According to a editor, Mark Rubin apparently confirmed to him that the dedicated servers for Ghosts on PC will be ranked like Black Ops 2.


He also said that rentable server option will be coming to PC post-launch.

We’ve contacted Activision and will update if they confirm or deny…

SOURCE: @Bumsfrosch3000

  • aaa187

    This is great news. I was gonna pick up the 360 version even though I have a PC capable of maxing this out, but a server browser is a deal breaker for me. Now that rentable servers is confirmed, I’m going PC. Well, I hope Activision confirms at least.

  • C.G.D


  • Daniel Balongo Kanellis

    would be possible to see the dedicated servers on the 360 version?

    • Auptyk

      Probably not as they don’t access the cloud function Microsoft has provided.

      • John Smith

        it can, just hasn’t been announced for ghosts yet. Apparently Azure isn’t exclusive to xbox one and can be used to host servers for other platforms according to Titanfall developers.

    • Don Peterson


  • akarabamba

    “MATCHMAKING with ranked dedicated servers” ??? Really?? Are you fuckin kidding us? This system will not work as a real dedicated server but like the shit they gave us with Black Ops 2.

    There’s one and only one system for real dedicated servers.And it works like CoD,CoD2,4 & WaW.

    We don’t want matchmaking and we don’t want rentable servers.

    We want to host our servers from our houses and have the full control of them.Give us the dedicated servers back or you will see the death of CoD in a couple of years.

    The last CoD i bought was the MW3 and i regretted it. I didn’t bought Black Ops 2 cause the matchmaking and i will never buy a new CoD title until they’ll give us what we ask.

    • CdLuv

      Who is we exactly?

      • Shaddix

        visit 4d1 (a modding group of MW2, MW3 and more) which added full dedicated Server support and check their members: over a milion.

      • LaTompa

        The majority of the PC cod community dumbass. And its “who ARE we” not who IS we”. Troll skill-level = noob ?

    • MeisseN

      Ordinary “Death of CoD” theory……

    • Imchasinyou

      You kiddo can speak for yourself! I dont want to have a rig dedicated to my server running in my home! I dont need that advantage to kick ur scrawney asses! I also dont need that headache. Rentable dedi’s for the majority of players out there is whats needed based on my 15 years of gaming, server hosting, server renting and clan operator. Its best you dont buy any other game produced under the COD title as the community really dont need you whiney little ass bat lickers to ruin our down time playing a game. Although, this is likely preorder ploy to drive sales, its unlikely they will actually follow through. Ill consider the purchase ONLY after conformation of these servers being available, then Ill likel;y pop 3-4 as I have don with BO. I still currently have 3 servers in BO-1 1 ranked 2 unranked. But im basically looking into migrating to BF4 as the engine is better, the graphics are better, the playability is way better and they will have the servers we all want.

  • TheCheeseWeel

    now im not going to buy Ghosts, all i wanted was a server browser and PC players cant even have that

    • Jon Cameron

      You realize that “rentable servers” implies a server browser right? How would rentable servers even work with the way BO2 works. It wouldn’t.

      • captain

        Because MW3 had a server browser only for unranked. Here’s how it’s going to work:
        IW will have dedicated servers with matching and ranked like Black Ops II
        IW will have rent able servers that will be unranked with a server browser.

        • captain

          *WE will have rent….

          • KaNDiMaN999

            IW* it means Infinity Ward. Nice try though.

        • caca

          lol u wrong

      • Mr. Nerve Damage

        That’s the simple part… it’s not complicated for them to give people the “option” to rent their own servers ala blops 1, waw, mw3, etc., it’s simply a financial concern for them. Although that’s the truly confusing part for me, because it would be cheaper for IW to have their players pay for the servers… and run/maintain them, as opposed to renting out their own “dedicated” servers that players will have access to for the foreseeable future, but have no control over (as they are in blops 2, ghosts, etc.). Basically… with rentable servers, it would save them time, money, and hassle, but I think the control over the players is their main concern… if you look back to cod4 as an example, you can see how successful a game can be if you put the power in the hands of the players, but they want to push out new titles every year to keep the money train moving. I think they could find other… more creative ways to make money off of ONE game for 4-5 years, instead of the way that they do it now. Hell… sell mod tool software for $49.99… so players can make their own maps and whatnot… I’d buy it.

  • VIP3R

    MATCHMAKING with ranked dedicated servers is the worst thing that activision have ever done killed cod on the pc

    • LaTompa

      You sir are a retard, go back and play on your console !
      Dedi servers is what every semi-serious gameing clan whants on PC. No more fucking hosting matches and shit.

      • Mr. Nerve Damage

        Calling him a retard for what he said is a bit ironic, considering that you misunderstood what he meant. Activision has been referring to their lobby system as “dedicated servers” for years… which technically they are, but they aren’t owned by the USER… as they were in Blops 1, MW1, WaW, etc. I agree that the best way to play online is with a Dedicated Ranked server browser, but when he said “matchmaking dedicated servers”, he’s simply talking about the lobby system that you got with several recent CoD releases. He’s saying the same thing you are… only… you misunderstood him and called him a retard, lol…

        • thatguyhere

          Yes but even those are 10000000000000x better than player-hosted matches which is what LaTompa was talking about.

          • Mr. Nerve Damage

            Vip3r said the same thing.

  • So in summary it sounds like it will be a MW3 BO2 combination. We will have the Black Ops 2 side of matchmaking that throws us into dedicated servers for RANKED games. Then we will have the Modern Warfare 3 side of post launch rentable servers locked down for UNRANKED games with limited customization. Somewhere in the mix there would have to be a server browser – at least for finding the rentable servers – but it doesn’t make sense to have a server browser on game launch when it can’t be used; so maybe later as a patch? Seems odd to me.

  • SoulTaker

    I would love to rent a server and disable all the noobtubes and the support package.

  • Ascending Legend

    What does it mean by ranked?

    • MeisseN

      It means the servers save your stats and progression when you play in one of them. Unranked servers (like them in MW3) are just for fun but won’t affect your stats.

  • MeisseN

    Oh yeah still no freedom for choosing games to play… which means if there’s only one round with low ping I have to play it (no matter how shitty it might be). Anyways the good news is there’s no annoying host migration like in MW3

  • jgg

    he said that rentable servers is an option.

  • john

    Okay…so from the information they gave us so far this is what i’m thinking it’s going to be like, for PC atleast. You know the shitty “dedicated servers” that they claimed to have for BO2? It’s pretty much going to be the same for Ghosts. It’s not going to be like BO1 with the server browser. There is only going to be a server browser for rentable servers and i’m guessing they aren’t going to be ranked. So in other’s going to still suck for PC players because we aren’t going to have a server browser for ranking/leving up.

    • Abhishek Jain

      yes it will be same shitty system like bo2 and it will have shitty lag comp too…good that i did not pre order as of now..their menu system will be same like bo had in MM lobby so they wont change the whole menu when rentable server i guess its unranked servers only

  • TheCheeseWeel

    i just hope it isnt going to be like BF3 where you need to buy servers from EA. i want to host it from a third party company

  • LaTompa

    Matchmakeing is shit, dont whant to end up playing with fucking russians.
    Why not just give us the serverbrowser we whant and the dedi servers and we will shut up and give you our money.

    • Dave Janowiec

      Totall Give an option for desktop DEDICATED servers LIKE COD 4 to totally mod servers and Enhance the Experience..Look a Counterstrike Moddable, server control, and is still a staple in Online Experience for PC’s…If IWard made the experience like that and could capitalise on that Model…with continued updates and an expansive Server model…that is the way games were meant to be….Even the Cod 4 Experience was amazing and still is played daily by millions(well maybe not millions) of dedicated gamers’…I still go back and play every few month’s just for fun…

  • Tim

    I gave up on CoD PC a long time ago. The whole Matchmaking thing works great on Xbox, but for anyone who is a real PC gamer, this is awful… CoD PC will not die, plenty of people will still buy it for various reasons, and because of this the makers of CoD will never give PC gamers (true PC gamers) what they want. My suggestion to others, is if you don’t like it go play a game that has a developer who listens to their users. CS:GO competitive is awesome online, and guess what it’s $15. Or, go buy Blops 1 which had what we asked for in it (mostly). I am not saying CoD sucks, nor am I saying it doesn’t have its place in the gaming world. I’m simply saying…stop bitching about the lack of developer support and go play a game that has what we want! Just my .02

  • Muted

    Funny… up until now any match making was player connection based… 3arc was the first (that I know) dedicated sever for match making… who cares if they have both as long as you have an option… rent able servers or match making… all should be happy!

  • Drexx TX

    Welcome rentable servers, welcome indeed!!!


    Need rentable dedicated servers, so i can ban hammer all these n00bs.