be online this weekend with all the try bards, grinding out a few more levels.

  • SamuelTheNoob

    I’m prestige 3 level 53, I got it for Christmas but didn’t play much at all until summer


    All the gay ass booster will ruin the lobbies…it happens every 2xp weekend….

  • decanj123

    I live in England so when will it start?

    • Navid Talenejad

      around 5pm

      • caatje

        Why do we get it so late??

      • decanj123


        • josh123

          what about wales?

          • bob

            In wales it will start at 11pm

          • kyle

            why 11 if your from wales add me xxkylejonxx

          • kyle

            ps3 btw

          • westlife911

            hi i am in england and i don’t think it has started yet can any one confirm this please?

        • josh123

          when will it start in wales?

    • Guest

      10am in US…remember we are 8 hours behind them! Duh!

  • richard

    it for gun or medel
    xp ?

  • K14551F13D

    i live in England and its 11:50 and it hasn’t started yet so when will it start

  • caatje

    Where does my double XP ????

    • beth

      mine hasnt come on either

      • caatje

        how much longer must we wait??

        • Nathan

          For all the people who are waiting, for Double XP in UK,.. It starts at 18:00. You can check yourself if you want look where it says 10 in Pacifc Daylight Time then on the other side BST, which is british time it says 18:00. I hope this helped

  • caat

    Where is my double XP ???? 🙁

  • beth

    i live in england mine hasnt come on yet

  • decanj123

    ive been told its going to start around 5pm for us guess you will just have to play and pass time

  • Dangler71

    When will the east coast start

  • josh123

    i live in wales so when will it start?

  • Harry Kojder

    Is it on in england yet?

  • Nigger lips

    Is it supposed to start late? Because I live in America and its 11:07

    • xXCodNoLifexX

      Its starts for us at 1:00pm. Cause they do California time.

  • Aiden Dresser

    i live in england and it still isnt on when is it coming on

  • traytray1040

    when does double xp start for eastern time

  • KapitanPlanet

    Lets get some double weapon XPR for those of us who are prestige masters

  • Sky blue

    It’s 12:30 it didn’t start yet

  • Lee

    I live in nothenirland when will I get it

  • Red Spades

    i live in texas so at what time will double xp start

  • kyle

    everyone add me from wales? xxkylejonxx ps3

  • Jamie

    Double Xp is not on today I don’t why have you put it up yet answer

    • traytray1040

      it is going to start today

  • Jasson

    I live in minnisota wat time does it start

  • Zach

    When Does Pa/Ny Get Ut ??

  • justin

    What tim is the double xp going tostart for il

  • Kristina

    When is it going to start for EST:(

  • justin

    I need to no tim tim Double xp weekend is so I no is it to day

  • Baz6578

    Why is the connection so crap when it’s double xp every single time. No point in having it.

  • IronRhombus

    Is double xp live? doesnt seem like it…

  • Oscar

    Is this the last one?

  • YoungKing23

    when will double xp weekend start in Miami again