Mark Rubin said to Edge Online, in an interview, that the a few people in the studio had a Diablo-like game in development back when MW2 was about to release.

Side projects like this exist at Infinity Ward, too, they just don’t ever talk about them. Rubin recalls one such prototype built around the time of Modern Warfare 2, “a top down, isometric, sort of Diablo clone but with a sort of whimsical silly theme.”

“Yeah, sometimes developers need a little outlet for other stuff and we try to encourage that where we can because sometimes cool ideas come from that,” says Rubin. “That game in particular – it never got hugely far – was pure fun. We let developers do something fun and if it turns out to be something really interesting and new then we can try to get some people behind it and do something with it.”

Rubin said that some the ideas that come within these side projects – although those projects are never released or talked about – influence some decisions when making Call of Duty games/DLCs.


  • So it’s possible for some IW developers to get together and remake, oh I don’t know…COD4 perhaps? And perfect it? Just tossing it out there 😉

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      Please read this IW! Please!

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      its called Call of Duty Online.. only people in china can play it tho lol

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        Everyone is free to play it. Just that it’s dedicated for China

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      I would buy that shit in a heartbeat still the best COD in my honest opinion something so amazing yet so simple they have blown COD way out of proportion. Don’t get me wrong i loves me some COD i just miss the good old COD 4 days.

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    I can imagine this being a similar way to how Chaos Mode in MW3 was made.

  • Infinity Ward


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    If they have the time to do “side projects”, then they have the time to take out tubes in MW2, or push people out of doorways while playing infected in MW3, or take out the hacking mod menus in COD4…

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    sorta reminds me of Zombies Arcade mode…