A new patch for Black Ops 2 has been released for Xbox 360 and PS3 players. This patch address some MP issues and Zombies issues.

Full patch notes:

Multiplayer Issues Addressed –

-Fixed an issue which caused strafe and backwards movement speeds to be slower than intended in certain circumstances.
-Addressed an issue where Players were able to copy other Players’ emblems.
-Fixed an issue where throwing down and picking up equipment (such as the Bouncing Betty) for a long period of time would cause those items to become invisible when thrown.
-Fixed bullet and equipment collision in Detour with several of the metal tiles in the lower section of the bridge.
-Players are no longer able to stand on invisible collision near the crane in Uplink.
-Fixed an issue in Uplink where Players were able to access invisible collision near the lower start spawn, outside of the intended playspace.
-Players are no longer able to Dive-To-Prone into a section of the downed plane in Cove.
-Improved stability with the preview movies in CoDTV when signing in and out of profiles.
-Fixed an issue where the lobby countdown timer would reset back to full in certain circumstances.

Zombies Issues Addressed

-Zombies no longer jitter when they climb on the roof of the bus or when they enter from the windows.
-Fixed an issue where zombies killed inside the bus would attack Players for a second before despawning.

Die Rise
-Leapers no longer become stuck in the main elevator shaft.

-The Double Points upgrade now applies when purchasing ammunition for wall-buy weapons.
-Players are no longer able to Dive-To-Prone on a haystack in the Stables and become free from zombie attack.
-Fixed an issue in the starting area where Players were able to Dive-To-Prone and safely land on collision without going down the slide.
-Players are no longer able to Dive-To-Prone on a fence outside the Church and become free from zombie attack.
-Addressed an issue where Players were able to place a Trample Steam in the Courthouse tunnels, launch themselves into a wall, and become free from zombie attack.
-Fixed an issue where Players were receiving points by touching zombies with the Insta-Kill persistent upgrade active and a sniper rifle equipped.
-Players are no longer able to access unintended collision in-between the General Store and Stables and be free from zombie attack.
-Players no longer get stuck at the bottom of the slide when using Dive-To-Prone.
-Fixed an issue where zombies were getting stuck in walls when Players stood in Vulture-Aid stink.
-Players are no longer able to stand on invisible collision on the Stables’ exterior and be free from zombie attack

SOURCE: CoD Forums

  • exeterman2

    This is annoying, copying emblems was extremely useful for me as I am in a clan with a clan emblem that everyone needs to copy. Grrrr.

    • GarethWasher

      I think it should be in the game but you should send the player a request to copy the emblem because if it was in the game but every emblem was open to being copied we’d see even more duplicate emblems than we do now.

      • PsychOutGaming

        I agree, you should go to their player card, and pick the emblem they want, and when they click it, it sends a request to the owner and they can accept or decline it.

      • ip x Warrior

        Very good idea !!

        • billybob

          So when will Treyarch do this? Hopefully soon. I didn’t get all the badass emblems out there while the glitch was possible, kinda unfair fuckers.

      • exeterman2

        That would be perfect.

    • bigtex769

      I AGREE Im IN A CLAN GHOST VIPERS and we all roll the same emblem and now that i just made a better one 2 days ago not all my team has it. now i have to explian how to make it while they all try to do it wtf most usefull glitch in cod history gone =*(

  • s5z Android T09

    Thumbs up Treyarch, keep up the patching!
    Still more glitches to patch for you guys.
    And for zombies why would you even bother patching every specific glitch… It’s undoable because people actually spending their lives, on finding little nooby spots to glitch on.
    Why don’t you guys make an anti-camping tool. Just like in the old counterstrike..
    If you don’t move for a certain time.. you die.. In zombies you shouldn’t be able to stand still for a long period, in that case you’d be glitching/cheating.
    Except for the Leroy/crawler trick.. but thats expendable to my opinion anyway, I don’t think the community would appreciate its removal. But for the anticamping-tool..
    Think about it, Treyarch!.
    No more worries about thousand kinds of trample steam glitches that will emerge, eventually.

    Greetz from s5z Android T09

    A caring player who’s fun got ruined, because 99,99% of the zombie community being
    pittyfull glitchers. And 99,99% of them, actually acting AS IF they are legit.
    For everyone reading this and having a glitched record on zombies. You are despicable. I rest my case

    • demobilizer

      Why are you so snobby and ride treyarchs dick so hard?

      • Guest

        Why would it matter? Are you going to give him a timeout if he does?

    • HaloMillennium

      I honestly hate glitching in Zombies; I work my ass off for my high rounds and here these assholes are getting up to round 170 something with no downs because they glitched. Highest I’ve ever made it was Round 59 on Mob of the Dead and I felt so damn proud of myself, but then I see all these guys that glitch and have such a high round record it pisses me off so much.

      This one guy, before they even patched Buried, was the only one glitching and we were having trouble and kept dying while he was in a wall and wanting to go high rounds. Fucked up my K/D so much that game..

  • wig ripper

    Anyone else having problems downloading the new camo packs? They’re in my class loadout but when you go to the store to buy its just all the old ones, anyone else having this problem?

    • MrJDGuns

      yep only aqua is available for me.

  • JohnClark_R6

    To the Charlie Intel guys and those of you who still play BOII daily. Quick question, In the last couple months did Treyarch change the sound in the game at all? I checked the patch notes and didn’t see anything. I haven’t played regularly since February. Didn’t touch the game for almost six months.
    I played a few games last week and thought the footsteps and a few other things were louder. I thought I was just imagining things but then two of my friends said the same thing without any provocation of the subject.

    • Marshall

      I am not sure, maybe they did but it wasn’t in the patch notes. They sometimes do that. I have noticed a difference in the past few months also.

  • glesgadave

    I no longer have the lightning bolts coming from either tranzit or die rise does that mean my Easter eggs are gone?

    • MrGladiator20

      If you did the easter egg finale then yes they are gone but you still keep the Achievements or trophy

  • StupidDOGY


    • ccrows

      Kinda hard to fix the spawns when the majority of the maps are “small to small medium”… (plus people wanting to play Nuketown and Hijacked over and over)

  • ip x Warrior

    In Ghosts we trust

    • James K

      I thought it was Treyarch we trust?

  • DanDustEmOff

    Yawn all these stupid little fixes and still nothing to improve the netcode. Just admit you don’t know what you’re doing.

    • NiftyGam3r

      Same generic complain

      • DanDustEmOff

        I will expand further if you like?

  • Super_Deluxe

    Can you guys decrease the shotguns fire rate in between shots because they can get 2 shots off before I can even pull up my gun which is ridiculous and add some damn recoil to the LMGs too. It amazes me that those tanks haven’t been nerfed in any way yet the SMGs got nerfed to death. I know this game is beyond broken but at least try to make it playable in these last few months…

    • MrGladiator20

      use Dexterity you will most of the time get the shot off before the guy using the shotgun kills you in 1 hit

      • Super_Deluxe

        I do and it still doesn’t make a big difference with shotguns if they’re running with lightweight and dexterity, dude pops out of nowhere and bloop! Instant death. I’m dead before I could do anything.

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          Pull out the KSG with Quickdraw, Laser sight, and Long barrel. Makes 870 bitches cry.

  • Vondyy is GAY

    Still no LMG Patch , tirgetfinders and KSG’s WTF is wrong with you Vondyy ??

    • Marshall

      The thing is to patch a gun, they need to have like 50% of the community abusing it. Unfortunately there isn’t that many. They need stats, not complaints from the community to patch guns.

      That is why when used in the right hands, the FAL is the best gun in the game. Although won’t patch it because not enough people are good enough to use it like this. Although Pro Players abused it so it was banned from MLG.

      • KTB

        LMGs are retarded in Ground War. I guarantee over 75% in Ground War uses it.

    • ONE BAR

      How could you even patch the target finder?

    • Emrah Avvurur

      Why would the KSG need to be patched/nerfed?, and targetfinders, seriously, have fun in this game?

  • Korflock

    Game has been out for 9 months. No lag fix in sight. I fucking hate treyarch.

  • whaaat brot

    There is a Big problem now in league play. They kinda changed the host system so its exactly like public with 1 single host. Now people dash out all the time and the whole lobby breaks down and everyone gets a lose. This is fucking horrible what are those guys from treyarch thinking!!!!!!

  • CJGotKicks

    Treyarch is fixing the dumb things that wasnt that big of a problem. What about a pistol winning a gun fight against a Assault rifle? Or a Submachine gun?

    • yo momma

      Stop sucking

      • CJGotKicks

        Lol im way better than you hop off of treyarch’s dick fan boy.

  • FartingClownHD

    We want the old DDR and ballista back

    • bigtex769

      yes i feel the same way they really jacked up the 2 good snipers

  • KTB

    Horrible patch. It really fucked up League Play as there’s games that start with 2 seconds notice. This has many problems, 1. You cannot check winstreaks meaning you get host booted more often. 2. You have 2 seconds to change your class set.

  • parksy

    They need to fix split screen glitch where they can be on different teams online F###ing boosters

  • Why treyarch! Why?!

    “-Addressed an issue where Players were able to place a Trample Steam in the Courthouse tunnels, launch themselves into a wall, and become free from zombie attack.”


  • LoveDoctor J

    There’s a glitch where Leroy gets stuck and froze in one spot for like a few rounds.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    I’ve completely lost hope on Treyarch releasing a useful patch. These issues have been around since day 1 and will forever be ignored.



    • Jack

      Damn calm the fuck down

    • bennett

      Leave a message…best damn comment I’ve heard

  • guest

    Had die rise and buried EE done, showing blue lighting on map. Then with the update its gone now wi

  • x_oshinoshinobu

    ahahahahahaha you can’t copy emblems now xD

    • Itachi Ghost


  • Pacman

    If Treyarch/Activision weren’t so stingy and had bothered to beta test the game before release, they wouldn’t need to be constantly patching things like the emblem stealing this late in the picture. What about the inconsistent hit detection, even with a full connection…when you going to fix that Treyarch? I’d rate this as the worst cod…riddled with issue after issue. Definitely won’t be buying another Treyarch game if this is what they palm off to gamers as a finished game. It’s just plain incompetent and the gaming community expect a better standard of release from established developers.

  • bigtex769

    im finding it hard to understand how LMG’S have had no nerf but the fal,pdw,msmc,dsr,balista,smr, have all had 3 nerfs how is this even fair THEY FUCKING BUFFED THE ALREADY OP LMG’S WITH pretty much quick draw with out needing it now lmgs have smg like abilitys but 2x the power? FUCK YOU TROLLARCH


    My zombies main menu won’t load at all since dowloading the patch a few days ago!I have a ps3 & when I restart the system it doesnt say that it was cut off unexpectedly asit usedto whem freezing during gameplay. If anybody can help I would appreciate it very much.Im really angry with treyarch right now

    • furykiller

      Its because you have a ps3 lol jk


    By the way the playstation button does nothing while experiencing this black screen, and multiplayer seems uneffected. Thanks again to anybody who can help me with my problem

  • Taco

    Lmg patch gayarc?


    So no update on the dsr what the crap

  • xXMuFfInShArKXx

    What? No patch for the stupid Target Finder? Worst idea in a game ever! If your gonna let garbage players use it then fine at the very least make it so in hardcore it hits all moving objects including friendlies. I’ll never buy another Treyarch COD again if this stupid attachment keeps being relevant.

  • Ecks

    personally i think they should of left it alone they were making more money for people buying the extra slots to protect their emblems now people dont have a reason to buy the extra slots

  • Nyannnnn Nyannnn

    :c . I pressed the button for all richys EE twice and then i did all of Maxis.the towers are still orange but wen choosing a map it isnt.:c the only reason i did the EE was so i could see the orange light wen im choosing my map.

  • LTPS89

    fix the damn multiplayer problem..my damn system freezes everytime i got to get on multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed

    did anyone else lose the ghost preorder skin and reticles with this patch?

  • vvhoresnop

    It’d be great if the Ray Gun Mark II was easily accessible on other maps besides Buried.

  • fireheart

    What about the white cyborg I got? PS3. like the texture glitch in zombies

  • Shawn

    Thanx glad people can’t I put a lotta time and effort in mine sucks people could just grab it from you

  • Emo


  • Rusty Squitles

    This is rediculous, I was going to fresh start today, and then I read this. I was going to get my brother to copy my emblems and I would get them back, but guess not. Thanks for being stupid as hell Treyarch.

  • Nathan Noble

    Maps won’t load past 1/4 since patch. anyone else having this issue? (PS3)

  • jesse

    How do i fix my black ops 2, when i play there is no gun please help me!

  • scoreingworm2925

    i wish they would fix a split screen glitch.
    when i play local split screen aginst bots and we are on dofferent teams the guns don’t appear on screen.

    • scoreingworm2925


  • quickscoper69

    fix the FUCKING LAG

  • quickscoper69

    they patched the emblem glitch when i was doing it

  • badgirl1010

    i think that we should be aloud to copy emblems again so that we can have the cool emblems and so we can keep up to date with everyone else