Infinity ward has just teased us with a short Vine clip of how the soldier in create-a-soldier will swap weapons in multiplayer customization. Pretty cool.


UPDATE: Look like Infinity Ward took down their Vine vid for some reason. Sorry folks 🙁

UPDATE 2: Looks like the good people at CoDs.De uploaded the clip to YouTube:

  • Josiah Johnson

    It would be cool if they utilizes this elsewhere- such as throwing weapons to teammates- just a thought!

    • Guest

      Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. They should make it so you actually use this animation when picking up a gun in MP.

    • ip x Warrior

      Imagine the final killcam hahah you would throw your weapon to the enemy haha 😛

      • Just the same when you throw Flashbang on enemy and he dies 😀

        • ip x Warrior

          Direct Weapon Impact Killcam hahah

      • firesfrost

        kind of like in mw3 where you throw that ballistic vest in their face and kill them

    • How about if you run out of ammo in your pistol, you throw it at your enemy like in that one scene in Saving Private Ryan.

      • fionn mcfadden

        Yeah, but only if it wont be 1 hit kill. Otherwise, that would piss the fuck out of me.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Like a fatal throwing knife in the toe.

      • scottie03

        Yeah! That was cool…Oh my pistol is empty; I think I’ll throw it at you. Then, the guy ducks down and covers his head like it might kill him. LOL

  • Mark DID said they were putting a lot of work into animation…this looks great!

  • NiftyGam3r

    Hahah that is pretty cool

  • Bigi345

    What they need to fix is the stun animation when i stun an enemy thy point their guns sideways then they can kill me with their guns sideways even though i charge at them directly strait

    • ​​

      found the driftor fanboy

      • Bigi345

        You got that right! But seriously that needs to be fixed!

      • SivertOlsen

        I’d rather be a drift0r fanboi than fanboi of anyone else of the YT CoD “celebrities”,

        • Melon

          drift0r is the least annoying of some of the cod youtubers (from what the ones I do remember :P)

          • He is good, but he puts out some retarded stuff, like the “Gamer fitness” or other personal stuff not relating to CoD at all. Its really akward

    • MeisseN

      IMO if they remove the arm animation (wiping face lol) but simply let them shake heads (guns still point forward as usual) it will be much better

      • Bigi345

        Yeah at least you get a sign that you should attack from the side

  • fires

    No more ninja defusing? QQ

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      This is in the create-a-class sort of deal.

    • Emrah Avvurur

      they won’t show ninja defusing, although i’m pretty sure it will be in the game, and with all the stealth perks, 😀

  • NiftyGam3r

    Hes gonna need two ands when he swaps to the rocket launcher

  • sss

    little things like that make me happy.

    • Canis_dingo

      that is SO what she said

  • JesusWanks

    The guy kind of reminds of me FourZeroTwo. Bowling was the best.

  • codgo

    i concerned about IW they have such small teaser info,it looks cool though.

  • Vine video isn’t working anymore 🙁

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    page not found?

  • as

    page not found? i looked at their twitter theres nothing :(( i want to see it :((((((((

  • fionn mcfadden

    i hope the double tap (triangle / Y) is good like in Black Ops 2. I heard that it’s pretty shitty like in MW3

  • CI fix your app

  • James K

    Speaking of new animations, I hope they remove most of the old death animations.

  • nextgencomeon

    this is only in the create a soldier menu? aww they should add it in game where the character actually picks it up… come on next gen should go beyond beyond the line.
    Like WaW to MW2

  • Uhhhhh

    Bring back Team Deathmatch Express from MW2.

  • T.E.D.

    the guy in the video reminds me of mark rubin for some reason