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Activision has released 14 new official screenshots for the fourth and final DLC pack, Apocalypse, for Black Ops 2.

Apocalypse is available now on Xbox 360.

  • Cod better than BF

    That’s sexy

  • Crusf

    Did anyone see the ending to Origins? Not going to spoil anything here but man it changed my perspective of zombies entirely o_o

    • ccrows

      I just watched it and laughed my ass off!

      Well played Treyarch.. Well Played… lol

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      *SPOILER ALERT – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED** Not surprising. it’s been hinted at since Kino. There were literally action figures in Samantha’s bedroom when you were teleporting back from the PAP. Plus, Benn’s been hinting at it a lot recently. Just keep in mind that just because Samantha made up the stuff about the eye colors, Maxis, fluffy, the creation of zombies, etc. Doesn’t mean there are no zombies in the actual world samantha is playing in. Now, let’s take a closer look at the final cutscene. Samantha is playing with the zombies. When it is Samantha’s turn to play, she makes the eyes yellow. When it is Richtofen (Eddy)’s turn to play, the eyes are blue. Look at MOTD, however. The eyes are red! I believe that in their world, all zombies have red eyes. “Girls don’t know anything about zombies” Eddy says. Now, this is where it gets complicated. If you notice in Samantha’s room, you’ll see posters of a bunch of the other maps, a bloody teddy bear, and some numbers on the wall. I think that their reality is 800 years in the future. Imagine, being born in a world of zombies, not knowing how it started, a huge mystery in all of mankind. Somebody will have to make something up to explain it. Look at religions (no offense). Blank histories in time that have no recorded evidence tend to make people create their own ideas on what they think happened. So, in Samantha’s world, let’s say a man named Cornellious Pernell decided to make a comic book, as some sort of fictional explanation on how zombies came to be. He created the characters of Tank Dempsey (The Main Character), Nikolai, and Takeo, as well as a man named Peter, referred to in Shangri la. Peter was to be the 4th character in Pernell’s comic. However, when Samantha started playing with the action figures (just like when people play with superhero action figures, based on comics) she insert herself somewhere in the story. She never controlled the zombies, she only narrated, which is what we see in Origins. In the story, she makes herself control the zombies, but in reality, she doesn’t. However, Eddy wanted to be a part of her game. So instead of Peter, who was most likely a character they didn’t like, she replaced him with Richtofen, or Eddy. Maxis was never a part of the storyline. Samantha also added him in. Now, if that was clear enough, let’s go back to a more simple logic, for the next game. In the cutscene, there is a siren, indicating that there is a whole community of people surviving in this area, to protect them from zombies. When the siren goes off, there is an outbreak, and everyone is to go into the bunker. However, Maxis is tired of living like this. Keep in mind, that Maxis is a genius, and a scientist in the real world. His character in Samantha’s story was based on him and his personality in reality. So maybe, just maybe, the walls that protect the community are coming down and won’t hold for long. Maxis needs to think of something, anything, to preserve humanity and save his daughter. This is where D:Ark Bay-B and Descension come into play. I recommend you watch these “theory” videos to learn more about what I mean when I say “preserve humanity”. Thank you for you time, if you read this fully. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKjGEl8RA3I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6fxPOFetTA

      • is this the bo2 post that ur chatting shit to scoot?

        • Siftblade

          lol no, posted this 3 years ago m8

  • BamDanUK

    Thanks for the screenshots 🙂