In an interview with GameSpot, Mark Rubin spoke about why dedicated servers hasn’t been part of the franchise for some time. He said that IW has been looking into the idea of dedicated servers since Call of Duty 4, but they just couldn’t have enough servers for the number of players that play Call of Duty.

“One of the problems with our game, in a sense, is that we have so many players,” said Rubin. “I remember that we looked into dedicated servers on console when we were developing Call of Duty 4, and the problem was that we could only fit four [multiplayer] games onto each server. So, you times that by how many games were being played, and it was going to come out to be more servers than every data center in the United States. It would have been impossible to do.”

“Obviously the power of the servers grew, and we can fit more and more instances per server, which has helped a bit, and the fact now that Microsoft is supporting this huge cloud initiative, dedicated servers make a ton more sense. We’ll have scalability, and we’re not having to run data centers which we’re not necessarily equipped to do. Having Microsoft do that is fantastic.”

Rubin went to say that it’s ‘fantastic’ that Microsoft is doing what they are with the Xbox LIVE Cloud features; giving the developers what they need to have dedicated servers.

“So the infrastructure, the internet service producers, have all realised that and are starting to formulate their strategies for how they run their business around multiplayer social gaming. I remember on Call of Duty 4 we have problems in Europe because some of the ISPs here were bandwidth limiting video game traffic. We fought and fought with those guys, and literally sent people to those companies trying to explain what’s going on, and fortunately today I think it’s a significantly improved environment.”

SOURCE: GameSpot

  • klover


    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      We will have to wait on Sony for that one. But I wouldn’t count on it considering they basically wrote off cloud technology instead of investing in it.

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox


        • ThtJstHapnd

          GaiKai is to video games what Netflix is to movies. All it does is emulate a game and stream the video of it to your console. It it not cloud based, dedicated server, or storage.

      • PHAT PETE

        i cant see sony doing it, they use all that ps plus money to buy old games.

        • Chris

          Maybe Sony will use the PS+ money to buy some servers as well?

        • Reno

          BF3 was old 3 or 4 months ago? Saints Row the Third is an outdated game? lol. I think you are thinking about games 4 gold, where you got CrackDown 1 from 2007 and Dead Rising 2 from 2009ish.

        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          And when it comes to MS or Sony on who makes more money for their online service. It isn’t even close lol

    • luis

      Its Sony’s fault lmao. U wanna blame someone blame the console Ur all going crazy about. I’ll let u in on a little secret. They’re selling u an incomplete product. Ur “cloud” services won’t be ready till sometime in the middle of next year. And not to mention its an unproven method being used. Even if they get it up and running there’s a good chance they won’t even use your unproven servers. So at least for this iteration of cod enjoy p2p.

      • ThtJstHapnd

        Dude come on. I’m all for XboxOne, but the way people attack each other sometimes. At least you could spell some things correctly to make yourself look intelligent.

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          Yup because bashing me for my spelling when I’m on a mobile phone really makes u a big man. Get over yourself.. I’m sure a few mispronounced words didn’t give u a heart attack, you’ll live champ. Now that you understand Im not bashing I’m stating facts. If you weren’t so busy looking up words in your dictionary you would see that.

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            Believe me I know you were stating facts. I believe it all. The incomplete product is spot on to me too. I’m on a mobile phone as of right now as well. I can type out “you” and “your”. It’s not that hard to make yourself look educated. I’m in no way bashing you saying your not. I understand the mobile phone thing, just when your bashing someone spelling things out and making clear points are better than short hand rants. Look at the up votes and down votes, of your comment and then the one I wrote you. People agree. Thank you for your time. Remember I am typing on a mobile phone as well.

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            No. Here’s where you are wrong. People up voted my comment and down voted for they’re own personal reasons (either they agreed or disagreed). Your comment was up voted because you went through the trouble of making a smart ass remark. Its human nature to go ohhh he’s right let’s get behind this guy who contributed nothing to the conversation but he found a mistake. Everyone grabs a pitchfork. So don’t get all delutional thinking anything you said during your first post or this one meant anything, Besides it being a rant itself. And one last thing the time I put into that one post should be evident on how intelligent I see the crowd. And just like them u haven’t impressed either. I bid you a good day.

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            They’re…. their
            U…. you
            delutional… delusional
            Also never use And to start a sentence.
            Case closed. Thank you sir.

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            Well now that you’ve corrected me and you’re life’s accomplished when I clearly miss spelled on purpose. You can go on and end you’re life. You clearly don’t have anything left to live for correct? Now before u go on ahead why don’t you read my first post. Turns out you didn’t understand the first time around.

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            “you’re life’s accomplished” = “your life is accomplished”
            “miss spelled” = “misspelled”
            “you’re life” = “your life”
            “Now before u go” = Now before you go”

            I understand completely. I can spell and comprehend what’s going on. Your making yourself look ridiculous.

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            Lmao I see Ur enjoying Urself here I’ll keep missspeling the way I choose that irritates u so. What u fail to understand that in the grand scheme of things u correcting me on bad spelling means nothing because u clearly cannot come up With anithing relevant to say. So go on and tear this post apart. Enjoy.

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            Do you understand that I agreed with everything your original post said? Do you understand all I asked you to do was to spell correctly, to get your point across? When you spell wrong it is in no way bothering me at all. You say that it irritates me. I like to learn and show intelligence, so your saying I’m irritated? I don’t understand where you get that from. You are seriously making yourself look like a fool. I don’t get what your so upset about. From the way you put sentences together, and say that your misspelling on purpose, I don’t believe you. That doesn’t mean I’m upset about anything. I know I’m intelligent, my son(10 years old) spells better than you. It’s quite honestly sad that you say your doing it on purpose.

            I agree with the incomplete product. I agree that it’s Sonys fault no Dedicated servers are announced yet. I don’t understand what your problem with me is. All I did was try and help you to get your point across and understood. People see your grammar and spelling and instantly your an idiot. Sorry I tried to help you.

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            Your not helping good sir, this all stems from the fact u keep correcting me because of a few grammar mistakes being wrote on a cell phone that clearly auto corrects the way it feels appropriate, bothered u enough to make a comment and challenge my intelligence. You said so yourself. What I need you to understand is that this is just a simple blog in which no one should be judge on because of a few graphical errors. This isn’t an essay nor do I pretend to be an editor of some sort. I hold nothing against you but understand where we are. Its the internet, correcting a few mistakes here won’t get you a gold star. So if you’re willing to just drop it so would I.

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            If you have a kid that’s 10 and your on a stupid cod information site then damn your life is boring

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            Wow. People never stop amazing me at their intelligence level. My life is anything but boring. My son lives with his dead beat mom while I pay over $150 a week in child support to support her pot smoking and drinking habits. I just got paperwork filed to get custody of my kid. You have no right to judge my life, because I have a kid. Also don’t attack someone about their life when you are pathetic enough to have that kind of screen name. Get a life.

    • ThtJstHapnd

      What about PS4?

      • He’s just showing his support

        • ThtJstHapnd

          By just saying “PS4”? That’s not support, he didn’t include any wording.

    • todd

      sir jackass needs to explain the lack of them s on mw2 and 3 on pc. especially since cod4, waw and bo had them. oh thats right, theyre lazy.

      • ListerStorm

        Well thats on PC: Fucken PC! There is a lot less people playing on PC. Think logic sir jackass.

      • Keshav Bhat

        sir jackass game them to you in MW3 on PC

    • Fetterlein

      stop saying ”ps4” on every single post ffs.

    • ip x Warrior

      Xbox One

    • falahcod

      Fuck it. We still got Battlefield and it’s DS.

    • Cell





    Just gimme Dedis on the PS4 and I’m happy

  • Guest

    360? WHAT ABOUT 360!

    • luis

      Its an insentive to upgrade to the new system. Its like saying yes u can play but Itl be better here if u like.

  • I’ve always thought the sheer number of players online at any given time is what made dedis impossible for console CoD and boy, am I glad to hear Mark confirming it.

  • Doesn’t Sony have something better than cloud called Gaikai? Why isn’t that being used for dedicated servers on COD Ghosts for PS4?

    • Gaikai is more like OnLive instead of Azure.

      • Thanks for informing me. I was kind of ignorant on the subject of what Gaikai.

        • ThtJstHapnd

          Another way to think about it, Gaikai is to video games, what Netflix is to movies.

    • luis

      Its not ready till next year, No one ever said they would be better. As a matter of fact they’re an unproven company, and I can guarantee u they won’t have enough servers to compensate for everyone playing.

  • Android2013

    so are the dedicated servers for ranked matches or is it like the pc version of mw3 that have private matches on dedicated servers??!

    • Its like battlefield (without the custom lobbies) dedicated servers

      • Android2013

        Have they actually said that or your just assuming it’s going to work like that?

        • Im assuming….they would never put in the option to make your own lobby.

          • Android2013

            Okay, hopefully they aren’t trolling us like they did with “fuck you last stand” and they had final stand in there -_- lol

          • Chris Mason

            Well, he wasn’t lying that last stand would be gone, because that perk isn’t in MW3. But the presence of death streaks is still a problem.

  • ThtJstHapnd

    So in other words this is Mark Rubin saying, “if you can’t get into a game blame MS”

    • Chris Mason

      You gathered that from his comments? I understood it as, “Before the framework of the cloud, the concept of dedicated servers was far too costly and we couldn’t get everyone to cooperate with the gaming community, but now the infrastructure is finally capable of giving you what you’ve been asking for without additional cost.”

      • ThtJstHapnd

        I was making a joke. I know the framework and I have been waiting forever for this announcement. It greatly makes my day. I just liked how he said “Having Microsoft do that is fantastic”.
        That’s a way of passing the responsibility to someone else if something goes wrong. I called it day one that MS cloud would be a defining feature.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Me too.

  • TheTruDoc

    Just wait for sony to respond. Who knows they could get a deal with IW and we could get dedicated servers. If not then I may go over to BF4

  • James K

    Read the comments on the Gamespot link. It’s basically a war.

  • sss

    i guess the ps3 and the 360 are fucked.
    i reckon most people will be playing cod on the 360 and ps3.

  • Big Pow

    who cares about dedicated servers??? stop crying and just enjoy the new consoles, both consoles are gonna be awesome! ghosts wont be the only game, there are going to be other games to play!

  • TacticsOnUr6

    oh shii the fans will have to come up with another excuse for losing a gun battle {PRO PLAYERS}

  • Chris Mason


    Technology has gotten better. SCIENCE!!!!

  • JD

    what a complete and total load of bs, the BF series had had more players and had dedicated servers since day one, what else would you like to blow up peoples back end

    • DanDustEmOff

      BF hasn’t had more people playing it since CoD4 dropped mate. Hell there are more people playing BO1 than BF3 according to the last Xbl chart.

  • MrGladiator20

    Has anyone noticed how Infinity Ward is riding Microsofts dick. They are always talking about how microsoft and the Xbox 1 is so spectacular. I understand that he is trying to say some features that will come to the system but he is going far into it. (thats what she said). Its like you have a friend but are you gay for having a friend you like to hang out with and play some Call of Duty? Just think of that.

  • Bryan Salas

    Microsoft FTW