Infinity Ward’s Community Manager Tina Palacios sat down with Inside Gaming at Gamescom and talked about Ghosts MP.

The first thing she said was that Infinity Ward learned from their big mistake in MW3 with allowing the Stealth Bomber and other lethal streaks to be part of Support package, and with Ghosts, they’ve removed those from the Support side.

She also talked about finally being able to play as a female in the game.

And she mentioned about how the second-screen experience with the Call of Duty App will work in Ghosts. It’ll be available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

You can watch the interview here:

  • Tyler Ryan


    • Siftblade of Rivia

      -1 down votes??? WTF

      • Guest

        2 *

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          When I commented it said negative 1

  • Tyler Ryan

    oh shit secound twooo

    • XenoFlare

      …Really man?

  • Did people really hate stealth bombers in support packages that much??

    • Hyperion

      Yes, yes they did

    • Jared


    • Birchy

      I swear to god I’m the only one who had no problem really with the Support Package. I do kinda think it’s a bit shitty that, no matter whether you die or not, you still get it. And it was pretty powerful if you were lucky. But I never really saw it all too often. Glad they’ve focused the Support package a lot more on things that will help you get kills, not just things that will get kills for you.

      • Trizay

        All someone had to do was get 14 kills in one game, not even in the same life and they’d get an air strike capable of getting you a big multi-kill that the other team can’t do anything about because they literally don’t even see it coming.

      • Thoughtful Discourse

        It was just really unbalanced. Everybody talks about the guys who go 14-30 and get the stealth bomber but that wasn’t the problem. It was the guys who were good enough to get moab’s and high assault kills streaks using supporting and calling in multiple stealth bombers and emp’s. Maybe you didn’t get it very often but playing domination it was pretty frequent and there was really nothing you could to do to counter a stealth bomber. Anyway glad its gone.

    • It’s nickname is the “No skill multi-kill” yeah lots of people hated it.


      Yes there’s nothing worse then being on a 24 gun streak about to get a Moab then get killed by someone that’s 10-35 cause they got a cheap stealth bomber.

    • funster

      Tbh it rarley killed me I would use it on the map mission when I would play demolition

      • Derrick Wingler

        i never really understood why people hated the stealth bomber until i realized that most people are morons and don’t take cover from them.

        • funster

          Lol yea I would run wen it would make the loud noice

  • Tyler Ryan

    i dont remember one player who liked playing against people with the support package.

    • Canis_dingo

      I ran support. I would pop UAVs and Throw Ballistic Vests for my team. I didn’t run it to keep KS through death. I ran it for the Ballistic vests. ans SAMs. I love SAMs

  • God I love Inside Gaming.

  • ip x Warrior

    Support is a good strike package but it should only contain: UAV, C-UAV, A-UAV, Sam turret, Ballistic vests, Night Owl, Recon drone, Sniper heli, Melee juggernaut.. Nothing more keep it basic !

    • Guest

      And the new thing such as Night owl etc..

    • DanDustEmOff

      No Juggernaught full stop in support nor the sniper helli.

    • funster

      Wats night owl

      • ip x Warrior

        It’s a new support killstreak in ghosts, it’s like a little thing that float over your head and do like a trophy system and a emp

        • funster

          K Thx for letting me know

          • ip x Warrior

            No problem, you can see it in the MP reveal trailer (1:30)

          • It’s also a personal UAV

          • ip x Warrior

            seriously ? didn’t know :O

          • funster


  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    Yet, there still are lethal point/score/kill streaks in the support strike package from what I`ve seen in ghosts

  • NiftyGam3r

    Cod elite sucks on bo2. The game has been out for 10 months and i still can customize my loadout on elite for bo2. Hopefully ghosts is far more successful with that

  • Big Pow

    Why people complaining about the support package if your good at the game none of that matters! The cod community is full of babies crying all the time about things. In Mw3 i used the strike package but on occasion i used the support package to switch it up! i understand it is frustrating but your crying is not going to change anything!

    • Jose Martin Gonzalez

      “crying” over it is the reason they changed it. Watch the video dumbass. They removed the stealth bomber because people complained.

      • Guest

        Why the aggression??? yeah thy removed it but lets see what other BS they put cause obviously your “DUMBASS” does not know what the other streaks in the support package are.Now they put a helicopter with a sniper from the sky.

      • Big Pow

        Why the aggression??? yeah they removed it but lets see what other BS they put cause obviously your “DUMBASS” does not know what the other streaks in the support package are.Now they put a helicopter with a sniper from the sky.

    • funster

      I hated it when I would go for ac 130 or osprey gunners then someone would call in a emp

      • Big Pow

        I know what you mean and i understand what your saying but they always say they gonna take something out and actually put something worst!!! Is “CALL OF DUTY” every year they put something stupid in the game to annoy us. They took out the stealth bomber but watch them put something else that is annoying. For example they took out last stand in black ops 2 but put the damn target finder and not to mention the hit detection and bad connection in the game. I just come to realize that it is ‘CALL OF DUTY” thats what they do!

        • funster

          So far there’s already 1 op perk hopefully danger close doesn’t increase explosive damage

          • Big Pow


  • Stick Man

    I enjoyed killlstreaks stacking up to other streaks, but I better not find a mw2 chopper gunner or ac 130 tearing everything up. That was flat out unfair for the enemy team.

  • SoulTaker

    For support why can’t they balance it with a simple idea like lets say every time you die you lose 1 points.

  • Hold on hold on hold. So with the second screen what will you be able to do exactly? I know you can edit your classes, but what is the clan vs. clan thing? The way they explained it confused me.

    • funster

      It showed territories I think u might have to fight n defend I’m not sure

  • funster

    I got a recon drone once on Snd best thing ever

  • Robert Bowling

    I strongly dislike this community manager, bring back someone who can effectively relay a message. Her speaking skills are atrocious.

  • Yeah, the stealth bomber is gone..

    What about that crazy 2 missile javelin rocket launcher, Im sure that no one is gonna be pissed of that thing being in the support package^^

  • longshot malone

    I think if was a fair balancer. Sometimes getting the bomber was no easy take when so much is going on, and area only got crazier and crazier good at the game