Treyarch has announced that a Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP weekend will take place starting at 10am PT on Friday, August 30th and ending at 10am PT on September 3rd. This is for all platforms.

This is in celebration of the final DLC pack, Apocalypse, launching August 27th on Xbox 360.


  • I was wondering when they would do a Double Weapons XP, since mostly everyone is Prestige Master.

    • Beatex

      They do it after every Double XP weekend.

    • Alejandro Sepúlveda

      Some people like to get a fresh start to improve their KD… i am thinking about going for my second…

      • I reset my stats back in may. 3.4 KD…Though I sold my Xbox & PS3 in Early July so I don’t know what my KD would’ve really been

    • funster

      I just went back to playing cod after a week and saw so many non prestiges

  • Stick Man

    Totally beats regular double XP.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Awesome. Might try to get all Primary weapons ranked up to the max.

  • Ascending Legend

    My anus is so moist right now.

  • Oscar

    Whens the next double xp weekend or was that the last one ever?

  • joana

    Mine isnt working on ps3

  • Aiden

    it wont work

  • Angela

    double xp hasn’t worked all weekend on ps3!!!! 🙁 Im upset about this… anyone else?

    • Herman

      yah, didn’t work last time they said it either. no one at Treyarch will respond to my questioning…. quite the rip

  • Deon

    Can someone tell me what does double weapons xp do.. and how do u get them..