IGN has posted a new video with new gameplay of Blitz on the Octane map. The video also has a commentary from Tina Palacios, the Senior CM at IW.

Octane Blitz:

Whiteout Blitz:

Strike Zone – Blitz

Chasm – Blitz:


  • IfeBakarey


  • fleabag323

    If you look at the Related Videos at the end, they also have new gameplay of Blitz on Whiteout, Blitz on Strikezone, and Domination on Chasm.

  • Maccabeus Jamal Whitaker

    Did anybody else notice him shoot his own SatCom in the second vid? Gave me a good few chuckles 😀

    • ip x Warrior

      Maybe it got hacked or something like that haha still pretty funny 😛

  • ​​

    more like dumb bitch doesnt know what shes talking about

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      she does probably know what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t need to be a dumb bitch and point out every time she got a kill and rub it in his face that she won….she’s retarded and will get owned by everyone once they get their hands on the game.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Eh, I’d fuck her. Lol XD

      • BudEagle26

        Are you kidding? Thats funny and I would do the same thing. She is getting interviewed while she is playing against him and owning him. It’s just funny.

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          it’s his interview, she should show some respect. especially someone with the title of community manager. she’s a cunt.

          • BudEagle26

            It’s no big deal and it wasn’t very noticeably interrupting.

    • I bet you’d suck at her job. I know I would…I would be spilling the beans to CharlieIntel on the daily 😉 #Kissass

  • Adam

    Is Tina single?


    how bad is the guy play

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  • Elektrobanq

    The Dead-Eye perk is the only thing I really can’t stand the sound of. Isn’t getting a scorestreak for killing a lot of people enough? I already get pummeled by missiles from the sky by people who sit back and use an LMG the entire game. Now I have to look forward to going up against these people in an unfair gun battle? Gun on gun combat should be as fair as possible. If you want to reward people for staying alive, reward them in the realm of scorestreaks.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Agreed. This is going to be like stopping power in MW2. If you’re not using it, you’re screwed. Imagine someone going like 30-0. The more kills they get, the better they become. Too OP. I hope they patch this out after a few weeks, when they realize how powerful this is.

      • ip x Warrior

        There’s still time to remove this shitty perk.. hope they replace it with something else !

        • JustForFun119

          I think they can increase the cost of it even more so to ensure that the players using Dead Eye doesn’t have too many benefits over the others when using this perk, let’s say you can only equip one more perk without going out of perk costs.

    • Emrah Avvurur

      You have to deserve the dead-eye perk by going on a high killstreak, so what’s your point? It already takes five points away.

    • Batman

      This takes out most of your perk points. Its balanced.

      Atleast wait until the game comes out to say shit.

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      sounds like you’re just not good enough at the game if you can’t kill a guy camping with a LMG.

      • Elektrobanq

        Sounds like I’m just venting my frustrations with the way this perk works. I admit that I have a very hard time killing a guy with an LMG behind a riot shield, especially when multiple people on the other team are doing it and running spawn traps. I personally think LMG’s and riot shields take the fun out of the game, keyword “personally.” If you like using either of those two things, then whatever. I deal with it online the best I can. I just like getting my point of view across because IW and Treyarch encourage community feedback.

        As far as the other comments go, I do realize you have to go on a streak before Dead-Eye kicks in and therefore it kind of is a killstreak. All I am saying is that I prefer gun battles to be stable and without an unpredictable advantage. Let advantages be for stuff other than bullet damage. Also, I think I can speculate on the perk even when the game isn’t out, since developers have specified how it works.

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          Dead-Eye rewards skill… i see no problem with it, people complain about stuff being OP are just noobs with no skill like you. Deal with it.

    • BudEagle26

      They grounded most of the killstreaks. They said they made there be less air support and more grounded streaks including satcoms and riley as the number 5 instead of a predator missle.

  • I don’t have the power to watch an IGN Call of Duty video. I’m assuming it’s gameplay and questions by Scott Lowe (As always) and it makes me cringe when i watch him play.

  • Duffnez

    Is IGN’s gamelay okay to use in a video without copy?

  • Batman

    Imagine dead eye+all perks bonus with specialist

  • Sam119

    We’re laughing at the Riley killstreak at the moment but think how annoying its gonna be!

  • GoodDayToDie

    Since Infinity Ward integrated the Treyarch’s Pick 10 system and slightly modified it, I have a feeling that they took many other suggestions from that studio as well. Because judging by the gameplay, the user interface, the death animation (as if you get zapped by a
    ray gun), game speed (like watching theater mode on fast forward) looks
    relatively similar to BO1+2. I hope they change that and keep the same pace as MW and MW2 (Best CODS imo). MW3 was decent but the graphics and texture models looks like bland gray shit.
    I know that “Crank” has to be fast paced and frantic because of the increased speed with each consecutive kill, but the other modes look way too fast compared to MW1-3. What I do like about BO1+2 was the option to vote for a Random Map and Online MP splitscreen. I understand this isn’t a finished game, but I do hope they tweak and make the changes before they release it.

  • Elyas Guzman

    Beware of my sniping :3

  • Diego Diniz

    How Can I Complete this Field Order: “Humiliate the next enemy you kill” ?????????????????

    • Diego Diniz

      Can you guys Help???

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