Activision has issued a statement to NowGamer saying that character transfer in Ghosts will be limited within console family only. It was reported previously by Mark Rubin, Executive Producer at IW, in two different interviews (NowGamer and Engadget) that character transfer would work between any platform, but now it seems like that has changed.

With the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts, using their Call of Duty account, players will be able to carry their profile, stats and in-game progress forward and backward from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and from PS3 to PS4. This new ability will not only allow players to further enjoy their Call of Duty: Ghosts experience regardless of whether they are playing on current gen or next gen, but also will help them seamlessly transition to next gen, within console family, when ready. Currently, we do not have the ability to allow players to transfer their information across platform between Xbox and PlayStation. We apologize for any confusion. Please check for any new updates to policies surrounding console transition.

Activision’s CM Dan Amrich tweeted saying that he confirmed internally that the feature is within a console family only back during the MP reveal event. So now you can only keep your stats from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and also PS3 to PS4.

We’ve reached out to Activision and will update if anything changes.

SOURCE: NowGamer, @OneofSwords via COD_Online

  • This makes more sense. I didn’t really understand how you could transfer from Xbox 360 to PS4. That would be awesome, but most likely impossible.

    • asdf

      ………….yup, Elite

      • Thats right, you can spell “Elite” good job 😉

        • asdf

          Not only that! I can spell it WHILE holding the shift key in less than 0.9 seconds, don’t even have to use Caps Lock ON…..badass

          • Are saying you are really good at fingering…..a keyboard?

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            85WPM of pure virtual orgasm to my computer. Not a single grammar nor spelling error.

          • Im “Hard”ware

          • asdf

            Please my next gen console will suffer from super fast speed USB……..if you know what I mean. Around 5 holes to fill

          • I’m DONE! xD

          • asdf

            AND I can do it while watching TV and playing COD at the same time…….it’s like that girlfriend we will never have. Thanks Microsoft and your futuristic TV ideas and Windows 8 too!

          • asdf

            SEE BabyBowler this is how it’s done. Gosh those grammar noobs.

  • ddddffffdffdfdfffffdxc

    Do we need to pay extra to switch from current gen to next gen?

    • the1PR0D1GY

      You have to have a next gen copy of the game. But if you get the game through gamestop you can trade it for the next gen version for 10$ instead of having to buy a second copy

      • alex

        You do have to buy it from gamestop? So I cant buy one from wal mart and do the upgrade?

        • the1PR0D1GY

          I believe the deal is only through gamestop since they mention powerup rewards a lot. I may be wrong but game stop is the only store doing that

  • the1PR0D1GY

    I don’t know if its just me. But this made me super excited, so many of my friends were going to get ps4 around Christmas time (I’m getting x1 on launch) and they were planning on just selling Xbox 360 games like ghosts to get the ps4 version, since the stats would just come over this is no big deal to them, but now after hearing this news most of them are considering the x1…. Now if only ms and Sony could be friends and allow cross platform play

    • Bigi345

      Sony and MS Friends? Hahahahahahahahahaha Impossible

      • MeisseN

        Sounds like asking Activision and EA to be friends haha

        • Jake


    • I always have this dream of, “What if Sony and Microsoft got together and made the most powerful console known to man. Even more powerful than a PC.” *Sign* A gamer can dream.

      • Bigi345

        *A gamer can dream

        • I’ll fix that right now! Thanks.

          • Stick Man

            Honestly, it sounds great but I think they need to develop a PC not a console. Consoles are basically PCs made for gaming. PC will always be ahead because the technology keeps developing. I think they should make a powerful PC that adds emphasis towards gaming that can be upgraded for a cheap cost (or free if that’s included in the base cost) when new tech comes around.

          • I like Console aspects better

          • Stick Man

            They could always add a console/gaming oriented user interface like Steam Big Picture. Oh, and come with a controller. It may or may not work.


          • the1PR0D1GY

            I believe you are thinking of the “steam box” because that’s exactly what valve is trying to create

      • David Sync

        If that day comes they should call this ultimate console Cell,DNA of the two best consoles becoming one? Unstoppable

      • Kamotcha

        It has been done in 1983 its called “sony msx” sony build the hardware and microsoft build the software….xD

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      This made you super excited. Shit, I think I found TmarTn’s account. Lol

      • XD I’m crying

      • If you go back a couple pages on the site with the title relating to the “20,000 customization options” you’ll see I made a Tmartn joke before it was cool. Lol

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          We’ve all made TmarTn jokes before this one, just that none of us got 30 likes

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          How the hell do I have 30 likes, lol. And yeah, I think I saw that a few weeks ago 😛

    • exeterman2

      Your friends care far too much about their cod stats then!

      • fires

        i dont really care about stats, but i would think it would suck if i lost the sweet stuff i unlocked, maybe thats what they think

  • asdf

    THIS IS OUTRAGIOUS they can simply link all your data to ElitE and not have to be such asholes (<- Misspelled intentionally).

    • BabyBowler


      • asdf

        You can write it either way. (Check with AutoCorrect or any other dictionary you fail of a grammar Nazi, more like a grammar Taxi)

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          Grammar Taxi lol laughed so hard

        • BabyBowler

          Little late to reply on my side ^-^
          English = Misspelt whereas Americanese is misspelled, silly americaneses changing words and shit

          Basically to me there’s only 1 way of spelling it correctly

          Long live the new culuture of grammar Taxis (not sure if this is a deliberate joke just taxi is the one word which is the same in the majority of languages, if that was deliberate then congrats!)

  • djk367

    i dont understand why people would buy ghosts on current when you can get it on next gen a few weeks later.

    • Stick Man

      You just answered your own question. People just can’t wait.

    • Matthew Arroyo

      lot of people cant afford next gen lol sucks to be them tho

    • Kunuaka

      Because ghosts is a current-gen game. The real next-gen cod is coming in 2014. I don’t want to be a guinea pig =)

      • asdf

        LOL if it were at least a big guinea pig. At least we will get Zombies NEXT GEN BIATCHES!

    • asdf

      Just a $10 dollar upgrade for Xbox

  • Stick Man

    Now that they say this, it’s not impressive or exciting at all. This is what I would have expected. It’s a next gen console. But I suppose that you use the same PSN or Xbox Live accounts to log in and go online. It would only make sense if it transferred over.

  • Kyle PDX

    people stop being stupid just upgrade to next gen then buy cod. unless u cant afford it for the whole next year then get it for current gen just don’t buy it twice that makes no sense, just wasting money. as for switching console family’s xbox to PS or PS to xbox, pick the one ur friends have or are getting, just don’t buy the same cod twice. This problem would only effect people that are dumb enough to buy the same cod twice just wait and get the console that best suits you and then get cod. (Total opinion)

  • worldsfinest554

    Can’t you upgrade from current-gen to next-gen for like $10?

  • exeterman2

    People care too much about their cod stats if they would be affected by this when choosing a console.

    • asdf


  • Diabolus

    why care? I’m going to the PS4 for everything else… There they won’t have dedicated servers. Why would I pay the same for something that will be just less?

    • asdf

      It’s called……..Microsoft is really good at making people who not buy their products feel bad……courtesy of awesome Xbox Live servers and contract that makes you suffer for a whole 1 month while everyone in Xbox live is playing the new DLC, which is getting more fun……specially zombies.

  • Rakahs

    But why would anyone buy Ghost TWICE. I mean, if you plan on buying the PS4 just a few weeks after Ghost’s Launch, why bother buying it for the PS3 version.. You basicly buy the game twice … just for those 3 weeks. I mean, I can wait a few weeks and just buy the PS4 version

    • BabyBowler

      But some:
      can’t wait since 1st day no one knows anything and (hopefully no spoilers);
      are getting next gen consoles later as in sometime in 2014
      and the upgrade is a measley $10 or £10 etc

      • asdf

        I spoiled myself the whole BO2 campaign in youtube 10 minutes before I bought the game.

        • BabyBowler

          That’s my point. The earlier you play it, the less likely it’ll get spoiled. I finished mw3 in 2 days, yet i still got soap spoiled before completing that, was actually dead pissed by that.

          I remember i was very lucky with my BO2, got the game 3 days late (screw ou delivery service). The sunday i got past the big MASON NOOO part which then literally 10-20 minutes after that an old friend tried spoiling it for me.

          • asdf

            You misspelled (I) <- I didn't mean to make a text based representation of female genitalia with the (I)

  • Guest

    I am guessing Activision got the U-Trun sickness from Microsoft!

  • BHCMax

    so now the argument about character security on pc is null, so NO reason to bring back Ranked clan run servers? is there?