Treyarch pushed the boundaries on how a Call of Duty game should support and be part of eSports with Black Ops 2. Competitive Call of Duty went from a subtle notice with MW3, to be one of the biggest games in competitive scene with Black Ops 2. But how will Infinity Ward continue this success?

With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Infinity Ward and Activision have already committed to bringing the Call of Duty: Championship back in 2014. The Call of Duty: Championship 2013 was a huge success; it had the biggest viewership out of any competitive Call of Duty scene ever. They’ve also confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be the exclusive FPS for all MLG Pro Circuit events throughout 2014, starting with MLG Columbus in Nov 2013.

The support with events is confirmed, but what about the features in-game? In Black Ops 2, Treyarch added new features including in-game live streaming, CODCasting mode for casters, full support of LAN lobbies, and more.

Infinity Ward’s MW3 didn’t have any support for eSports. It took them over 5 months to add the basic feature of competitive LAN settings. By that time, MLG didn’t bother to add MW3 to the competitive scene.

For Ghosts, Infinity Ward appears to be on the right track. They’ve added a new ‘spectator mode’ (it’s different from CODCasting as CODCasting won’t return), which allows casters to see the game, change player views, see scoreboards, and more. Infinity Ward has removed the live streaming feature, but as the competitive scene will be played on Xbox One, that won’t be a big problem.

Infinity Ward has added a new playlist – which will replace League Play – called ‘Clan vs. Clan’ playlist. This playlist will allow you to play with other members of your clan against other clans. Mark Rubin said that they plan to use the leader boards of the Clan vs. Clan playlist to determine some, not all, of the qualifiers for the 2014 Championship.

Infinity Ward has also added new game modes, including Search & Rescue and Blitz, which should help increase viewership of the competitive Call of Duty scene by adding new gameplay and tactics from pro players.

It looks like Infinity Ward has chosen the right path with how to approach the eSports scene of Call of Duty. They’ve kept the features that are a must – competitive LAN, spectator mode – and added new modes to help diversify the competitive scene.

What do you think about Infinity Ward’s approach to Call of Duty eSports? Let us know in the comments below!

  • fsdgasdg

    Hardpoint and codcaster are the things that made bo2. iw fucked up

    • BobtheCactus

      Spectator is basically codcaster, and its be nice to get some new modes into competitive, and we don’t know how they’ll be, yet.


        No, its not. Its boring to watch without cod caster expecially now when everyone’s already used to it.

    • asdsads

      Yea totally agree with you on the codcaster. Cod caster is what made people wanna watch other ppl play bo2

    • Kyle PDX

      Ok im sorry but hardpoint is not even that great its just a retarded clone of headquarters. Headquarters is a very lame gamemode and was bad enough ,still gives me nightmares from my cod 4 days, Saddly headquarters and hardpoint are still haunting me in moshpit gamemodes. SnD, TDM, Domination and sabotage, (FTW). I also like the new SnR. And last i checked there are plenty of other ways to be a COD Caster and watch cod casters especially with all the next gen consoles new features. The consoles do it themselves it doesn’t need to be apart of the game anymore.

      • Hysteria

        Hardpoint is the most exciting game mode to watch and is a lot more complex than you think. You don’t understand it so you don’t like it

        • Kyle PDX

          I do understand I know how it is supposed to be played. The goal is to get the hard point, to do this you must first secure the spawn aka the anchor then move in for the hard point in numbers. Memorize the next location and have half the players advance before it is active. As for player selection you must equip all forms of anti explosives and tactical grenades flack jacket tack mask trophy systems etc. It is most defiantly not the most exiting game mode to watch S&D is. Finally the reason why it is so bad is simply because it encourages two of the worst things in call of duty explosive spam and camping. I understand it more than you do and so does IW thats why it is not retuning. Hopefully headquarters is gone for good as well.

          • Kyle PDX Sux Cok

            You’re just an SnD fanboy that gets his ass beat in respawn gametypes. Get bent you whiny cunt.

          • Kyle PDX

            This article is like 3 months old.

          • Kyle PDX

            Aw thats cute I made u mad. Just so you know you and your ideology are a minority that is why respawn gametypes aka explosive spam modes are going bye bye.

  • Zero

    Why I just wana play the game freely no tryhards….

    • BobtheCactus

      You can play the game freely, you don’t have to play competitive. And why do people complain about people who try to do well? Seems to just be an excuse for being terrible at the game…

      • Endless

        Oh really? LOL, You can’t play the game freely when wannabe MLG douchebags like you that think everyone tries in this damn game. Some people, unlike yourself want to enjoy the game freely until a guy like you talks crap and checks other people K/D. In all honesty, Treyarch ruined this game… all they care about is the money and competitive. Treyarch only cares for competitive, for example, go looks up why the KAP-40 dual wield was nerfed, because competitve players didn’t like it, they don’t care about any regular people who bought this game for fun. For example, look at David Vonderhaar, perfect example of a money hungry whore. Also, it actually seems you’re the type of person who judge’s peoples skill by their KDR…

        • BobtheCactus

          I never said that everyone tries. I do my share of messing around, I don’t judge anyone by their KD, I check them in FFA to get an idea of who will be competing with me, but I know it doesn’t show skill. I have a 1.6 KD, by no means extraordinary. I based what I said on what you said, and you made assumptions, I know it is human nature to judge people, but keep it to yourself next time, k?

          • Fujikid

            I completely agree with you, most people that have a High KDR either sign out for it or camp hard. But not trying to sound cocky, I have a 3.016 KD with over 12’000 kills on MP but I only play with my 3 buddies who i play competitive with on domination. We get called try-hards and sweats just because were actually good at the game so I think if they force others to get better instead of KD whoring via Competitive then Online might actually be more fun than annoying one day. Who knows, Competitive all the way brother… all the way

        • asddsds

          No, when treyarch made black ops 2 they wanted to bring more ppl into competitive, not cater to the 1% that play it. Treyarch realizes that pubstomping for 6 years straight is kinda stale now. Thats why they want pubstomper to try out comp. It worked on me. I aint ever going back to full time pubs now

        • codraleigh

          What business-oriented person wouldn’t be a money whore? It would be a completely idiotic move to not be a money whore when running a part of a company.

        • GLDTR

          Your whole argument was just about defending how shitty of a player you are… Especially when you said “tryhards” Just because you suck at a game and hate on all the people that are actually good and want to get better at a game through the competitive playlist instead of playing with random shit teammates like yourself.

  • ltzii

    I think infinity ward should stop developing call of dutys. Clan vs clan more than likely wont be an esport feature since they wont implement a competitive ruleset and gamemodes like blitz and search and rescue will never be used.

    • CoDZombiesEtc

      I agree with you on most of this, I think Blitz will be added just because CTF is gone (Great Work Supporting MLG CoD IW…….)

      • fsdgasdg

        CTF was boring as fuck.

        • Bigi345

          If only they removed they 15 sec delay between spawns..

          • asd

            No, thats the entire point of ctf. You cant spawn behind your flag immediately after dying

          • James K

            Agreed. It would dramatically increase the chance of a stalemate in CTF if you remove the delay.

          • LunatikToon

            do you even play CTF? as it’s a 5 second spawn delay. Plus CTF is all about map control and playing smart.

        • James K

          Boring? Heh, Heh, far from it.

          Capture the Flag is engaging and rewarding. It’s one of the most emotionally stimulating team-orientated game in the whole existence of Call of Duty and gaming. I have stockpile of memories like pushing through the lines to get the enemy flag and scrambling back, defending against the onslaught of enemies, playing bodyguard to protect my team’s flag carrier from being assassinated, trying to chase down a fleeing enemy flag carrier, trying to race to the my team’s base to capture the enemy flag before the clock runs out and countless more.

          I must admit though, it’s the worst game mode to play on a random vs. party situation . If thought Ground War was bad, random vs. party is a whole different level. You’re not going to stalemate the enemy team, you’re going to get crushed. Period.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It is an eSports feature.

      • adssdsda

        You dont know that. Knowing IW, They’ll probably make it 6v6 kill confirmed or TDM or something like that. I dont think they are gonna use the comp. ruleset

    • Georgebreach

      If it wasn’t for infinity ward you wouldn’t even be playing a game called call of duty…

    • Smokeydogg

      lmao wow

    • coolwhhhip

      Source on the rulesets or STFU…

  • Quinnaay

    Why no love for the PS4? afterall its going to sell much more M$ throw around too much money.

    • Bigi345

      What? i don’t get it.

    • iSwedishVirus

      if you mean why COD competetive is being played on the Xbox one it’s because Microsoft has a deal with Activision.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Well….it’s called ‘Call of Duty Championship presented by Xbox’ so that’s why.

      • asdsdas

        Yea but cant they have atleast ONE ps3 tournament ?

        • This Guy V2

          they can’t because Xbox already pretty much bought rights of hosting the tournament, anyways most pros are from the xbox side of gameplay, it would be too wierd for them.

          • Ps4 mlg ftw cod

            Then get the PS pros to play, not xbox pros. Cant a third party host a ps cod tournament like MLG ?

          • Sully

            I know I’m a little late on this… But… What pros from ps3 are you referring to? Last time I checked MLG is on Xbox not PS3. And dont bring up pro point bull shit because thats just a money tactic from MLG to get more people to play in Online tournaments.

    • ThtJstHapnd

      Has PS4 answered to the question of dedicated servers? Oh ok. There’s your answer then.

  • adfd

    Can we NOT cater the games to the eSports community?

    • bring back cod caster

      I understand you, but come on, you gotta be sick of pubstomping for 6 years straight. I mean in MLG, theres NO BULLSHIT !!! (qsing,camping,bouncing betty,claymore,c4, ghost etc ) its also 4v4 and puts you against people of equal skill. Trust me, just try out league play with a couple of friends you’l love it

      • Smokeydogg

        we just wanna have fun stop forcing us to play your way

        • Mhallett

          Your reply is ridiculous.

          No CoD has ever been catered to eSports. Treyarch never catered BO2 to eSports, they realised that there is an eSports community and added features on the side that will help push eSports. This is not catering the whole game to eSports. All of the features like c4, ghost, claymore, betties, 6v6, TDM were all kept in the game, nothing was taken from the game. Only features added in to help the eSports community. They didn’t force you to play a certain way. Even with all the features Treyarch added for competitive you could still play the same as you could in previous CoD titles. No-one is forcing you to play a certain way, the competitive community just want to be able to play their way (the way they enjoy) as well as the usual pubs and would like a little proper support for that.

          • Smokeydogg

            lmao treyarch said the focus of black ops 2 was esports

          • Mhallett

            It wasn’t catered soley for eSports, it was created with eSports in mind. It doesn’t change how you play the game, you’re not forced to play the game that way and you’re not forced to play League Play. Quit crying and grow up.

          • XadjustmentX

            one thing i dont like that treyarch did do was create the maps geared towards competitive style gameplay. theyre all basically the same layout…left route, middle route, and right route, with a spot in the middle they all lead to. too many choke points, which makes for bad pub games. its too easy just to sit and camp a choke point without ever having to move. but all in all i do agree with your previous points

          • Mhallett

            I can mostly agree with that, its personal preference though so I see what you mean. Personally I like the balance of the 3 lane maps, the majority of my favourite maps from all CoD games have had this layout but I can understand how it doesn’t work too well in pubs and how it can get boring if thats all there is. They really should have done a mixture.

          • asd

            I wanna give you a hug right now, dead on answer !

        • GLDTR

          Lol you’re so dumb.. Who gives a fuck about pub players they all suck anyways except for the known youtubers.Stop complaining. There is literally only 1 game mode in black ops 2 that supports the e-sports/competitive rules. How many game modes for pubs are there? Stop being a fucking nerd.

  • Cod Esports

    Sorry charlieintel, hate to break it to you but without cod caster none of this would really matter. The sole reason it was fun to watch people play was because of codcaster. You could see who has the bomb, who’s dead, the score and what spree everyones on. Charlieintel ask teanah if they could bring it back please otherwise the esports popularity might drop again


      Yea, especially when everyones used to watching with cod caster. If they wont bring it back, it might turnoff a lot of people that like to watch.. like me

    • Keshav Bhat

      Well…thus far every eSports player + caster has shown that the new Spectator Mode is good for the scene and that it’ll add new things to the game. As of now, we’ve asked, but they have no plans for CODCaster.

      • Mhallett

        Have you got sources that every player/caster thinks that the new Spectator mode is good for the scene? (And as good as/better than CoDCaster). To be honest, this article just seems to be trying to build the hype train with lackluster info.

      • Kyle PDX

        (If u see this). I have seen many people say ctf is gone from ghosts is this true or do they thinks its gone cuz blitz. I could not find anything saying ctf was not returning

  • As long as OpTic is in the Competitive scene, I will support MLG though thick and thin.

    • sadkds

      My team is as good as optic.#Justsayin

      • Good for you?

        • how long have you been sucking optic dixk? they are not that good randy but you should get nadeshot and scump tatted on your ass

          • Holy god. Lol, I’m a fan of a team and I can’t even express it? That’s sad. Grow up man..

          • I <3 OpTic


    • Optic sucks

      Optic sucks. They have only 1 tournament win ever since black ops 2 came out. The top 3 teams now are tK, Impact and coL. dont get me wrong, i like the optic guys tho

      • I don’t care if you don’t like the same team as me. Lol, haters these days.

      • BudEagle26

        Optic is a good team and are atleast respectful and friendly unlike Impact. coL is good and idk what tK is

    • James K

      No matter how much some players hate Optic’s guts, they must admit that they’re the face of COD MLG.

      • Truth

        • asd

          OpTic are a haven’t finished out of the Top 3 of any event for black ops so nobody can say they suck!

          • jimmie fisher

            ummm they finished 9th at Gfinity 2 > Im an Optic fan so yeah learn your shit

  • I do love an IW game compared to treyarch – ‘hey guys treyarch did this to make the series better’ *IW BOSS* – ‘ no let’s take what we did for our last game and forget what came out 12 months ago since our old bosses made COD 4 which is the bees knees!..’ Add a dog – the fans will be happy if we take initiative out and just add a dog!’ KACHING!!!!

  • Matthew

    They needed to bring back League Play, I love the idea of the solo and team ranks, along with competitive rules like the 4v4, certain maps and gamemodes, and limited items.

  • TepidBlack

    RIP console CoD eSports 2011-2013 we hardly knew ye

    • BudEagle26

      lmao 2007-2013 or 2005-2013 actually 2005/07-present…….

  • you dont give me a stripped down part of the game and call it competitive.

  • all these kids look up to these pro players and all they do is jump with msmc/an94/m8a1. now all you see is those three guns and kids jumping around like fairies in pubs

  • AN94/MSMC/M8A1 = League play, bahahah

  • i challenge IW or trasharch to make the guns stats adjust to the player and you make the accuracy instead all kids using the same gun. no one has thinks with the brain any more just use another good gun cuz the “pros” say its good smh

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    I don’t think the Clan vs Clan playlist will live up to League Play at all. Unfortunately.

  • ElseAndrew

    CoD shouldn’t be made for eSports anyway, it should be made for the general public to have fun and then eSports made around that, BO2 lost it’s fun factor pretty quickly due to the map design being made for eSports, sure it’s good for that but the competitive isn’t even 10% of the community, casual players should come before the minority and that’s what IW are great at.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Then IW makes the game for only 10 year olds. There is no balance with either dev.

    • GLDTR

      CoD is hardly even made for e-sports. What are all these pub players complaining about.. Theres only one game mode for it in black ops 2.. And in every other call of duty we played the same game modes as the pub stars just with different/better rules. The maps werent even made for e-sports. Look at maps like Showdown, Strike, Downpour and others. All of those maps have the 3 lane set up. Most maps in every CoD do.. Youre so dumb for thinking they actually make maps specific for e sports.

  • Smokeydogg

    let be real here pro gaming is 1% of the people buying call of duty bravo to iw for focusing on the rest of us unlike treyarch who focused on a small group and shit on the rest of us who buy the game

    • James K

      Smokey? What the hell are you doing here?

      • Smokeydogg

        im everywhere

        • James K

          Well you do have more free time than me..

          Heh, eh, well, looking forward on your next video and Blue coming back.

  • Smokeydogg

    i dont think they should of focused on esports at all

  • LunatikToon

    The only things I want to know is will there be a competitive rule set used for the clan vs clan, and also can you rank up solo like on league?. If you cant play solo then that will be a big mistake. I really think they should have just continued with league but made adjustments accordingly. League play does have flaws but they could easily be fixed for the next COD game. Too many unknowns to be fair so wait and see what happens

  • Evol8i

    Why take out the live stream, they dont fully understand the depth of the xbox ones stream capability and neither does the community. Everything surrounding the streaming capabilities is unclear. Whay take out something that isnt broken?

  • call of duty sux

    I think its bullshit that you cant truly solo play or solo rank and even in moshpit series where it said you could solo rank youd be facing almost 99% of the time you with a bunch orf randoms VS 6 man team camping chokepoints. HOW IS IT SOLO rank if you get beaten by 6 people team in party?

    • black ops sux

      why cant they create a championship with no parties allowed, so its a fair play for both sides (teams)? Let Clan VS clan be there but also give an option for people to play where parties not allowed in a separate championship?

  • stussyjoker

    dafuq? how was bo2 supported by esports community? no lans play it? no bug t eams play it!

  • D4V1D7

    I like the clan vs clan in this game. But what about people that aren’t in a clan? I like the league play in Black Ops 2 because then you didn’t have to have a clan to join and play competitive game plays.