UNiTE Gaming has won the MLG PAX Prime 2013 tournament from Seattle Washington over the weekend.

Congrats to the UNiTE team on defeating Complexity, a team that has won the last 4 tournaments for Black Ops 2.

The next Black Ops 2 eSports tournament is UMG Gaming’s Championship, MLG’s Fall Invitational, and Gfinity 2 in October.

  • This was the first COD esports event I didn’t watch or follow this year. I must be getting burnt out…

  • Cole

    That 4th game was so hype!

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    welp. didnt see it

    • fionn mcfadden

      i feel sorry for Welp

  • fionn mcfadden

    If UNiTE beat Complexity, then they are pure beasts

  • AJ

    You have to fix the article, coL won the last 3 events they attended, not 4. Anaheim, GFinity, UMG ATL. #3PEAT. Impact is the team that won 4 events in a row, #4PEAT.
    Parasite left Impact after UMG ATL and join UNiTE. They beat coL at PAX, stopping them at a 3PEAT. Parasite is now the most accomplish Black Ops 2 Pro Player. Winning MLG Dallas ’13, EGL9, CoD Championships, UMG STL, WGG2, and Pax Prime. 2nd at MLG Anaheim ’13, 3rd at GFinity, 3rd at UMG ATL,