SCEE CEO Jim Ryan said in an interview with Edge that Microsoft getting Call of Duty DLC first isn’t the end of the world for customers or for Sony. Sony has a good relationship with Activision, as shown by their upcoming partnership with Destiny.

So they’re all going to be there, Call Of Duty’s going to be there, platform holders tie up with publishers for what is perceived to be mutual benefit. We’re doing it with Ubisoft and we’re doing it with Activision with Destiny. But at the end of the day these big games, they’re all multiformat and you’re talking about Windows of 60 or 30 days for one piece of DLC – it’s not the end of the world.

Ryan says that the platforms DLC early shouldn’t determine the effectiveness of a game on a certain console.

And I would argue that that stuff has been platform enhancing to the extent that a thirty day window on some DLC that’s quickly caught up by the competitor platform can’t be.


  • It still sucks.

    • It does suck for the consumer. I’m glad I’m on the Xbox side of it, but it would seem like I was a second class citizen to Activision if I was on the Playstation. I know it’s a business deal, and that shows as it definitely isn’t in the best interest of the consumer but instead the best interest of the developer/publisher.

      • LiquidCourage311

        Where it really sucks is at the last piece of dlc. I barely played the last one in MW3 because it came out in October and then BO2 came out in November. The rest of the time it’s fine though.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        Thats exactly how I have been feeling since MW3 and the dlc has been going to xbox first. I know its only 30 days but it makes me feel like activision cares about microsoft first and then everyone else. This and Titanfall are the two big factors for me to switch to Xbox.

        • Kabuchi CA

          Titanfall wont remain a Xbox exclusive for long. It’s gonna be eventually for all consoles soon. And if your to impatient to wait 1 month, then thats sad.

          • REALLY?

            you realize this is in no way confirmed at all just ps4 fanboy dreams…

          • NinjaBah

            Respawn said it before E3. It was only for Xbox One and Pc because it was easier on them because they could port it to Xbox One easily.

          • Jim Neerland

            Actually the big reason is because of the better cloud infrastructure and dedicated servers that Sony can’t match.

          • mathMaticks

            yOU do Realize— “The shooter rotation we think about now is Battlefield, Titanfall and
            Battlefront, and so we like those three brands going forward,” Gibeau
            told CVG. “We’re working out how we’re going to line that up because
            that’s what you’ll see from us.”—
            Shooter rotation means, Multi-Console,. I would not be surprised if Titan Fall is released in the spring , for the bone. and then in the fall, Multi-plat., to compete with CoD, next year,. and then Battlefront the year after that.

          • TruthGamer

            Yes it has been confirmed Titan Fall 2 will be available for all systems. I think Street Fighter 5 is an early PS4 exclusive which is major. But to be honest it’s all crap, gaming is not as good as it could be. I feel we should have system exclusives but major games should allow cross platform play such as X1 and PS4 IMO they would sell more copies.

  • Sentrymann

    I think we’ll be able to survive 😀

  • dRago

    i dont care about mp Dlc maps anyway

  • Bigi345

    I’m not necessarily bothered by it

  • Jarhead

    Dedis please.

  • lMattW

    If the PS4 sells significantly better than the XB1, and yet the playerbase is nearly equal on both consoles (as the pre-orders seem to indicate) then ATVI may want to rethink how much value they’re getting out of the Microsoft deal.

    • chris

      Um sony has a 250,000 pre order lead on xbox1 thats not really equal

      • lMattW

        Console pre-order numbers are unknown, but Gamespot said the ratio is about 2:1 in the PS4’s favor a month or so ago. If the PS4 has such an edge in consoles then why are the game pre-orders so close? Ghosts on PS4 only has a 10k lead.

      • OscarTheTitan

        He’s talking about pre-orders for Ghosts. PS4 still has a lead over XB1 but there is far more pre-orders for BF4 on PS4 than Ghosts but Ghosts is the most pre-ordered game on XB1, more than BF4. It does make one wonder why EA appears to be favoring Microsoft over Sony (despite what EA said although it seems rather apparent with the early DLC and all). It also shows the kind of “demographic” that play both consoles.

  • rabjam

    haha all you losers we as season pass holders got 16 new maps and 4-5 zombie map. most were fantastic.. u jump and say OH WE DONT CARE ABOUT DLC MAPS… u idiots keep on playing the original boring maps over and over again…

    • smayo

      So what you saying is that you’re happy to pay an extra $50 to make the game worth playing ? Talking about losers…

      • rabjam

        yes 10s and 10s of thousands who paid 50$ every year are losers.. i have 31 maps but u have 15… ooohhhhh little boy dnt cry now hahaha

        • smayo

          They are, why ? Because all the dlc mp maps sucks, same goes for the mappacks of mw3, so why be bitter of getting it a month later ? Ps I play on Xbox too, (not the mappacks 😉 )

          • Jose Martin Gonzalez

            have you played them? most dlc maps are better than the shipped maps

          • smayo

            To be honest, not that much, bought it mainly for the zombie maps, but the mp maps just suck, a few exceptions there maybe but the best ones are the reskined bo1 maps and even they play bad in bo2 due to all the cheap ways to play in this game, hope ghosts does a better way with the dlc then bo2 but for now I never buy the mappacks again for cod

    • Dynamo

      What the heck are even saying, for one most of maps are easily forgettable and none are good in terms of fan favorites. The zombie maps were pretty bad as well except for motd and maybe buried. Trust me anyone who didn’t buy the dlcs weren’t missing out on much.

  • Super_Deluxe

    I think not having dedicated servers is when will xbox will.

    • ThatxGamer

      i hope when the Sony gets the PlayStation cloud running (sometime in 2014 if i remember correctly) we will be able to get dedicated servers on the next cod.

      • Derrick Wingler

        Theres a lot of misunderstanding about sony’s “cloud”. its not going to be anything like the cloud computing on the X1. Sony is partnering with “gaikai” a ‘cloud based’ service that allows videogames to be streamed to your pc or console. It will not provide any other function other than allowing your ps4 to emulate backwards compatibility by streaming old games. That is all Gaikai is.

        • Stick Man

          Indeed this is true. I have tried the gaikai service to play some games before it was purchased by Sony.

          • Matt Hester

            Actually along with Gaikai, Sony has partnered with a cloud computing company called Rackspace to create their own cloud farms etc. Rackspace is no company to sleep on either, as they have also teamed with NASA to create a Openstack cloud structure which is very intelligent. Most people dont know this but you can find it with a simple search, so I assure you Sony will have a cloud very similar to Microsofts.

      • BlackhulkGaming

        A hybrid system of Dedi/Listen servers are being used for all platfors of Ghosts. Mark Rubin – I believe – said that if you aren’t within range of a Dedi on any platform then you will automatically be put on a Listen server which are used in COD now. So essentialy if you don’t live close enough to a big city you will be on a P2P server like its always been.

        • ThatxGamer

          I know, that comment was posted over 2 months ago. The new info about Ghosts wasn’t released at that time.

  • lulz

    I’m perfectly content with not getting the DLC first. That way, I know ahead of time if the’re worth buying.

    (which they haven’t been since MW2)

    • smayo

      This man knows…..

    • And there’s plenty of other games that either have cool stuff for Playstation only (certain Assassins Creed DLC) or are on neither side of the consoles and give us happiness (Battlefield). Either way, I don’t care. Just gives me time to decide if I will like the DLC or not.

      • manny

        Battlefield sold out. Its going xbox first

        • No, only Second Assualt is going ti Xbox One first the rest of the DLC will release normal after that. Besides, iit’s only second assault. Just a hunch of BF3 fan favorites..

    • Rahul Sharma

      lol yeah most of them have been pretty bad. But hey, if I like it, I don’t mind waiting to buy it.

    • Kabuchi CA

      We need more patient people like you in the COD community.

      • BabyBowler

        Yeah the type who don’t be a coward (last stand/secondchance) and also take a moment to see how they die.

    • ben wills

      Black Ops DLC’s were really good. Escalation is by far the best CoD Map Pack. Hotel, Zoo and Call of the Dead. Too good.

      • funster

        Loved campn in elevators

      • The Flash

        agreed BO1 is the best COD IMO, campaign was alright, the only MP i play and enjoy is from BO1, i love the maps and the range from small, medium and large, Zombies was at its best in BO1, good maps through all DLCs, MP maps were good too with BO2,i quite liked the campaign, but im not drawn to MP at all, i dont know why its just not as good as BO1, and zombies was a fail to start with but the DLC maps have been getting progressively better, with MOTD, Buried and Origins being the best

      • BabyBowler

        Can’t argue with That DLC being good, I wouldn’t say best, definately not for zoo, First Strike with Ascension, Kowloon, Discovery and even Stadium (screw berling wall, was good but not great(better than BO2s maps atleast)), best DLC and most would agree i reckon since Ascension is still the most played DLC map (that and der reise, but that’s another story with another great DLC)

      • smayo

        Agree, one or two exceptions aside I liked all the dlc maps in bo1, I really miss those days where I looked forward to a new cod

    • TheInactiveWall

      I disagree. I always feel like a second grade citizen, I feel like trash when I get stuff to late. I want the DLC now and not after 1 month. I wanna find Easter Eggs and cool stuff in those DLC (not just CoD), but when I get it 1 month after the initial release it is just not worth doing because everything has already been found. Plus, it doesn’t feel special anymore knowing that millions of other people already played it. Plus, it is really hard to stay off of Youtube because I do not want to be spoiled. I had to unsubscribe to I think 3 big channel on Youtube because I do not want to be spoiled with Origins (will re-sub after the release). It sucks because it is hard to contain myself. I wanna know everything about the map but I did this before with all the previous map packs and it completly kills my excitement and makes me not want to play it at all (I think I only played the BO2 zombie maps a total of <50 times, while with BO1 it was about 30.000 times).

      • Speed_Racer

        i think its funny when the xbox crowd finds a map glitch or something and then it gets patched on xbox before ps3 recieves the same dlc and have to wait for the same glitch to be patched. kinda makes me wonder wtf these people do in those 30 days between launches. wish they would be on the ball about patches on dlc maps. then ps3 would have a better advantage of not having all the cheaters on the new maps.

        • Tommy Phung

          I feel like it’s a little more complex than just being able to patch it simply like you’re saying on a completely different architecture, but who knows lol.

      • keven


      • Carlos Rodriguez

        Right that shits not fair because they get new content to enjoy the game more and we dont and more pubs and gamers Play PlayStation xbox is really just for competitive and alot of people on PlayStation hate ghost so would nt they want to realease it to PlayStation first -.- activision doesnt think smart

      • kyran osborne

        Um yes ….black ops and black ops 2 zombies

      • Jniko20

        Welcome to all the years of fucking PlayStation, your turn now.

    • LonDonE247

      AGREED, also by the time PS3 or PS4 gets said content the major bugs and glitches should be worked out so when we buy it, the content should include the latest patch, lol xbox are the beta testers!

    • Allen Greathouse

      100% i disagree. if i buy based on videos of gameplay, i don’t need 720 hours to watch videos of gameplay early access is good for no one.

    • Cell

      I see so much butthurt in this comment.

      • manny

        The only butt thats gonna be hurt is yours… when I’m KICKING IT!!!

        • Cell

          Omg I’m so scared… U r very macho!!!! Huehuehue

          • manny

            I’m macho as butt. You’re just penisy

    • Paupersmustdie!

      I smell a pauper!

  • Guest

    You guys should be happy you get DLC! Wii U doesn’t get any. Can you make an article about the Wii U version?

    • Keshav Bhat

      The latest on Wii U is that the business people from ATVI and Nintendo are trying out agreements on DLC. Nothing has changed yet.

  • I didn’t know Sony partnered with Activision for Destiny. Huh, you learn something new everyday.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Destiny on PlayStation will get exclusive content + DLC first.

      • That’s Awesome!

        • mathMaticks

          not really, it restricts the experience of all gamers, sharing the said experience, at the same time.. M$ started this with COD, and fractured the community, in a false sense of superiority.

      • asdf

        I didn’t hear them talk about DLC first. Might you site something?

        • Keshav Bhat

          Read the article. ‘we’re doing it with Activision with Destiny’

  • Vigillio

    Idc if ps4 gets it 1 month later.. Once we get the dlc it’s fine



  • The Devil

    Fuck you.


    Edge the pro ps4 mag………………..

  • Craig Steven Brooks Jr

    I really don’t care about getting the dlc a month later been doing it since mw2. Kind of use to it. I will be sticking with the ps4 for my new gen console.

  • Gooders

    Microsoft buying customers

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      So does every company of anything you’ve ever owned.

  • sss


  • When I was a Sony customer, these business deals didn’t bother me in the slightest. What bothered me was the unexpected freezes that I experienced back then and, apparently, are common on the PS3 platform.

    Yes, I do realize that the developers optimize the game for 360 first, then everybody else later, these come with their own set of disadvantages, one I saw the short end of the stick on a constant basis.

    Just trying to bring awareness of this instead of the AMG PS3 SHOULD GET DLC AT THE SAME TIME conversation, which I find very shallow.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It’s all about money. Microsoft is giving ATVI money for DLC first for CoD. And it’s exactly similar to Sony giving money to ATVI for Destiny DLC and content first on PlayStation.

      • asdf

        Good! Some more reasoning like this and we might actually get to prove the Theory of Evolution………….this place is funny

  • TheCheeseWeel

    guys, this deal isn’t about activision, its about Microsoft, if sales on the PS4 are better, they still will have the Xbox DLC deal, because Microsoft pays activision for the DLC early, and activision wants that money

  • NiftyGam3r

    I gotta agree getting dlc 30 days first does not motivate me to get X360 or X1. I dont mind the wait. “He who cries first, laughs last”

    • Keshav Bhat

      I agree. I’m buying a PS4. The DLC date difference doesn’t mean anything to me. While waiting those 30 days, I’ll play Destiny or something.

      • asdf

        LOL lier. I do understand there are going to be around 4 games that can suit you for COD DLC waiting, but only 2 of them come to your console. *To sum up. It does hurt, if you are making the 360->PS4 transition and you have no experience with DLC delay…….you’re gonna have a bad time.*

        • lolwut

          He isn’t lying, Keshav has a PS3.

          • asdf

            Oh then in that case ok. By the way how does he have a COD news site and he gets DLC late, he also has a COD youtube channel. Keshav this doesn’t make sense, explain?

          • Keshav Bhat

            What? I’ve owned a PS1, PS2, and PS3. Recently, I got an Xbox 360 as a gift from one of my friends. I am a diehard PlayStation fanboy. I can wait for DLC. I’ve been waiting since MW2.

            I’ve always loved Sony’s experience with PlayStation. Victor owns an Xbox 360, and he’ll be buying the Xbox One. We support all platforms, including PC and Wii U. We like to play different things.

            Just because I run a CoD site doesn’t mean I have to have an Xbox to play CoD.

          • asdf

            Thank you for explaining!

            *I only needed these sentences from you, there other was ignored: Victor owns an Xbox 360, and he’ll be buying the Xbox One. We support all platforms, including PC and Wii U. *

          • asdf

            Just one suggestion. When you are writing in please don’t indirectly favor PS4, we can all notice it.
            BTW PS Eye is $59.99

          • Keshav Bhat

            What? We don’t favor anyone.

  • Oscar

    I really don’t care tbh, and this is coming from someone who loves cod.

  • lolwut

    It only really matters on the first map pack, because you have to wait longer for the first pack.

    But after the first pack you still get the next pack 3 months after the last one, so the delay doesn’t mean shit.

  • Rahul Sharma

    Completely off topic, but holy fuck, Destiny will be the best game EVER

    • Keshav Bhat


    • asdf

      I would like another trailer with more update graphics so I can completely be sure with myself to buy it. Just like with the first COD trailer which had awful gaphics, then they shoed MP with updated. I would like to see the supposed graphic support they talk about.

  • Derrick Wingler

    Translation: our fanbase is not worth the extra money it would take to get the DLC’s at the same time as the xbox

  • exeterman2

    Of course it’s not the end of the world. We already deal with this and it’s not like it actually affects your life.

  • Jeff s
    • Paupersmustdie!

      LOL, VGChartz, the BS that makes up numbers and corrections by the multiple millions. HAHAHA, you paupers are desperate.

  • I can honestly say, as an Xbox 360 owner, that you’re not missing out on much. The only good maps from the Black Ops 2 DLC’s (IMO) were Studio, Rush, Detour, Takeoff, and Dig. And out of those 5, 3 of them weren’t even new.

  • Junior Casado

    WTF is wrong with you people you should we have to Waite you should Microsoft get dlc before Sony there not better than the customers of Sony we pay to have fun so I want to have DLC up front but. On the other hand Sony has many games that you can buy to past the time that Microsoft doesn’t have. But besides that sony should care about DLC cause when the ps4 comes out its already looking like the better console not being a fan boy cause the Xbox 360 is beast I had it but I got messed up so I just got the ps3 and it was so disappointing but lets see what’s happening I know ima get mad shit from Sony maybe if they get DLC first

    • funster


  • Chris

    God the xbox one is really looking like shit

    • asdf

      How? This is supposed to be a ridicule act for PS4 to answer the question because of what M$ did. To YOUR eyes maybe it looks like the console you wasted your money in isn’t going to get the DLC early………so what’s left for you to do is insult the uninsultable and cry while everyone in Xbox Live is playing Zombie DLC early(current case)

    • Paupersmustdie!

      PauperStation 4 is PoS4.

  • CoDforever

    You know whats funny ? Sige of shanghai map was filled with skyscrapers and only one can topple down ..

    • JayZero

      you know what else it funny, the map with the gas station is surrounded by buildings, yet the gas station is all that falls over….

      • asdf


  • The Flash

    i think the DLC delay is pathetic coming from an Xbox player as when it comes to Zombies, we should all get it the same time so we can help each other out and discover EEs etc, when 1 month is delayed, everything about the map is revealed

    • gasde

      That’s the point of Microsoft doing it. So far they have done great with discontenting the PS community with COD DLC. My friend (PS3) player is suffering he cant play the new BO2 zombie DLC until a month after me. So what I usually do it send him pics…….so he sufferssss

  • Omaha_Bound

    I just do not get it. BOYCOT IGNORANCE AND GREED.

  • JayZero

    If it wasn’t the end of the world….then why is Sony commenting on it….hmmmm

    • jdp12

      it’s an interview

    • Keshav Bhat

      Because during an interview, someone asked him about it.

  • Mark Lenz

    If you can’t wait 30 days for shitty DLC maps then you seriously need to reconsider what’s more important in your life.

    Maybe you need to use that time to get a girl and get laid?

  • shark_tsuki

    People still buy these generic sequels. What a waste of money. Dont people get bored to play the same game every year?

  • zxzxzxzxzx1

    infinity ward should do separate dlc for multiplayer and co op I had to buy full £12 for a map pack and only played zombies

  • ThtJstHapnd

    DLC first may not be the end of the world. Yet the major point for me is Dedicated servers and Sony has yet to announce them.

  • Cell

    Not the end at all but maybe a part of it.

  • j

    omg check this out guys dedicated servers on ps4 yea

  • Paupersmustdie!

    Hahaha POOR $0n¥. truly the paupers that can’t make such deals. PoS4 is the PauperStation for the poor paupers! All multiplayer games will run better on the Azure framework anyway, which $0n¥ will never be able to get on par with.

  • NeoMahi

    This article is right as far as what Sony’s statement is. I personally don’t play Call of Duty but, Microsoft get’s DLC first, whoopie. Its not exclusive to Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you just have a wait a little bit. In my opinion, that just gives gamers some time (or it should anyway) to leave the game for a little while and try out the other games Sony cranks out. If you’re getting a PS4, you’re not getting it for online gaming. PS4 gamers are all about single-player. Its XBL vs PSN. I don’t know if you noticed, but Sony releases more games a year than Microsoft does and the quality of those games is superior as well (in my opinion). So WHAT! So you have to wait some two weeks to download it. Its not like you’re going to faceoff against a Xbox 360 gamer and he has a two week head-start on you. NO! Your competition is going to get the DLC day-and-date as you. If the game was cross-platform then you could worry, but it isn’t. Its a level playing field on the PSN.

  • falahcod

    GTA V , BF4 , KILLZONE 4

  • Diabolus

    The DLC is not a deal breaker… but the dedicated servers are… you put them together and it IS a huge deal.

  • Atrocity

    Don’t mind about the DLC Sony but what about fawking dedicated servers -.-

  • ORB1T4L

    I’m an Xbox player and I think it’s not right, PlayStation players should get the DLCs the day we get them on Xbox. Microsoft pays and half the CoD console community has to wait a month before they can get their hands on the DLCs, if I played CoD on PS3 or PS4, I’d feel like I’m being punished just because I made my choice on a console instead of another… And I honestly think that it’s not “good for the industry” !

    PS : Sorry if my english is not very clear.

  • Michel

    True, but the problem is that you guys don’t have Titanfall either.

  • Farrell

    this guy is a fucking idiot, obviously its not the end of the world but it sucks. for instance, by the time origins comes out, gta5 will be out so il be playing that instead. xbox fanboys get the best of both worlds but why? i blame sony for not doing enough and letting microsoft take control. can you please do something sony! pull your finger out


    BULLSHIT I’m tired of the wait it makes the game boring with the map coming early and that can play a big affect on call of duty players

  • BlackhulkGaming

    Looking at pre order numbers I kind of think that the exclusive content first for COD on XBOX will be done. The PS4 will have a bigger player base since it’s cheaper and since people love graphics they’ll eat up the PS4 like hot cakes because every game will run at native 1080p, whereas XBOX ONE runs at native 720p. I personally think this is the last year this will happen!!

  • manny

    I miss the days when dlc was an afterthought. Instead of already fully planned and most likely finished at launch, and only seperates it to charge extra for the same game

  • jimmy

    Xbox understands its a war and takes it serious by giving there people more. Sony is france in world war 2 and just gives up. In the end people will go to who offers more. If sony took it serious they would then counter by offering there people something on call of duty. But nope if all you play is call of duty like me xbox is the winner of the war.

  • jimmy

    And nobody who cares about call of duty cares about destiny lol. You see how they try to win by avoiding the topic. Call of duty gamers only care about call of duty give more on this game and we will come to you. How would destiny make call of duty gamers stay on ps4 . Stupid lol.

  • Thief

    Bunch of BS… Sony made a whole lotta money with the PS4 while Xbox One crashed and burned in a ditch somewhere.. It just feels stupid that the number one next-gen console getting sloppy seconds in the COD DLC world..

  • JJ13

    it may not be the end of the world but for multiplayer games, 30-60 days of no new content is the difference between holding on to it or runnin down to gamestop.

  • Cb41

    I think Playstaion users should boycott any DLC until it’s available on the same day. Why don’t they launch a month apart they launch on the same day it’s just not fair

  • Tank Denbow

    Yes its not the end of the world, but still every single bit of DLC is givin to Xbox first. For one because alot of people own multiple systems so when players that play Xbox get the DLC first play it for the month learn everything there is about it then it comes out on ps3 and they come over and dominate with ease like were noobs or something. Its also very unfair we pay for the game and all the DLC like everyone else its only fair we get it the same day as eveyone else it feels kind of discriminating against ps3 players!

  • DissapointedGamer

    If only they could, for once in their life think more about their customers than money cause Im guessing that is the likely reason. Besides xbox is such a shit console anyways. I sold mine for something better but something better comes second so it seems. So is everything in life. Just one more thing to f us over. If only Activision could see all the thousands of comments about this very topic. Most likely they wont give a f but anyway its still a good game and im alright with what I have… Not really. Anyone want to challenge me in ghosts ‘Lil-J789’ is my id. Safe

  • Carl

    I’m sick and tiered of being put behind another group of individuals. Why is this a thing? Why would a company as successful as CoD make half of their loyal fan base wait? What is the problem with giving everyone the DLC at the same time? It’s greedy, deceitful, and just plain wrong. I’m planning to boycott call of duty until they figure out what the definition of equality is.

  • Fadli

    Why can’t you guys just release both on the same date and not differently? You us, ps3 users fell so useless cause we are always getting dlcs late.

  • Mark Patience Zunter

    Its not that I feel like I am obligated to receive anything whenever, it is that I pay the same price for the game, and I will pay the same price for the DLC. Look at other games such as GTA5 or Minecraft, to name a couple, the DLC is released at the same time to all consoles(Maybe excluding next gen), because they know it is not really right to release it on one console and then wait a month for the next one. Before you guys bash me, I would really like to know COD creators real true reason behind releasing the DLC to Xbox players first, and if you say “To make sure it works, kind of like beta.” I will not accept that, because Xbox and Playstation are two different breads.

  • ScOott is a fgt