Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin stated in an interview with Edge that they’re working hard to eliminate the online abuse within Call of Duty with their upcoming game, Ghosts.

Online abuse has been a big issue in any games, but it has taken a turn for the worst with Call of Duty. Just this year, David Vonderhaar – Design Director at Treyarch – received several death threats after he changed the sniper by 0.02 seconds. Rubin says developer have to stand their ground and stand by their decisions once its made.

“We have to stand our ground,” says Rubin. “We have to be designers. An interesting analogy would be as a parent – if the kids got their way on what they ate for dinner every night, it would be ice cream and cookies every night. We have to use our talents and abilities as designers to collect and interpret what the various community members are saying.”

“A lot of the time you’ll get one guy saying ‘I want blue weapons’ and another will say ‘I want red weapons.’ We can’t do both,” he continues. “We have to say neither of you are wrong or right. We‘re going to make that call – some guys will be upset if we do this, and someone else will be upset if we do that. We don’t let it drive us nuts.”

Rubin also talked about the fact that the online abuse that happens within game is something that needs to stop, but he acknowledges that its impossible to stop everyone.

“If you have 10 million plus people a day playing, we’re not going to get it 100 per cent and we’re not going to get every single person,” he says. “But it’s still something we put a lot of effort into, and that’s very important. Gaming is entertainment, y’know? This is not politics, I’m not curing cancer, I’m not doing anything important from that perspective. It’s supposed to be fun, and I severely dislike when people bring hate and anger into what is supposed to be a fun environment. I enjoy playing whether it’s losing or winning – I try to win, but I’m not a jerk about it, and I wish more players were like that. I don’t know what the answer is.”

Mark said that the most effective way to stop this abuse will be Sony/MSFT working together with IW to ban/remove as many players who do such things as possible.

SOURCE: Edge via COD_Online

  • Death threats to Game developers are so immature. If your favorite weapon gets nerfed, deal with it.

    • MelonVita

      But what about the Fast Scoping?! They can’t fast scope without that .02 seconds!!!!!!!

      • Please don’t bring up QuickScoping or this will turn into a hate speach. Lol

        • Rick Kump

          Yeah, but Quickscoping is what’s made the game so unenjoyable for many veterans of the series. The game has become too fast and would do well to slow things down a bit, add more tactical aspects and not focus on spawning teams 50 feet apart on tiny maps. It doesn’t have to go huge like Battlefield, it just needs to dial back the ridiculous pace to be fun again.

          • Lets just not talk about it.

          • Rick Kump

            I feel your reluctance to stir it up, but it really IS the main problem with COD these days.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Why would someone else’s play style bother you so much? The game has to appeal to all play style’s, not just yours.

            I can’t snipe at all, but I don’t get any more annoyed at them for killing me than I would a shotgun, smg, lmg or ar.

            They are free to use any weapon they like to lose against me.

          • Quit dragging it on.

          • Creap

            Rick is reading my mind. I was thinking this recently as I want to play BO2 less and less. You comment nailed it exactly. Slow it down. The jumping, dropshotting and qsing need to go.

        • OldBrazy on PS4

          I quickscope all the time without quickdraw.

          • If you haven’t noticed, we are done talking about QSing

          • HenryDF

            If you haven’t noticed, you are in no position whatsoever to say what people can and can’t talk about.

          • There is no quickdraw attachment on snipers.

      • David Sync

        ……don’t even start

        • I think he wants an argument to begin. Haha

          • Celestia Ununpentium Ludenberg

            I think he was joking

            You know, because people can do that

          • He still shouldn’t have mentioned sniping.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            you mentioned it when you talked about death threat and the weapon getting nerfed…referring to the sniper…

          • People always send death threats for whatever gets nerfed, buffed or changed in the game. I wasn’t just reffering to sniping/quick scoping

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            the article you are talking about, is… which is why people are talking about it…

          • I can see why people would take it that way. I don’t have anything against a person opinion on sniping, but I just never want it brought up because fights begin. I tried to be a voice of silence and was portrayed the bad guy :/ oh well it’s over

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            a voice of silence is quite an oxymoron.

        • He seems successful. haha

      • Sam119

        But is it really worth a death threat?!

        • Celestia Ununpentium Ludenberg

          I don’t know, I’ve been sniping since MW2 and I have to say MW3 and BO2 got the fast-paced sniping right

          I would still rather grandpa snipe, but it’s just not possible on COD

    • I_HAV2_POOP

      I really think the game would be better without the sniper class….or just have lobbies that are SMG/AR only and have sniper only lobbies…if you want tto QS go play sniper elite or something

    • Bryan Salas

      I think they should leave weapons as is at launch. No Nerfing or Buffing needed. Gamestop is so awesome that you can trade in the game if you are not satisfied. And before you say anything about what you get for the trade in, then dont fucking buy it before using it. There is plenty of reviews on YouTube, of all which are several opinions, my favorite reviews are from AngryJoe, I can relate with his choices lol

      • DanDustEmOff

        I completely agree, run a beta then do balancing, release the game, fix broken stuff leader boards and lag comp post launch. I’m sick of devs pandering to all these cry babies.

        • Creap

          Pandering to all the crybabies is what got us here. It is so sad that usually the first person I see after killing someone is the same person. They screwed ghost. Equipment is useless. Emps are dumb. It goes on and on and it all comes back to the vocal babies on the forums turning this into a 360 no scope fest.

  • BobtheCactus

    Yeah, lower ban requirements would be nice. I feel like hackers never get banned, and I know plenty of people report them. I mean, not super low, because I get reported sometimes for cheating when in fact I’m just using Sitrep Pro and can hear everyone really well. (In MW3) Also, I find the mute button to be a good solution to this.

  • Mitch

    Agreed, but IW also needs to make it harder for people to boost. Infected in MW3 was almost an invitation to boosters.

    • If it was up to me, I’d make a unranked playlist section and throw game modes like AoN and Infected in there.

      People will complain, but I’ll say “deal with it”.

      • I_HAV2_POOP

        The big problem with the campers/cheaters/kill whores is that they put the k/d stat in and everyone thinks k/d means how good you are…I love looking at the fags who say I have a 2.3 kd im awesome but you look at there score per minute and it might break 150…BO2 had camping worse by making b flag 200 pts cause now everyone runs to b to camp it and shot the players trying to play the objective…I think in DOM killstreaks should only be got by caping flags not camping a flag…

    • Keshav Bhat

      We haven’t heard their exact plans on the banning system. We’ll find out soon, I suppose.

  • fionn mcfadden

    guys… seriously.. death threats? There are some serious fights and wars breaking out in the world today, but if your favorite call of duty gun slowed down by that amount of time, and you threaten the person who did it with death, it makes you look so innocent, immature, and pathetic.

  • Sentrymann

    As a side note, charlie intel’s new background is making me mega excited for soldier customization

    • Keshav Bhat


  • JustForFun119

    I just watched a video/GDC talk at its website, it was made by a developer in Riot Games. It focus on how to shape players behavior. I think that every developer should watch it.

  • Batman

    So he said that they dont give a shit to the community.

    That is why I only love treyarch, they always listen to the fans

    • Keshav Bhat

      u wot m8? Where did he say he ‘dont give a shit’?


    *****I have tried to recommend that they should make lobbies like SMG/AR only or SNIPER RiFLE only lobbles that way QS can shot each other and not play the objective and if you dont want to be in lobbies with QS then you can be….I think this will fix the problem but piss off alot of shitty 12 year olds that cant QS very good and get there asses handed to them.****** what do yall think?

    • QS is onlt popular to fanboys its trash how the auto aim helps bad players do it. hats off to the kids that do it without auto aim

      • Derrick Wingler

        this is something ive been saying for years. They don’t need to nerf the functional stats of the sniper rifles to prevent quickscoping, all they need to do is remove the aim assist from sniper rifles and suddenly 95% of the people who are “pro” quickscopers are gonna see their k/d drop to 1/20 lol

      • OldBrazy on PS4

        can’t quickscope huh?

        • I_HAV2_POOP

          I QS in MW2 it was fun then cause people played the objective while they QS now people just do it for kills…I mean they play DOM have 35 kills 20 deaths and 0 captures and they think they are awesome….QS was fun…3years ago now its just fags and 12 year olds

          • OldBrazy on PS4

            True and I blame FaZe for that. I have nothing against the YouTubers but now, I agree, it’s ridiculous.
            I just don’t like the people that constantly want quickscoping out of Call of Duty just because they think it is OP.

          • I_HAV2_POOP

            True thats why I think they should make lobbies that are SMG/AR only and have sniper only lobbies that way they can play together and not ruin it for others…they say they want balanced play but how is it balanced with a automatic sniper rifle that just has to hit you once after I put a half of a clip with a SMG….how much more balance or fair can it be with a lobby full of just SMG or just sniper rifles???

  • Celestia Ununpentium Ludenberg

    You see, IW. You are curing cancer.

    These cancerous faggot fanboys will be gone and the game will be godly.

    • Keshav Bhat

      You sir, have the right idea. Let’s not compare bullies to cancer, now.


    The other thing they need to fix is that probation shit! I hate being put in a lobby that is losing terribly and with people who aren’t playing the objective so I back out and get probation….or that host migration shit kicks you out and you get it…its BS

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Infinity Ward is getting better with security. They completely lost control in MW2 to the point it wasn’t even worth attempting to clear all the cheaters off the leaderboard. MW3 was a lot better so I don’t see them having too big of an issue with it,

  • Alex

    The fact that kids actually got butthurt about something you cant even notice on the sniper is hilarious. I hope there isnt any more quickscoping/trickshots in ghost so I can hear/read all the crying kids. Scratch that, Im pretty sure there will always be some sort of QS/TS. Anyone can do a 360 and shot with possibly getting lucky. I just hope its MUCH more difficult

    • fires

      not being one of them, the fact that the dsr cant pull a quad feed anymore unless you collateral a kill is pretty noticeable. but then again, how would they nerf the snipers?

    • OldBrazy on PS4

      I’ve been sniping since MW. I sucked starting out. It’s really a skill if you’re consistent with it.

  • Tyler Koshlabunka

    yes i hate people who keep yelling calling other fags and such its just so immature it needs to stop people just call me a faggot the second i join a lobby so annoying

  • ccrows

    *Blah* *Blah *Blaaaaah* We hear this same BS year after year after year after year.

    Sure you can’t really fix what people say, but you can fix the cheating (Cheating is ALSO ABUSE). How come in MW2 people can still use unlimited tubes? How come in MW3 people can stand in doorways on infected?

    ^ Bigger question why is Infected coming back for Ghosts? Is IW gonna fix things so you can push teammates out of doorways?

    Anywhoo.. I’m a HUGE COD fan, but IW needs to FOLLOW THROUGH on their actions. Otherwise nobody will take comments like this seriously next year, or when IW makes their next game in 2 years…

    • Keshav Bhat

      As Robert Bowling said (before he left IW), and other IW devs have said multiple times, the technology is ban wasn’t and still isn’t available within IW to ban people on MW2. All MW2 cheater reports are handled by Sony/MSFT, and those take a long time as they have many games to moderate. And MW2 being an old game, they don’t put any resources (money/effort) to try to fix it anymore.

      As for Infected, it was an immensely popular mode for those of us who played it. IW surely has new mechanics to stop cheaters, but they aren’t announcing it just yet. We still have two months before launch. Plenty of time to talk about such things.

      • ccrows

        Good post, but some things I still don’t agree.

        (old) IW left us hanging for months with OMA that was supposed to be patched in MW2, and then they left it broken. They left the CP glitch go on for almost a full month too. Yet the new team gets off their ass and removes a bathroom painting in Favela years later, instantly.

        ^ Yes, I totally get why the painting needed to be removed, and how much easier it was to do, but come on IW has been goofing around with Diablo clones in their free time instead on fixing gamebreaking issues.

        MW3 – IMO Infected should have been removed, or AT LEAST stats not counting if they couldn’t figure out how to fix the BS.

        Whatever…. I have Ghosts already preordered, but if Infected comes back as a broken booster lobby again, or if Evesdrop ends up being as RIDICULOUSLY OP as SRP (post-patch) was in MW3, then I’m done with IW and I’ll go Treyarch the rest of the way.

        Treyarch is far from perfect, (especially with hit detection at times) but at least they “try” to fix things ASAP, which probably benefits from a community manager that actually works on the game…

  • StalkerDellaNote

    Abuse.. I opened this only because i though “Abuse” meant cheaters.. Huh, fuck me sideways, they’re gonna ban bad mouthing tryhard children before they ban cheaters.. golly

    • Keshav Bhat

      There’s a big difference between abuse against others, and abuse by cheaters. Abuse against others is cyber bullying and can lead to many other things in someone’s life. I think stopping bullying is a higher priority than stopping cheaters.

      • StalkerDellaNote

        IDK, Abuse (to me) in the game will always be people Abusing the game, not Abusing others in the game.. Only time I feel there should be any problem concerning “Abuse” towards other players is when multiple players gang up on an innocent player who is just trying to get the hang of the game and/or that player just doesn’t care enough or can’t easily fight back (Ex: My lady friend plays the game, she’s not very good, but she can tryhard i suppose, and she get’s constant harassment from fellow players who are just astounded that there’s a Female player in the lobby, or who are just pissed off cause she’s not very good)

        “Abuse” is honestly a big part of your average CoD TryHard gameplay, it’s a back and forth “Hey fuck you” “Suck a dick” commentary and hey, if you’re not part of it, or don’t appreciate it, just mute the players, it’s easy, on PS3 it’s done by pressing “Select” and scrolling through the players and pressing “X”
        Easy as Pi

        for a prime example of how much of an Impact this “Venting” has made on the CoD community just watch on, “The Online Gamer” perfect example of what CoD really is, and devs should understand that by now

  • Roadripper

    I hope they have it like in MW3, where they had a twitter account for you to report boosters or cheaters, and were very fast to act, black ops 2 system isn’t that great….

    • Keshav Bhat

      The @IWEnforcers account will continue to exist.

  • Trey

    i agree with him gamers should just play for fun and be more sportsman like with their actions…

  • Rip

    this is one of the worst pieces of text i’ve seen coming from this site. You start of with a header of ” coming down hard on abuse” but then go on to ridicule players and customers with BS about death threats and sniper nerfs?? telling us to be good customers and shut da F up??? You must think we are all only just 15 or so?? We have a right that if a game is sold by presentation to expect that it will work as presented. When you as a company keep messing about with your game because it is cheaper to mess everything up than to set up something good like dedicated servers to accomodate fair and even gameplay and then defend your BS opinions over tons of blogs and fora don’t be suprised to see half your community get angry and feel cheated. You don’t speak of any abuse of the network or gamecode which is the REAL thorn in most players eyes. This is just a “stick a feather up activisions arse” post written to ridicule money paying customers. But guess what u keep all this BS and i’ll go do something worthwile with my time. No more CoD for me ever…

  • HULK

    The article makes it sound so retarded … The sniper wasnt simply nerfed by 0.2sec . It was unusable anymore for getting clips . I can understand the anger because bo2 was my and loooots of other people’s fav CoD ever , but I agree that death threats are too far . And why was it exactly nerfed ? Because you annoying tryhards could easily die even if a sniper missed a bullet while you were spraying him down with an lmg while going for your precious nuclear , swarm or whatever ? It seems like it’s not the snipers who ruin the community …

  • Beyond Beyond

    Questions to the COD know it alls. How do I make it to where I don’t have to empty on whole clip to get 1 kill? And how do shoot around corners and 1 shot with automatics? Sniping seemed to be a good solution seeing as there’s opportunity for a 1 shot 1kill. But seeing as a get these I think there called hit markers? I usually get sniped by an smg cross the map. Also how do you add aim assist to long ranged sniper shots? Never knew this was possible. It’ll help with the head glitchers across the map! Thx for the help.

  • Dominik

    That may be the consequence of making the Call Of Duty franchise less and less skill-requiring. You make a videogame attractive for kids when it doesnt need skill, makes fun and when it has some mature content in it. Isn’t this like a child’s dreamgame? In this game they can act like a virtual boss without thinking about aiming precision, tactics, etc….

  • hardscopeFTW

    It always comes from the immature parts of communities. I also think that the 12 yr olds are the ones quickscoping mostly