NVIDIA and Activision today announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be using NVIDIA graphics to deliver the best experience on the PC than ever before.

Earlier today at GamesCom, NVIDIA and Activision announced a Call of Duty: Ghosts technical partnership that will result in the PC version of the massively anticipated game being the best of any platform. Already, NVIDIA developers are on-site at Infinity Ward, working hand in hand with Activision’s developers to ramp up the quality and fidelity of the game’s Sub D tessellation, displacement mapping and HDR lighting.

Furthermore, the agreement will see the integration of exclusive NVIDIA technologies like TXAA temporal anti-aliasing, and hardware-accelerated NVIDIA PhysX effects. The one example given by Infinity Ward was the enhancement of smoke through the use of APEX Turbulence, a PhysX toolkit that allows artists to quickly and easily bolster existing effects with super-realistic, physically-led particles. With APEX Turbulence, explosions, gunshots and character movement will disrupt smoke clouds, causing them to be realistically manipulated in reaction to the forces exerted. More effects are planned, so make sure to stay tuned to GeForce.com for additional details as they’re revealed.

NVIDIA members are already at Infinity Ward studios working with the team to deliver these new enhancements.

While on stage, Infinity Ward made several other announcements that are sure to please PC gamers and fans of the mega franchise. First and foremost, the PC version will support dedicated multiplayer servers, ensuring the optimum online experience for frag addicts.

Additionally, the PC version of Ghosts will be integrated with Call of Duty ELiTE like consoles.

Secondly, Call of Duty Elite will be rolled out on the PC, giving players access to all the services of the popular online portal. And finally, the Call of Duty Elite smartphone app will also grant access to the same PC stats and services, letting gamers manage their profile while on the go.

SOURCE: NVIDIA via @lord187x

  • DanDustEmOff

    Good to see the PC getting some love. I may even consider getting the PC version over the Xbox One.

  • Cenobyte666

    Being primary a PC gamer, this is really great news having finally the confirmation of dedicated servers with lobbies (aka BO2) and physx enhancement on the game. Can’t wait to get my hands on this game!

  • SoApFeVeR

    Finally a good PC port from IW. I hope that it has a FOV slider this time.

    • Marshall

      They said that all the console versions are built seperately and not just ports of the XBOX One or 360 editon, which makes it really cool.

  • David Sync

    Wow now I’m considering if I should get the PS4 or PC version

    • Cenobyte666

      As a PC gamer myself, I would say if you like playing an FPS with a controller, go with the PS4 version, it will have more players than the PC. I personally can’t stand a controller for this type of game and I plan to upgrade for this game and Battlefield 4… so PC for me 😉

  • On the technical side; this is quite interesting because it shows *some* extra effort being put towards graphical enhancement features on the PC platform. If you think of it as a port – mostly based from the next gen consoles – they are both running AMD hardware so the game likely has a number of AMD specific tunings coded in. To then take that and break it back down for the PC and switch more to NVIDIA features shows they are at least trying to customize more of an actual PC experience for the platform instead just a straight port with very limited change as with previous releases.

  • Big Pow

    the problem with this is that the stock market will drop by the dozen as days go by, and the government will settle in with power that obama refused to gain when iraq was being attacked by the us military and clinton was to busy eating ice cream!!!!!

    • Archer


  • Cyber-Ninja

    WOW!!! Yet more great news, after the confirmation of dedi servers, this is even more music to us Hard Core PC gamers ears. And FINALLY Elite comes to the PC, not before time and wayyyyyy overdue! As an Nvidia fan boy this also makes my planned upgrades pre-release even more mouth watering.

    I’m also glad to see Team Green getting in on the Ghosts action too. Let’s all hope for some cool Nvidia tweeks as I heard that there are no ports this time. As IW is developing for each platform individually, due to the differences in hardware specs. This confirms that theory and also wets the whistle for the most graphically superior experience, bad luck console cruncher’s!. Let’s also hope for some in-game tools to tweek even further, especially an adjustable FOV and custom graphics settings? Oh yes the PC finally gets some love – Thank You IW, Nvidia and Activision!!! :O)

  • omar_soft

    So i have to have an nvidia to get all theese cool effects? or will my ati run them ?

  • Jacky Liang

    Very nice! Any idea what map that is up there?

    • GromBloodboy

      Strikezone. Not sure if pre- or post- Odin Strike.

  • Seif Bahgat

    actually IW is making PC important just like Battlefield 4 is very important to PC they started to make PC important which is really great to me cz am a PC Player and FINALLY we are getting elite For PC thats what i wanted since BO2 which is awesommeee

    • aaa187

      I don’t think they can really make the PC version 2nd rate any longer. A lot of companies are really striving into making the PC versions the best that they can. You even see companies like EA and Ubisoft making their own gaming platforms. Activision can’t hold back, seeing the competition add basic PC features that they would otherwise ignore. I’m glad they are taking notice this time.

  • Diego Diniz

    Can a Single GTX 760 MAX out This game??? 1080p

    • Revan Rebel

      Yup, probably.