During the MLG Live Stream, MLG Puckett just announced a new game mode coming to Black Ops 2. The new mode will be a separate mode for all maps, and will be available this week.

It’s a tweak on the Capture the Flag mode and is only with 1 flag CTF. It features a flag that appears in the center of the map.

The first team to get the flag back to their base gains the point.


  • NiftyGam3r

    Too little too late. Where you at Ghosts?!

    • Vordb

      Dude, it’s one game mode out of many.

      • NiftyGam3r

        Should have been released a while back not when the game is about to die

        • Vordb

          To be fair, I misread the article and thought this was a new mode for Ghosts, not Black Ops II. But to look at things logically and objectively, this game still has an active player population of hundreds of thousands of players, which is more than many other multiplayer games have, even at launch. Black Ops II is far from dead.

          • NiftyGam3r

            Well of course there is still an active community i said “when is about to die” i didnt say it was dead, is still IS the latest cod out there. But it will be nothing more than ghosts shadow once IW releases their game. Only thing worth going back for is Z.

          • Gatlin Weyer

            Well, Call of Duty’s can live for a long time. People are STILL playing Call of Duty 4 and that was released almost 6 years ago. But the Call of Duty fan base grew and is still growing to where people will want to get the new Call of Duty every year because people enjoy it and many friends play it. But most everyone yes, does play the most recent Call of Duty, just because it is brand new and people want to play the new thing. And about the gamemodes. Treyarch’s really main focus to fix multiplayer glitches and patch/nerf weapons. Releasing new gamemodes aren’t of the greatest concern. Since the game came out, only one new one came out for an exclusive time. They’re also putting new ideas towards DLC packs for map ideas and new innovative zombies ideas. And DLC packs come out every 2/3 months, giving Treyarch a very short time to work on them so focusing on new gamemodes is pretty limited.

          • Nitro Splicer

            Hahaha. “Ghosts’ shadow.”

          • Ascending Legend

            Your picture makes it all the more funny

    • OldBrazy on PS4

      way late…

    • Batman

      Black ops 2 > Ghosts

      • That’s your shitty Opinion

        • Adam

          Stop being mad bro.

      • Judens Claude

        Ghost > mw3 > bo2

      • COD1>BO2

      • Super_Deluxe

        MW3 > BO2

      • Cell

        Batman sucks.

        • James K

          Nite owl> Batman

      • Kyle PDX

        Ghosts = BO2 = MW3 = BO = MW2 = WAW = COD4= COD3
        Call of duty FTW

      • Dalton Karle

        Homefront at this moment in time > Blops 2.

    • Lee

      Damn right. They’ve waited way to long to finally add a new game mode! Ghosts ftw. Modern Warfare 3 comes before Black Ops 2 as well.

  • The Flash

    the first team to get the flag to the enemy base gains the point

  • Mitch

    Will it be on all consoles this week or just Xbox 360?

  • Yuton

    Whatever happened to that “Hack the AGR” gamemode?

    • Vordb

      It was just in the game code, but Treyarch never promised anyone that it would be added, or even stated on-record that it existed.

      • Mitch

        I think it was in a beta version. Didn’t IGN say somewhere in June 2012 that they even played it?

        • Vordb

          I vaguely remember hearing about it pre-release, yes.

          • Mitch

            Yeah I think it was mentioned in a lot of previews around E3.

        • Vordb

          Specifically when that one blogger broke NDA by talking about multiplayer on some podcast.

      • Judens Claude

        bo2 has to little game mods as crappy as mw3 was it had enough to keep me satisfied

  • Sal

    Well that was a bust. I was expecting an original game mode. Damn shame or maybe a new zombies game mode.

  • Mitch

    Offline LOL

  • klover

    And wouldnt it make sense to bring a new gamemode around this time, The game is but isnt Dead,Like people still play but we have been playing the same maps and gamemodes for so long, so I think a new gamemode would refresh the game a little bit

  • Batman

    I love CTF variations.

    Is it included with Apocalypse pack or it is free for everyone?

    • Mitch

      We don’t know, but I hope it’s free otherways nobody will be playing it.

      • David Sync

        it’s for people who get the final DLC i think,unless i heard wrong

  • John

    Free for me

  • cookieninja

    Grifball anyone

  • Lame :/

  • Critz!

    Shoulda been done like the Q3 Team Arena gamemode with the one flag. That would be a fun gamemode.

  • Nitro Splicer

    Really isn’t a new game mode, just a variant of an old one. Oh well, I don’t play MP anyways.

  • Super_Deluxe

    I’d be excited if I was still playing this crap…

  • Jordan

    Who misses ARMS RACE game mode?

    • lMattW

      They couldn’t even just put it in the custom games section for people to play in private match or with bots. Same with the AGR hacking mode.

  • fdsfedf

    kinda like obliteration from bf4

    • Paul Thomas

      You’ve played BF4? Why don’t you tell us all about it? lol

  • Cell

    Basically a Team Defender with a fixed flag. Pfff BO2 your lifetime is in the end.

  • stumraz


  • RIP BLACK OPS 2. 11-5-13

  • Ascending Legend

    Just realized this is for Black ops 2

  • China MEN

    NICK CAGE’S FACE>>>>>>>>the universe

  • So I wonder what the respawn timer is set at for this mode? CTF is one of the least played game modes and I think that has a lot to do with people being to impatient and not liking the wait to respawn. This wouldn’t help that if it still has that longer respawn timer.

    Correction for the article: Flag needs to be capped at the enemy base and not your teams base.

  • AcePhoenix007

    This mode is going to suck knowing that Capture The Flag itself sucks already. But with only ONE flag……. it’s mindfuck when you’re trying to play….

  • Rheard514

    They just need to add Team Tac back!!!!!