Check out this brand new trailer for their upcoming DLC map pack ‘Apocalypse’ for Black Ops 2.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Apocalypse marks Treyarch’s fourth and final DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, capping-off the year with two all-new Multiplayer Maps, two re-imagined fan-favorite Multiplayer classics, and an alternate-reality Dieselpunk Zombies experience that transports players to the undead-infested trenches of a World War I battlefield.


Pod: A failed utopian community from the 70’s has left stacks of dilapidated residential pods nestled into an abandoned cliff side. Its residents long gone, the modernist compound now hosts frenetic combat as players must run atop the pods and navigate their multi-tiered interiors for a strategic edge.

Frost: Fresh snow meets explosive gunpowder in this snow-capped European city, where the bridge over a frozen canal separates it into two sides, requiring players to employ multi-level traversal strategies to outsmart and ultimately outshoot their enemies.

Takeoff: Though marooned in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this remote launch site is all about the close-quarters combat, combining tight corners with open spaces for combat encounters reminiscent of the multiplayer map “Stadium” from Call of Duty®: Black Ops “First Strike.”

Dig: Two archeological dig sites in Afghanistan have unearthed the perfect playground for combatants eager for hectic, unceasing battle, as this re-imagining of the fan-favorite Call of Duty®: World at War map “Courtyard” delivers two major chokepoints, a wide open layout, and raised platforms.

With Call of Duty: Black Ops II Apocalypse, Treyarch reveals Origins, the most horrifying and imaginative Zombies experience yet. Players will be deployed to Dieselpunk-stylized World War I-era France where they will encounter the return of the four original heroes from the very first Zombies map, as well as hordes of zombies that have overrun trenches and fields, as well as the ruins of a mysterious and ancient location.

  • Memow

    Zombies origins looks amazing and i saw 3 robots man this is gonna be a tough map!:)

    • Sam

      Theres only 1 robot….

      • Crusf

        No 2:08 clearly shows 3 robots.
        Edit: Darn it wrong pic xD

        • DeathBringer935l

          Love that anime

        • Sam

          And at the end it says….not actual in game footage

          • Chase

            It says “Not actual in-game images.” That means the pictures in the posters bud.

        • xx420xx

          fucking lold

    • fionn mcfadden

      there’s gonna be consoles and controllers flying when the robot stands on all the little 12 year olds playing

  • NiftyGam3r

    Fire, electricity, wind, and ice. Guess my theory was 90% with the staffs being like the WW. Hurry up tomorrow

    • Batman

      We PTG were right about it. I told everyone that it would be a staff before it was even announced

      • NiftyGam3r

        You want a cookie. Or a pad on the back for being a good messenger

      • NiftyGam3r

        And btw ptg was wrong about the map being called le tombeu. Ptg fan boy

  • barrybadpak

    damn that’s a sexy staff

  • emptybrain

    i skipped the multiplayer part , zombies looks serious !!

  • Joshwoocool

    lol zombie holding gun or player with zombie blood

  • David Sync

    X.X that zombies

  • Jacol

    Not sure If I’m on drugs, but for a second I saw a zombie holding MP40

    • NiftyGam3r

      Lol me too 0_0


        zombie blood revive??

    • When you get the “Zombie Blood” power drop, you turn into a Zombie for 30 secounds

    • ccrows

      Yup, what dukezap1 said.


      & you’re on drugs… J/K 😉

  • batman

    A zombie with a gun WTF?

    The new perk gives you zombie blood?

  • Black ops 2 only has 2 snow maps in multiplayer it looks like. That’s downhill and frost. Wish they should have made more maps instead of bringing back older maps from Black ops and World at War.

  • Name

    it sounds like the smoke monster from Lost

  • I still think the Iron Giant is better than the Origins Robots…

  • TheCheeseWeel

    i hope the giant robot is’nt going to be really annoying like George, i know that he doesn’t follow you, but i don’t want to be looking up every 5 seconds to make sure i’m not going to have my ass handed to be by a giant robot

  • marcellus

    did anyone notice the zombie holding a mp40

    • Paul Thomas

      That’s actually a player being affected by the new power up Zombie Blood.

  • Boy did they ruin Courtyard. The remake is trash

    • Paul Thomas

      You’ve played it? No. Then don’t cast an opinion of something you haven’t seen first hand.

      • i watched multiple videos on YouTube & and the layout is bad. they added new routes and got rid of key points from the original map.

        • fionn mcfadden

          your profile pic says it all my friend. A good map was ruined…

  • ccrows

    No more “Replacer” videos?… (or did they get replaced too)

  • fionn mcfadden

    ( Important notice: Video starts at 1:20 )