Mark Rubin has confirmed in an interview with Outside Xbox that in Ghosts MP, there will be a new ‘Clan vs. Clan’ playlist which will replace Black Ops 2’s League Play playlist.

This new playlist requires you to play with your clan members against other clans. This playlist will have a leaderboard that shows which clan is the best, and Infinity Ward plans to use these leader boards to determine which teams can qualify for the Call of Duty: Championship in 2014.

Watch the interview here:

  • iSwedishVirus

    Wait so it’s ONLY clans? So you can’t play solo anymore?? ๐Ÿ™
    Well that sucks…thx IW..

    • Seidji

      Did you see the entire menu?
      There are clan vs clan, clan vs AI, solo mode, and more.

  • Birchy

    to be honest I don’t think I ever played League Play… ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Zeegoner

      League Play’s immense fun you guys are missing out

  • BotMw

    There is no longer a reason for me to purchase COD: Ghosts. I hope Treyarch brings it back.

    • NiftyGam3r

      I doubt you literally were gonna purchase ghosts JUST for league play -__-

      • RaspyRascal

        I was ;(

        • YouScrubYou

          lol that’s just pathetic….

      • iSwedishVirus

        And i doubt that’s the only reason aswell.
        However i might be because Infinity Ward:
        *Removed Scorestreaks and brought back “Pointstreaks”.
        *Removed Theather.
        *Removed Hardpoint, CTF.
        *Sorta removed the Pick 10 system(not really but they made it bad).
        *Removed Combat Training.
        *No “mute all but party” option.
        *Still no “sound” settings(lower effects, voice volume etc).
        *They brought back Strike Packages.
        *And they removed League Play.

        And probably a lot more that i can’t come up with atm.
        I’m probably going to buy Ghosts but i’m really spectic to Infinity Ward because i really feelt like they fucked up on MW3(with SHG and Raven Software), and now they are back with Ghosts with 2 new co-developers aswell…Raven software and Neversoft…idk lol.

        • Kyle PDX

          They didnt remove CTF and theater is now a capability for your next gen console it does not need to be on the game now i can go on proving your wrong but if u just actually read alot of the articles on this sight better u might pic up on all the stuff u just said that was wrong or either it is being brought back in a different way. Exept the mute all party that part u are right about however would it kill u to talk to people have a little fun talk a little shit or just mute them induvidually its not that hard .

        • coolguy

          *no theater means less lag
          *your “sound settings were garbage in black ops2, you cant even hear footsteps

          • iSwedishVirus

            It wouldn’t really matter if it had theather mode because of the dedicated servers and the amount of servers the Xbox One has.
            And dude i’m not talking about the abillity to hear footsteps, i’m talking about the fact that in both BO1 and BO2 you could change the audio settings to your preferences, i play SnD a lot and i hate the music but with the sound settings in BO1/BO2 i can turn it down to 0. But in MW2/Mw3 and now Ghosts you can’t and it’s just frustrating tbh.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Theatre would still make the console work twice as hard and cause you to drop frames. Its better to allow the server to record the game and make it available to download after the match.

        • BotMw

          Thank you for typing this so I wouldn’t have to :). Infinity Ward just doesn’t do it like Treyarch.

          • ip x Warrior

            IW all the way ๐Ÿ™‚

        • ip x Warrior

          How do you know all this ? you work there ? you tried the game ? THE FUCKING GAME ISN’T OUT YET ! stop bitching about everything and wait for it to come out and then if you’re not happy with the game well throw it in the garbage or do what ever you want to but 99.9 % of cod community are excited about this upcoming Call of Duty..
          1- They remove Theater, but this will reduce lag, and with the Next gen console there’s a built in capture card so where the need to have a theater mode ?
          2- CTF is still there, they add Blitz but CTF is not going anywhere.
          3- They improve the pick 10 system ( you can’t remove your primary so this mean no more fucking OP combat knife)
          4- Nobody care about combat training ? I don’t buy a game to play combat training or maybe u suck at Multiplayer and need to play Combat training to be good..
          5- “Mute all” option will probably be there, Ghosts as for now is only a beta.. they can only play like 15% of the game.
          6- Strike packages is AWESOME, Specialist is amazing if you’re the guy who Is looking for a MOAB, assault if you want badass killstreak and support help you supporting your team.
          7- League Play was played by like 10-20 % of all black ops 2 community

          • Brad Torville

            I cared about Combat Training. If it is confirmed that it’s been removed, yeah, it is a deal breaker for me. I could care less about League/Clan play. Never have, never will. And I’m sick to death of Multiplayer simply they don’t give a damn enough about it to really police it. The last time I played, the game was hijacked in the lobby. Keep your multiplayer crap until you actually do something about the hackers. Until then at least let me have some fun with the maps in Combat Training. Guess I’ll spend my money somewhere else.

          • ip x Warrior

            Well they can’t put combat training just for you.. if they don’t put it they can spend the combat training memory on something else that a love of people will love

      • Paradox

        from my point of view i play pubs 20% of the time league play 30% of the time and scrimming in private matches 50% of the time, there is a small community of competitive gamers that don’t actually buy the game for pub stomping, though i cant deny the fact i will be doing some of it

  • Trizay

    Does it piss anybody else off whenever they say “new engine?”

    • sentrymann

      No…..because its a new engine. “New engine” rarely means from nothing, ground up brand new.

      • Trizay

        Even still. It’s the same thing as when they made MW2. The engine felt a bit different but it was still the almost exact same engine but with minor improvements. I like the new upgraded engine in Ghosts and am happy with the change but it still irks me that they keep pushing the idea of a “new engine” as if it were brand new from scratch.

        • Super_Deluxe

          I agree with you, I don’t believe they’ve completely rebuilt the engine from scratch either. It feels more like an update with new added features. I’m not falling for this marketing hype, not this time.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Its is just like FB2 is an upgrade from FB1. Frostbite was also built on top of .Refractor 2

        • Rai

          I understand what you mean, but from a technical standpoint it is new, and the change to the engine is nothing like they’ve done in the past. Simply put, it has been upgraded rather than update.

          Technically Frostbite 3 is a new engine even though it was not built from the ground up like Frostbite 2.

          ^Just think this is a good example.

      • Kyle PDX

        Exactly ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sentrymann

    Well, honestly A. I never really touched league play. And B. It was a bitch to try and play solo anyway, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Kyle PDX

    Thanks IW no really thank you so much. A little late though me and my clan have been waiting for something like this sense cod 4. But never the less i am greatfull. so much better than having to challenge clans threw a 3rd party like MLG etc. Also a great improvement from league. promoting fun competitve team play is great direction from 3archs already good league play.

    • BudEagle26

      they need both because this is not a good direction if they are leaving true competitive play behind.

  • Big Pow

    who cares about competitive i don’t even play that garbage!

    • BudEagle26

      garbage? It has the least bs. Rarely get shot in the back. Good spawns. Multiple annoying shit (tac inserts, shock charges, c4, claymores, betties, fal(more of a MLG rule because people were a bit to op with it), rpg, smaw, uav, cuav, guardian, hunter killers, care packages). Leqgue play is so much fun and you dont have to worry that much about paying pros because you get to play sucky people like you so it is fair. ;D

  • Meh, this doesn’t effect me. I’m a Pub stomper.

    • YouHardscope

      Pub stompers for LIFE!!!

    • whyuresetme

      more like get stomped in pubs

  • Super_Deluxe

    Man I was really hoping they’d bring back league play and fixing what Treyarch screwed up like combining your public stats and your league play stats and I think that’s why most people don’t play it since it’s gonna ruin your K/D. Damn IW, you really let alot of people down there :(.

  • I love League play

    Is it 4v4 ?

  • sds

    Can you still play solo ?

  • Battlefield 4 is shit

    Do you have to got ELITE and go throgh the entire process and create a clan and stuff ? HOW WILL THIS WORK ?? IS IT 4v4 ? Is it a “best of __” or is it just 1 game and the outcome counts as a win/loss ? IW GIVE US MORE DETAILS I LOVED LEAGUE PLAYYY

  • Battlefield 4 is horseshit

    How complicated will it be?

  • Battlefield sucks COD FTW



    Will it use the esports settings and modes/maps? No uav, Claymore, cuav etc. ? and will it use team objective game modes ? (SnD,Blitz, etc) ? Not team deathmatch etc .. Just tell me that it will use all MLG rules and settings and 4v4. Im scared right now .. I love Competative COD ..


    Please say its exactly like BO2 League play but no more solo ,, Please ..


    MLG cod is the only reason i Play cod .. OMG IW DONT RUIN COMP. COD WHEN TREYARCH DID SO MUCH TO ACHIEVE IT !!!

    • ip x Warrior

      Well nothing stop you to play BO2 for an other year..

      • BudEagle26

        but ghost looks fun and it would be awesome to see league play in it. Honestly, black ops 2 is a lil stale now. Maybe less stale if ghosts wasn’t announced so early or coming out so soon but it is just the pattern that has been set.

  • Bf4 for losers


  • David Sync

    Well .-. This sucks….now I have to get in a clan …great

    • sadasdsdadsa

      Are you on ps3 ? would you like to join ours ?

      • funster

        Yes u guys good?

      • David Sync

        Yes I am PS3 but I’m currently busy for a while since I have a presentation to go to but yah definitely will look into it

  • Alex

    I dont know why everybody is hating this change. This is what we have wanted since mw3. This sounds awesome. Thank u IW.

  • ip x Warrior

    I’m I the only one who think that Mark Rubin seems different in this video, he look a bit tired and slow xD ?

  • This clan vs clan is actually better than league play and i will tell you why. it forces you to have a team, work together and be confident in one another. Also now there wont be these solo videos from MLG players. Now we will see the entire OpTic clan or Envyus Clan vs some other group of players that are either organized or just a group of 4 guys (that know each other) that suck.

    • Armand

      you’re wrong, most of these MLG teams only play 4v4 while clan vs clan is 6v6 and the game modes are different so are the restrictions. Casual players will play this more than competitive players.

  • Paradox

    the only people who hate competitive are the ones too shit to play it, its perfect, removes all the unneccesary bullshit that everyone hates that IW or Treyarch put into the game each year, you play only people that actually want to win so no corner campers or noobs sat in there spawn, just players wanting to play properly, I agree there should be pubs but there should also be another playlist, either way doesn’t affect me too much i’ll just be scrimming all the time which requires 8 players, a private match and no scrubs, league play though was a nice little warm up against people who thought they were playing competitive though when in fact they were playing just the stepping stone… want real competitive either join decerto (XBOX) or EUeS (PS3/4)

  • shadowx

    i like clan wars but i also like going solo on league play aswell

  • XadjustmentX

    Blops 2 and League Play were both a super epic fail. Infinity Ward knows what they’re doing….treyarch is like the little step-child noone likes or pays attention to

  • Jenna

    How old do u have to be to be part of the championship? I’m guessing any clan me ever over the age of 18 can go? Anyone else who’s younger cannot…

  • wsgood

    Pubs is fun but League Play is awesome. I like the competitive aspect.

  • PL3X Raptor

    is it a 4v4 or 6v6 ?

  • LastKing

    Seriously, someone needs to make a petition to bring league play back, it’s the only thing I like to play on black ops 2!

  • Armand

    Let’s just say the made the biggest mistake when they decided to get rid of Hardpoint…..



  • FoR Strength

    IW we don’t want to go through the entire trouble to make a clan and only with those clan mates, let us play SOLO

  • justin

    Is any hardcore modes going to be added to clan vs clan?

  • dynamic

    It isnt league play unfortunately… Just a shitty upgrade where u can play a 4v4 game more with competitiva rules…no divisions sรณ for me it’s quite irrelevant

    • dynamic

      Mode *