During the Gamescom Livestream yesterday, Activision and IW showed off a studio tour of IW with their community manager Tina Palacios.

Check out this tour of our studio as seen at Gamescom 2013!

  • The old team is better

    • I still like Tina & Candy though

    • ip x Warrior

      You like Robert Bowling ? the guy who loved death streaks ?

    • funster

      They traitors to cod

      • James K

        Well Tina joined IW shortly after Robert left his position as community manager. Since she loves Call of Duty, it’s her dream job.

        • funster

          She found the right path

  • ccrows

    IMO she lacks that “selling pitch” ability that both Von and Bowling have/had. Plus riding around on a scooter with a donkey head, and doing Harlem Shake videos doesn’t really help with the traditional COD gamer either.

    However this is her first rodeo, (see what I did there – yes I know she worked for IGN) so I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. If the game plays well (minimal lag) and she stays vocal with the community, then who cares.

    Best of luck Tina, you’re gonna need it with this community…

  • Bryan Salas

    Tina is hot

  • whiteboy7thst

    Tina’s ugly.


    i love TINA she’s relly pretty


    She’s kinda hot…in a MiLF type way….oh wait what was this story about again….

  • Anonymous….

    Nice studio, shitty camera

  • a816chicken

    Tina > Robert Bowling

  • Abd3l4l

    That’s so not the sound of a crashing helicopter.